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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho ...A Nazm By Shahryar

Kindly listen to this beautiful Nazm 'Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho' written by my father Prof Shahryar (Jnanpith Award winning Urdu Poet and the lyricist of Muzaffar Ali's 'Umrao Jaan'). It has been composed, arranged and recorded by my friend Navneet Kedar while I've sung it. I hope you like it. Personally I feel, this song gives a new definition to the idea of love and romance in itself. I am grateful to the wonderful team of artistaloud.com that have launched it along with the other tracks of my album 'Palkon Ko Bhigoyen Kaise'. 

For listening to the song, click here.

Here is the link to all the seven songs on premiere online music portal artistaloud.com

Here are a few of the responses to this song so far

I love this! What a wonderful song! Love your vocals and the music is so cool!

Great song! RT Listen to my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me

mean"U R so close 2 me"?don't understand all,but U ve a such pretty voice,very soft&hearty!dis song is a real relaxing maachallah

listen ur song in the morning while chat w is great.. love u voice dude

wow.. that so great song sir..thanks for recomended :-):-):-)

: Listen my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me." Awesome bro

very soothing music arrangements and vocals from the heart. Awesome album. Keep it going.

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fantastic :) so impressive!! Continue to share this epic talent of yours :)

Awesome..listen it Friends 😘 RT : Listen n download my NEW song:Tum Mere Kit... (cont)

Today I've realized that you're not only a great journalist but a wonderful singer too sorry took a while will try to get your CD

this is such a beautiful song..U sound great and I loved the lyrics ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

is the King !! Love his talent :)

beautiful song truly love your voice good luck sir :))

U killed it again.... More love to U.... They are ... Thanks for this beautiful Nazm.. :)

.. Once again beautiful lyrics sung equally beautifully ... so soothing <3 ..am="" all="" far="" faridoon="" going="" great="" loving="" p="" so="" songs="" the="">

Very awesome track...you keep rocking man

I listened to your new songs and loved them both Faridoon!! I swear your voice gets better with every song!! Continued Success!!

Waah! RT NEW Nazm:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me.

映画「踊り子」の作詞家シャハリヤールの子息ファリードゥーンが父の詩を歌う。'Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho'
. 作曲はファリードゥーンの友人Navneet。

just heard your song, WOW! You rock! Lots of love from Holland

loooove it all the way! Proud of u!

bhaijaan sorry for the late MSG.. Absolutely loved ur soothing voice in d new song. Very happy for u.. Keep singing amazing songs

beautiful song na

01;14am in brussels listening to tum mere kitne paas ho <3 p="">

Guys, please listen I really just cannot believe. I am so sry to reply late, as was too packed up. U ROCK!

U ROCK U ROCK U ROCK as always.. pls start singing for movies.. Hats off to you.. So much talented your! As Always Love You!

Just cannot stop listening to it once started

Sir "Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho" its really soulful, wonderful & fantabuluos.!! You r BEST :))

I agreed... And Thankyou for This wonderful Music.. Keep Us blessed :) we are Thankful to U and Ur dad..

Guyysss listen to Faridoon sir's neww song Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho :D!

even I didn't understand a word, you sing very well....beautiful!

Recomended ": Listen to my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me...."

": ": Listen my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho sung by me....""luv ths song

I dunno if im mistake, but is tum mere kitne pass ho means, how much r u close to me...? U rock Fari !!! love it

Whoever likes desi music with urdu lyrics - 's Kitne Paas Ho - give it a listen.. his voice is a melody!

Fellas listen to this amazing song 'tum mere paas ho' sung by GREAT TALENT 👍

Dear Friends, pls listen & RT this fantstic song "Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho" sung by a lovely friend, Thx

You really sing so well..!! You are so so so artistic !! :)

Nice and soothing song....a good performance by you yet again

Hey guys please listen to this nazm by father prof Shahryar..Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho " Awsome song :-)

I really like Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho ♥ love your voice....but I don't understand the lyrics :( I need to learn Hindi.

beautiful song & lyrics :) 👍

Faridoon sir you are a star! I love your voice it's so soothing. You are very talented, keep on singing :)

i love it. Love your voice ♡

Beautiful song ": Listen my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me..."

awesome singing faridoon! keep it up!

its really good! Great vocals by u! Kinda prefer this one more than the last one, more catchy and like the music! Keep it up! :D

i totally love you voice!!!!!totally in loveee <333 p="">

Just listened to Tu mere kitne paas ho song...Wow Faridoon, you should sing in movies and make loads of albums such a nice voice!

kya baat kya baat keep it up bro. Good luck
hey... be singer sir.. ur voice is so fantastic... love love this song n ur voice

so when's your bollywood debut you should sing in bollywood

I just love the lyrics and your voice makes it complete! It's an awsome one :)

thanks to u,,u have a superb voice,,love the song..Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho. great song ..

Tum mere kitne paas ho <3 a="" aurr="" ihsaas="" jadoo="" p="" song..="" what="">

Guys! Listen to 's new song Tum mere kitne paas ho :)

Faridoon Shahryar’s Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho gets featured on yet another daily The Dev Daily

what a beautiful voice you have..your song is really good :) lots of love from Portugal :)

mashallah! different voice you have..n awwsum song it is! loved it! ur songs also in my playlist now

Btw listen and download ´s new Song 'Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho' Enjoy Faridoon's beautiful music :)

sir ! beautiful song, beautiful voice you have ! I think I need the lyrics ! hehe :P 1st time I heard it ! Greetings frm Malaysia

Sir,its Amazing :) Loved the background music.. its so soft :) Incredible.. keep singing :)

loved ": Listen n download my NEW song:Tum Mere Kitne Paas Ho Lyrics: Shahryar Music: Navneet, sung by me"

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