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Saturday, January 20, 2018

An ode to Saqi Faruqi sahab

I just got the news that prominent #Urdu and #English poet #SaqiFaruqi sahab has passed away. He lived in #London and was a close friend of Abba. He was born in #Gorakhpur, his family moved to #Bangladesh, then #Karachi and finally to #London where he lived all his life thereafter. I met him during my childhood. He was discussed at our home regularly. His pictures at Taj Mahal (with Abba) flash before me as I write this. 

The reason why I also write this is because of a qissa that Abba and Ammi often narrated to us. It was a qissa that Saqi Faruqi sahab had told them and it has a highly notable life-lesson. 

This is what Saqi sahab said: 

"I had two plants in my house in London. I spoke to one plant everyday, was particular about watering it and looked after it with a lot of care. The plant flowered and the leaves were always fresh. As if they were smiling and happy. I watered the other plant too. There were times when I forgot too. I didn't talk to it. With time, vo paudha murjha gaya. If plants can react to personalised care and attention (or the lack of it) then imagine how crucial it is for human beings."

I have always remembered this. I often tell this to my friends and acquaintances during my interactions.

I'd end this post with a Urdu couplet written by Saqi sahab

Ek shola Meri avaaz mein lehraata hai
Khoon mein lahar, khayalon mein lalak paida ho

Rest in peace Sir!

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