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Friday, September 20, 2013

Response To 'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai'

Zindagi jaisi tavaqqo thi, nahin kuch kam hai
Har ghadi hota hai ahsaas, kahin kuch kam hai

'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai' is a ghazal written by my father Professor Shahryar, Jnanpith Award winning Urdu Poet and the lyricist of Muzaffar Ali's Umrao Jaan. It is part of my online music album 'Palkon Ko Bhigoyen Kaise' launched by the enterprising online music portal artistaloud.com

The ghazal has been composed and arranged by my friend Navneet Kedar. I have sung it. You can listen to the ghazal here http://www.hungama.com/music/song-kahin-kuch-kam-hai/1855099

Kindly take a look at some of the responses that this composition has received. Thanks.


hey is on repeat mode for an hour now can't get enough of it

loved didn't understand the lyrics but still liked it,it's a sweet song)
its nice faridoon realy good .it has d feel.keep doin good stuff

Your voice just gets more soothing and lovely as time goes on. Beautiful song...thank you!

this song is a real delight,with a soothing effect....molto bravo :)

I am new fan of your music, seriously..

i love it !!! Thank you for your great songs !!! ♥ kindest greetings from Austria !

Beautiful song, very relaxing & soothing. Enjoyed it very much .. :) 👍

heard a fabulous gazal by jst love this man voice..superb

your voice ls like professional singer wow its amazing best of luck for your future :)

sir u have a great voice love it !!

you have very good voice.. why you aren't singing for bollywood.. its good you sing a song for . Quality matches.

amazing song sir:)) really liked it! beautiful melody and ur voice so soft:)) all the best

Do listen to 'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai' sung by Shahryar. A melodious song describing compulsive nature of life
Sir This Song Is Beutiful Ur Voice Amazing.all the best sir ji,

Another beautiful Gazhal sung by this time written by his Dad. Give it a try :)

incredible song does not need to speak the same language to understand the essence and the feeling in the letter.

Seriously I should not feel low anymore by thinking about this lyrics. Thank you for your inspiring song "KahinKuchKamHai"

oh! Faridoon! You have made my day! Loved him! His poetry! They are a part of me!

Beautiful! What an awesome way to start a day, thanks for sharing!

beautiful ghazal...

waiting for ur bollywood debut bhai jaan, ur voice is so soulful. (Y)

Listen to 'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai' from 'Palkon Ko Bhigoyen Kaise' via

Amazing lyrics.....Nice music.......Beautiful Voice. This is what we get of your song......Thank u Faridoon Bhai

Kahin Kuch Kam Hai is amazingggg!! So when are you entering Bollywood? ;) haha well done sir!

listened ur new track Kahin Kuch Kam Hai.. ITS AWESOME.. seems u will get debut song in bollywood soon :D Cheeeeeeeeeers

loved your new song any chance you want to join Bollywood :)

Amazing song sung by "Kahin Kuch Kam Hai" lyrics by his dad. Check it out!

heard ur new song ... It's INCREDIBLE! Love the music and your melodies voice :) Masha Allah, God bless! :)

Another lovely song sung by 'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai' lyrics by his dad. Click on the link to hear the song!

another brilliant song wowww..but have to say mahi ramazan remains my fav..wishing u lots of luck xx

loooooooooooove it man ur voice is so perfect for this kinda songs!!

Thanks baby!! I really like the song n his voice!!!!<3 p="">

Another lovely song sung by 'Kahin Kuch Kam Hai' lyrics by his dad. Click on the link to hear the song! :D

Just manage to her your latest song Faridoon. Its really nice, like the lyrics by your dad. Keep the songs coming! Good Luck!

Again day starts with n songs..m just in love with the lyrics.. heard many time..but dil hi nai bhrta,,,

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