Faridoon Shahryar's Blog

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Illusion Of Freedom

When the fear
Takes over,
The lights blinker,
Darkness raises its head
Even in naked brightness,
The demons whisper
Frivolous giggles
Trigger insecurities,
Cloistered uncertainties
Knock the doors,
Mind webs a picture,
A discolored picture
Robbed of grace.

Freedom is an illusion,
An over-romanticised dream
That never really transpires,
Chain your emotions
And at least aspire
To battle it out,
More importantly,
With the enemy within,
Make sure there are no conditions
For 'Victory' is an illusion too,
At least try and then keep trying.  


  1. We all fall prey to fear and it is in the persistence that we gain strength...dont give in..dont give up..surround yourself with positive people and alot of love.