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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shahid Kapoor On Milan Talkies And Film With Vishal Bhardwaj

"Very very very kind of Imran and I'd like to thank him for wishing me luck and I'd like to wish him luck for all his projects,” said Shahid Kapoor in an exclusive video interview with me in response to Imran Khan’s statement in a Mumbai Tabloid on Shahid replacing him in Milan Talkies, “I wish Shahid the very best of luck. He's going to need it." Shahid added, “Having said that I still haven't said yes to Milan Talkies. Yes they (Balaji) have offered me the film and told me that things are not working out between them and Imran.  Uske saath film nahin hogi. I really like Tigmanshu as a director. I'll be hearing the script. Ab tak narration nahin liya, main sunoonga aur phir decide karoonga.”

There were talks that Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor were coming together in Milan Talkies but Priyanka told me recently that she hasn’t been approached for the film. “I don't think Priyanka has been (part of the film)." But Priyanka was doing it earlier when it was announced. "Yaar main to kar nahin raha tha picture so pehle kya hua I don't know what has happened in the past. All I know is that they want me to do the film and as far as I know they haven't cast anyone in the film yet." There are reports that the film is starting in October this year. "October mein to mujhe nahin lagta shuru ho payegi but once I hear the script we'll see what happens,” Shahid said hinting that he’s seriously considering Milan Talkies as one of his forthcoming films.

Talking about the films other than Phata Poster Nikhla Hero and Rambo Rajkumar, Shahid said, "I'm doing a film with Vishal Bhardwaj." Is it Kaminey 2? "We will announce it soon." Or is it a take on Hamlet as is the speculation? "Ye sab Paper mein to aa hi raha hai. Just wait for a few days, I'll tell you officially very soon. Let Vishal sir make the announcement.” Vishal Bhardwaj redefined you as an actor with Kaminey and spelt out the possibilities in Shahid Kapoor the actor-with-a-difference. “I'll work with Vishal sir with my eyes shut any time. Unhone jo mujhe Kaminey mein role offer kiya I don't think any director would have had the guts to offer me a role like that when my appearance was so different since I had done films like Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection before Kaminey. For him to think that I could do it, I'll always be grateful to him.  He's someone whom I respect immensely. I always feel one has to support people and talent. Success and failure is not important,” Shahid said.


  1. very interesting! Thank you Faridoon :)

  2. I'd be fine with either movie, or even something completely different. I trust in Vishal to give Shahid something out of the box and to use his great acting potential to the max.

    (Ok, if I'm really honest, I'd love a Kaminey 2. On the other hand, something new and original would be great too. Ok, I think I can't decide. LOL)

    Thanks Faridoon, for clearing up rumours, most media spreads Hamlet remake and MT as confirmed.

  3. that was sarcastic.. :p the first line "very very very sweet.." i can imagine how he must hav said dat in d interview.. good 1 :D .. n thnx 4 all d info :)

    1. I think Imran deserved much more then this for saying what he said "He is going to need it" I mean really..?? :O What is this all smugness about..??

      But lets admit it, Our man is one of a kind...He kills people with his gentle nature...lol

      Thanks Faridoon sir... :)

  4. This one is a young guy. Have to give him space to find his own way...I know he will do that...

  5. Thanks For this, Faridoon!
    Either movie, I'm very happy! :)