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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wo Andheri Raat Ki Chaap Thi (Faridoon Shahryar)

This is the music video of 'Wo Andheri Raat Ki Chaap Thi', a Nazm written by my father Professor Shahryar (Jananpith Award winning Urdu Poet and lyricist of Muzaffar Ali's Gaman and Umrao Jaan). Navneet Kedar has composed this Nazm while I've sung it. The video has been directed by my wife Aarefa who can also be seen in the video. She is a tough taskmaster. It took us around a month to make this video since she insisted on getting the context of the Nazm right. The response has been great so far.

Five Ghazals/ Nazms (Wo Andheri Raat Ki Chaap Thi, Shab-e-Gham Kya Karein, Khwaab Se Rishta, Naseem-e-Soobh Ro Rahi Hai and Palkon Ko Bhigoyen Kaise) have been launched on the premiere online music portal artistaloud.com. Here is the link:

Shahryar's Ghazals/Nazms Launched On Artistaloud.com. Sung by Faridoon Shahryar

The response has been tremendous. The artistaloud page of Faridoon Shahryar has received over 1400 likes in a span of ten days while the music video of Wo Andheri Raat Ki Chaap Thi that was launched on the number one entertainment portal bollywoodhungama.com has totalled over one lac video views so far. Prominent Critic Mr Taran Adarsh has tweeted the link of the video as well thus helping it reach to a worldwide audience because of his reach of over 2.5 lac followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Music Video of 'Wo Andheri Raat Ki Chaap Thi' on Bollywood Hungama


  1. It this is your really Voice? Woww Just still can't believe it U can sing soo beautiful, It just touches My heart, what a soulful song Very Heart touching Lyrics Great!!!

  2. That's so wonderful that it's getting such a great response!! Well deserved!

  3. Thanks Margaret...

    Yes Shagufa, thats my voice...Thanks!!!

    Thanks Paula


  4. I like your Voice, it's a wonderful song.