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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Transcript Of My Interview With Shahid Kapoor

Faridoon Shahryar: Happy Birthday to you! 
Shahid Kapoor: Thank you so much man 

FS: Shahid meri aapse ek complaint hai ki that, you know iss kisam ki fan following hona sahi nahin hai, ki hum poor journalists ko aapke fans stalk kar lete hain. Matlab I am getting emails from like Switzerland and Singapore and Peru. You have some mad fan following in Peru and Singapore and all sorts of places. So what do you have to say to your fans who just love you and adore you. 

SK: I think I share the most special bond wd with them yaar. I think the kind of love that they have given me I mean there is no way I can, I feel justify it but I am extremely grateful and thankful. I have always said this 'I am who I am because of them'. I don't think that there is anybody else who deserves more credit for the level that I have achieved than them. They have always showed me a lot of love. I have done some nice films and some terrible ones and they have always loved me constantly and am always grateful to them for that. 

FS: What about the entire countdown that happened on twitter for you. That 4 days to go, 3 days to go, 2 days to go, for Shahid Kapoor's Birthday. 

SK:Yeah. I mean that 'Shanatics' are really special yaar. They really are a phenomenal bunch and they always manage to surprise me and bring a smile on my face in some way. 

FS:The entire love that you receive and many of them, they have a lot of suggestions as well. All the love that you get on Twitter and all over the place and many a times the have a lot of suggestion for you ki that aapko iss tarike ki filmein karna chahiye and yeh karna chahiye. 
Shahid Kapoor 
Haan Ji! Yes. 

FS:So how do you just assimilate it, absorb it and because generally aap utna khair Twitter pe aap utna actively aap nahin karte hain lekin mere khayaal se, you read everything that is being written about you. 

SK: I mean I try and read yaar. I don't think its physically possible to read everything. Whenever I get the opportunity, I love to read their comments and whatever they feel is very important for me. I used to do movies for them, the idea is to entertain them and to make them feel like their 3 hours or 2 1/2 hours that they spend inside the theatre are, you know have been spent correctly and they haven't wasted their time. So their opinion is very important to me and I am trying to do everything that I feel that they would want to see me do and do what I feel I would want to do. I mean its really a, you know, a collaborative process. As an actor you need to choose from the scripts that we are offered and work with the people who you believe in, people who you admire, people who you want to be associated with, people whose work you have seen and even got inspired as an actor. Its a combination of so many things you know, and obviously what the fans want and what they feel is also extremely important and I think it is important to any creative person because anybody who is performing is performing for an audience. Audience applause is the most important thing, there is nothing more important than that.    

FS: You are having at least 3 films lined up and Phata Poster Nikla Hero that is you are working on currently and you are having Rambo Rajkumar. 

SK:Yeah. I mean I have started work on, actually almost wrapped Phata Poster.. we have finished about I would say 85 percent of the film. Just about 5 days of scenes and the songs are left. The talky of the film and the action of the film has been wrapped so.. that should be out in August and I am starting Rambo Rajkumar now in the next few days so yeah. So these are the 2 films and these are highly entertaining, fun films and I am happy to working with both the people I am working with because Prabhu Sir and Raj Ji both are people I have admired and loved their work and really excited. I had an absolutely fantastic time shooting with Raj Ji. I think he is the most phenomenal director for any actor because I think he is the best actor. I mean, he is such a good actor that its just wonderful seeing him tell you exactly what he wants from you. It would be great fun starting Rambo with Prabhu Sir, who is a phenomenal dancer and I hope I get to do some steps with him. I am trying to convince him to do something in the film. I am a huge fan and I have spent my schooling days learning steps from 'Muqabla' and 'Urvashi' and all that and he has been an inspiration in many ways as a dancer. Obviously, as a director he is loved by the audience and I am very, very excited to play this part in this film.     

FS:Both Rajkumar Santoshi and Prabhu Deva films they are going to be like very, very mass oriented and we have been reading your interviews and reading about consciously you are just moving towards the mass entertainers as such and I think that is the call of the day as well right now, the way the movies are working as such. Something about that, both the films they have a direct appeal to the masses. 

SK:You know, I have worked for 10 years now Faridoon and I think I have reached a point that I would like to try everything and I don't try and restrict myself in spaces, I want to do a lot of work. There are a lot of people out there who I would really love to work with and for me its important that I believe in the directors that I work with and I am very excited about both the directors that I am working with, Raj Ji and Prabhu Sir. So their vision for me is what I am going to try and follow. I am going to try and have fun doing it and I would like to work as an actor where you know, I try and create whatever the other person sees in me or wants me to be or however they have seen, as far as I am inspired by them, I would want to participate in their vision. And I have reached that point where I want to try a little bit of everything. So yes, both these films are going to be extremely mass-oriented, they are going to be high on entertainment. I am going to be doing a lot of action, a lot of comedy. I am playing parts which are very, very massy, yes for the first time and I have actually had a lot of fun with Raj Sir and am looking forward to having a lot of fun with Prabhu Sir as well.  

FS: Rajkumar Santoshi is the maker of 'Andaz Apna Apna'.

SK:Yes! Yes!

FS:And I think almost everyone including, I think you must have loved the film, and its a cult classic.

SK:Yeah, I did.  

FS:Do we have those mad moments of comedy because you have proved your mettle. 

SK:Very premature to talk about the film, I think it would be best for Raj Ji to speak about it and when he wants to start talking about it. But like I said it is very high on entertainment and there is a lot of comedy in the film. 

FS: Okay. I have been on the sets of one of the song recordings of Phata Poster in Mehboob Studio. Is it going to be a very, very colourful film. 

SK:Haan! Yes, it will be. Its a fun film yaar, its going to be fun in every way, in terms of colours, in terms of the look, in terms of the songs, in terms of the content, it is going to be a fun film. 

FS:And tentatively when is it going to be releasing. 

SK:I think 23rd August is what the producers have announced, so I am guessing, unless there is a change in the date, it seems to be on track.     

FS:Okay, and what about Rambo Rajkumar, any tentative idea, when that is going to be releasing.    

SK:Towards the end of this year, I don't know. I think they have announced a date in November. I am not so sure. But I think they are looking at a November release. But I think the film, if all goes well, we should be looking at a November release. 

FS:You are doing Bejoy Nambiar's film. 
SK: Yes! Me and Bejoy have been talking for a while, and he is somebody that I really like, I think he is very talented and we are looking, to try and see if we can find something we want to work on.     

FA: Shahid, one more thing is there that after Salman Khan, agar koi eligible bachelor bollywood mein hai, toh woh Shahid Kapoor hain. Something about that, any chances of that status changing or you feel that very, too much is made about the entire bachelor bit of actors as such. 

SK:I mean, I don't really think that. I am happy in the space that I am in and I have never hidden anything in the past so I don't feel the need to hide it. So if there is somebody, I would fall in love, I will not hide it. But I am very happy wherever I am right now and feels good to be considered eligible.   

FS: What exactly are your future plans, are you having anything else in the pipeline. 

SK:No, right now its just these 2 films and once I am done with them I will be deciding on the next, as in I will be deciding now, but I will tell you then. 

FS:Thank you very much Shahid, and Happy Birthday to you once again and all the best man! 

SK:Thank you Faridoon. Cheers man!

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