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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's Hoping 'Kai Po Che' Will Bolster The Idea Of India

The premiere of Abhishek Kapoor's Kai Po Che is taking place in Mumbai on February 18, 2013 which happens to be a Monday. The film releases on february 22, 2013. I interviewed Chetan Bhagat today who is the author of Three Mistakes Of My Life on which the film has been based upon. Chetan has lost around ten kgs since the last time I interviewed him and I've lost around 15 kgs. So, between the two of us we were around 25 Kgs lighter. We joked about it on camera too.

Chetan was visibly tense and the unshaven look was a testimony to an anxiety that he must be experiencing because of the upcoming release. I've had long discussions with Chetan immediately after the release of Three Idiots where he felt shortchanged since proper credit was not given to him (the film was based on his novel Five Point Someone). He was hurt by the snub and then he channelised his feelings on the blog. The raging controversy that followed is still fresh in everyone's minds. He is very happy with the "ethical practices" adapted by the production house of his current film in giving him the due credit. Chetan asked our cameraman to zoom in on the standee where his name was mentioned to show how his credit had been given  on the posters even though it was not part of the contract. On his part Chetan has gone all out to promote the film on Twitter and elsewhere. "Beti ka byah hone vala hai bus, that's the feeling I'm experiencing," said Chetan when I pointed out at his immense involvement with the project and the anxiety clearly written on his face. 

Chetan has been extremely supportive of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the past few months. The question that I've had in my mind is that whether we will see the book (Three Mistakes Of My Life) getting translated on to screen in all honesty or whether creative liberties have been taken to deflect away from one of the important turning points in the film where the three main protagonists (All Hindus) save a Muslim boy amidst the communal carnage of Gujarat in 2002. After the interview, Chetan told me that, "Your community will be proud of the film". I reacted, it's not about my community or any other community, I just hope that the highlight of the book will not be diluted.

 I have this urge to support the underdog. The community, colour, race, creed doesn't matter. When people in large groups are labelled as bad or worth-being-punished or disbelieved, then I have a problem. The interview is over and will be in the public space soon. The film will be out soon too. It has got a U certificate. Let's hope the film binds people together and bolsters the Idea of India.  

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