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Friday, July 26, 2013

Response To 'Maahe Ramzaan'

'Maahe Ramzaan' is the brainchild of the enterprising team at artistaloud.com. Thank You Soumini and Prapti!! My wife Aarefa wrote amazingly thoughtful lyrics that perfectly sums up the spirit of the holy month of Ramzaan. My friend Navneet Kedar composed, arranged and recorded the song. He did a brilliant job of it. I have sung it. The response to this song has been fabulous. People from all across the world are liking it, even the ones who don't understand the language have been very appreciative and encouraging. Hope you like it as well. 

SMS of Harman Baweja

Bro...lovely song! Really!  Keep at it...and kudos to your wife...hope it goes viral!

SMS of Dia Mirza

Mashallah Beautiful!

Celebrity Tweets

Wow Bhai you are good singer.

lovely..well done Faridoon!

A few tweets

nice work sir.. a divine touch..all the best for this new song.. God Bless :)

I'm listening to it right now, brilliant :sei bravissimo!

It was a big surprise reading your interview on yesterday,and beautiful songs,didn't know abt your passion for music

wow, I couldn't imagine that ur voice is so beautiful. Loving it, leave the interviews & start singing more

sir,your voice is so amazing..superb song..!! One day, I Would love to take YOUR Interview,if you want.

OMG, SO GOOD !! You have such a beautiful voice :O I love this song ! :D Im a fan <3 all="" anjana="" best="" p="" the="">

And I guess I forget to mention the pronunciation.. Its beautiful !

A must hear beautiful song, sung by 'Maahe Ramzaan' written by his wife Aarefa. Click on the link ☺♥

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Want to listen to something soulful? Check out 's latest single Maahe Ramzaan

Want to listen to something soulful? Check out 's latest single Maahe Ramzaan .

Bahut hi khoobsurat bhai....jitni baar suno aur accha lagta ja raha hai...keep it up bhai...

u r a fabulous singer nice lyrics sir ur wife(ma) has nice thngs she can play very well with words..

awesome song buddy

thx bro, the song is genuinely superb n creates a terrific impression on listener, i am going to share it in my network too

And ofcourse congrats to you too!!! What a beautiful new song!! Thanks for continuing to share your amazing talent Faridoon! :)

Beautifully sung Maahe Ramzaan! I know I don't know the words, but I bet your wife wrote amazing lyrics! Please congratulate her!

missed you at the IIFAs...congrats on the new song !!:) R&P

ur welcome and i seriously cant stop listening to it ..ur voice is amazing in this nazm xx

belive me your voice is so soft ... just love all ur song specially Maahe Ramazan

Bro this song cn be used in film,, the music is so soft & u sang it too good ,, bravo

bhabi ka lyrics hai?? Oh god yaaar,, to good , give to my sis big hello from Israel & tell her that she wrote beautifully

dude love your song
music was awesome...

You are so multi-talented . hope u get success in singing career xD YAY !! :D
Maahe Ramazan was great ..

hey sir..good morning... very very Good Song... ROCK man

ur voice is just perfect for this kinda songs

Once Again done it with his soothing voice in new Song 'Maahe Ramazan' written by her Wife Aarefa. Listen!

thanks for the link to ur new song ! It's wonderful :)

Nice voice by you and nice lyrics by your wife.....Loved Maahe Ramzaan song :) You should keep singing more! x

really loved the song "Maahe Ramzaan".. music was superb :-) :-)

U too will have a good fan base now, especially after ur stunning album PKBK, so be ready for fans interviewing u! :)

Congrats to your wife for writing something so beautiful :)

superb dude

Guys, here’s the newest song sung by ‘Maahe Ramzaan’
listen it. Hope u’ll like it too. RT pls

Great to come back to this work of a beauty. The song sounds absolutely blissful.

I think aim lost for words ...mashallah...amazing and on repeat ...Absolutly loved it !!! Give my regards to babie jan xx

I congratulate you! it is very beautiful...nice :) good luck!

As I don't understand the lyrics I go after the melody and voice and yours is amazing beautiful - please always keep singing! LoL

love your new song good luck all the very best for everything :)

Absolutely divine, magical with beautiful lyrics! Loved " Maahe Ramzaan" by Here's the link

it's superb! you have a gifted voice.. Keep up the good work.. :)) God Bless love from Pakistan

gr8 work... I wish u more success... Good luck..

mashallah.. baut umda janab :)

"Khuda ki meher shaam o seher ": sings 'Maahe Ramzaan', music by Navneet, written by wife Aarefa,

great song and wonderful lyrics

Sir just bought the whole
Album on itunes :)

Ma-sha`Allah @ your wife. May Allah let us all taste the love of His closeness in this blessed month!

Meanwhile I Just finished listening 's album 25th time..ho n download it from iTunes if you have iPhone/iPad ..amazing songs

so beautifuuuuul !!!!! U should perform now and show ur talent

Beautiful :)" Here's my NEW song music by Navneet, written by my wife Aarefa, sung by me … "

Thanks for the link faridoon soothng voice and yes wat a voice inshallah wishing u all t success :):)Keep doing t great work :)

Totally worth it ": Here's my NEW song music by Navneet, written by wife Aarefa, sung by me "

मुक्कम्मल गायकी है ..रमज़ान को मतलब दिए हो तुम.

Maahe Ramzan on loop...fantastic..great voice n Lyrics..! Want to meet you once in life.

.realy Lovely song .Maahe Ramzaan - Maahe Ramzaan ...so beautifull i like this kind of music.-.

playing in loop nicely done

awaw Im fine ur voice so beautiful like diamond in the sky :* :* sir whould u to visit indonesia? :D

Thanks! P.S. - Love your new song - your voice is fantastic. :)

great singing, great lyrics by your wife 👌

Wow <3 a="" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr" href="https://twitter.com/AbhiAsh_IndoFc" style="color: #0084b4; text-decoration: none;">@AbhiAsh_IndoFc
: ": Here's my NEW song 'Maahe Ramzaan', music by Navneet, " guys listen great song"

Here's new song 'Maahe Ramzaan', music by Navneet, written by his wife Aarefa, I loved it!

Hats off ! listening over & over again since morning..Really a awesome song..brilliant work by u.. Lookin forward for more songs.

You sing very Well <3 p="">

now lisiting perfect song for this month :) beautiful

Mashallah..!! It's Awesome!! I Love It!! :)

Masha allah :)

aww lovely song very peaceful:)

lovely music and voice.Gongrats F,I dont understand the words but everything else turns out emotions

Love the song, so soothing and sweet!

Hats off ! listening over & over again since morning..Really a awesome song..brilliant work by u

listenning to it now on loop its so peaceful

Hats off ! D only song I'm jst listening over & over this Ramadan. Lovely & soothing with great lyrics. May Allah keep u safe

hope your wife won't be jealous but i just fall in love of your voice lol

I have uploaded it on Fb and guess how many likes u got .....50 ...wohooooo ..by far the best song xx

i didn't understand the words but the music and ur voice touch the heart really good job n now u have a fan from Tunisia:)

Here's new song 'Maahe Ramzaan', music by Navneet, written by his wife Aarefa, I love it :D

i like it =) --- xD its really nice! the best for u with this new song and of course good job Mrs Aarefa =D

Bahout Atcha lagta hay ;-) ( is it right ?) and also I liked the oriental touch ;-)))

Awww lovely song!!! congrats to you and your wife Faridoon ...

listened to most of your songs and believe me, you sing so good. Unadultered and Fine vocals! You should be a Professional.


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  2. Amazing to read such wonderful responses to your song. Congrats Faridoon and wife!