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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An Extraordinary Death

An Extraordinary Death
A poem by Faridoon Shahryar 

Pain is not new 
Others have felt it before
Pain will flower 
Even when you're not around;
It is time to make
The lie of life 
One hell of a ride.

The bloody trail,
A fictitious tale,
Salivating scavengers 
Feasting on rumour mongering 
Go out and have 
Your day in the sun,
Yes I am willing to die
If that pleases you,
But I will dance,
A happy dance 
Till the last breath,
Rob me of all my rights
But I bet you can't 
Rob me of happiness,
A golden smile,
As if nothing happened.

If death is my fate,
I refuse to die 
An ordinary death.
Come get me!

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