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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The New Normal

The New Normal
A Poem by Faridoon Shahryar 

The ants are insignificant 
They always were
Now a bit more
No, the elephants 
Aren't afraid, 
Old stories are irrelevant;
The animals are the same 
But their roles have changed 
This is what is being called as
The New Normal. 

Predators propagate 
'We don't prey, we protect'
The jungle believes them 
Fear of deluge 
Besieges the hapless 
Announcements are made
Blaming the warped atmosphere 
On a known enemy
The night of calamity strikes
In the veil of darkness 
A tragedy is endorsed
Predators prey mercilessly 
Morning finds them wearing 
The garb of protectors 
Jungle echoes gratitude
This is what is called as 
The New Normal. 

A bunch of fools
Raised their voices
For they knew 
The pattern of deceit, 
No one believed them 
They were labeled as 
'Mischief makers'
The rotten apples 
Buried their voices
In the graves of 
Petrified silence 
This is what is confirmed as 
The New Normal. 

Morning awakens me
With an acute pain, 
I am trying to figure out
My new role 
In the new order
For I am neither
Predator, pretentious protector
Nor a worthless fool
All I know is that I am scared of
The New Normal...

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