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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ironical, but true....

It is ironical when several Muslims in India complain that the majority community is increasingly becoming less secular. The fact remains that most of these complainants can't think beyond their own 'community'. The question you need to ask is that why should only Hindus be secular? Why can't you look beyond your very myopic world view and be consciously more inclusive, more respectful of customs of other communities? The right wing is dominating the narrative in India. The fact is that their economic, cultural and educational policies are in tatters and hurting aam aadmi big time. They are taking advantage of divisions in the society to further their illiterate goals. Instead of looking at your fellow countrymen with suspicion, join hands and genuinely make efforts at nation building and make the divisive forces irrelevant and obsolete. It may seem like a bit filmy but definitely holds true...Don't ask what the Nation has done for you, ask yourself what have You done for the Nation !!

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