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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ways to Make your Child's Camp Memorable

"Camping" is just another word for fun.Well, at least for kids! Most
kids are excited about their first camp and have every reason to be.
Camping can give a kid some real life-changing experiences. If you are
going on your first family camp, here are a few things that you can do
to make it memorable:
1. Choosing the right camp for your child is the first step in making
the experience memorable for him or her. Sobefore making any
decisions, sit down with your child and ask him/her what he/she would
like to do during the vacations. List the options in front of your
child and then let him/her choose. Do not force them into doing
anything they don't like. Memories are made while doing something you
love and that's what your child should do.
2. Have a theme dinner night during the camp. Dinner at home with the
whole family is always great, but a fun theme dinner in the outdoors
is a unique bonding experience!
3. Keep a track of all the items you are packing and label them. After
all, you don't want your kid to lose his favourites on a camp.
4. Carry mosquito repellents with you- you never know whether the
camping site is safe from thesemenacing insects. Carry outdoor
repellents like Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and Goodknight Patches.

Just apply 4 dots of the Fabric Roll-On on your child's
clothes and in case of the Patches, simply stick them onto the back of
your child's T-shirt so that he/she doesn't take them off.
Both these are 100% natural and paediatrician certified. The best part
is that these repellents need to be applied on your child's clothes
and/or prams, cots and strollers, eliminating any contact with the
skin. These revolutionary products ensure that your kid gets all-round
protection from mosquitoes outdoors for up to 8 hours.
4. Get your kids involved right away by letting them help set up camp.
They can help establish areas for cooking, cleaning, tents and
garbage, or complete tasks like setting up their tent. It's all a part
of the experience and a great way to pass on skills onto the next
5. Telling stories around a campfire might be a cliché, but it's a
great time to share family memories of camping during the past years
or your own childhood. One day, your kid might be reliving the
experiences with his or her own family, continuing the tradition.
Follow these tipsand your kid will have an amazing first camp!

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