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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Questions For Mr Amitabh Bachchan And Prakash Jha Sahab

Guys I am doing an interview with Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mr Prakash Jha for Satyagraha. Please post your questions in the Comments section and I shall try and take the interesting ones. Also mention your name, city and country. Enjoy!


  1. Do Amit Ji and Prakash Ji believe that films on pertinent issues plaguing India inspire the people to act? Or do they just enjoy the film and forget about the issue the next day?

    For Amit Ji - What was the most challenging part of Satyagraha?

    For Amit Ji - Will you ever do another world tour?

    For Prakash Ji - You repeat actors often. Why?

    1. I am from Edmonton, Canada

  2. How was your experience in Bhopal while shooting for various films? Its like your second home. Isn't it? (Question for both of them)
    Rohit pandey, bhopal.

  3. Namskar Amitji,
    My name is Priyanka & I am fm Hyderabad..
    I am your fan since my childhood (still a young girl)I Idolise U and would like to meet U and seek your blessings agar aapki izajat ho toh .... My entire family and me for sure are eagerly waiting for movie Satyagrah.Want to ask you is there any special moment or anything about the shooting that you would like to share..
    Dher saara pyaar aapko... :)
    Hyderabad (A.P)


    To Prakash Jha

    Even though political movies by PRakash jha are amazing...My all time fav movie is still MRITYUDAND.. not a lot of movie on women's right n strength in Bollywood. Havent seen him work with Madhuri again..would love to see him cast Amitabh and Madhuri in a movie .. two big giants ... any chance?

    To Amitabh sir

    how come in all these years we have never seen him work with Madhuri whereas he has worked with every actress of his and her generation?

  5. Hi Faridoon air.Iam sushil suthar from Nohar.
    My Question to both Amitabh Sir and Prakash ji- Tell us one completely different thing from Aarakshan that you did in Satyagraha now??

  6. Hi sir,i'm Sushil Suthar.
    My Q is to Prakash ji.
    sir you are known as a director who always pics live topics of our nation.How much it is difficult to shoot on such big locations and to arrange such croud?

  7. Hi Faridoon sir,I am sushil suthar from Nohar.

    My q is to Prakash ji.
    Sir My dream of life to come in Bollywood as a Director.Currently I'm a Final year B.Tech student in NIT Jaipur.
    I read somewhere that there were 17 A.D. for SaTyagraha.
    I want to be one of them in your next project.Would you give me a chance?

  8. Hi,

    Question for Amitji,

    1. Wt is the biggest disadvantage of being The Amitabh Bachchan? I mean lots media attention, no privacy, cannt go out of home without security like common man... I mean if goes to temple it becoma front page news!! I have seen tht... His thoughts on this?

    Question for Prakashji,

    1. Will he make sequel to any of his movies?

    Thank you,
    Pratik frm Sydney

  9. Although I am not a big fan of reality shows KBC is a monumental hit. What draws you to projects in television? And any replacement for Shannouk on the horizon?

    Margaret Ann, Gresham Oregon USA