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Thursday, January 31, 2013

With Asha Bhosle Ji ...


  1. Fantastic!!!! I'm sure it was something unforgettable! :) - Danabolly

  2. Hi Faridoon,
    I really like your reporting and interviews. In my opinion you are doing a good job. I follow bollywood hungama for all my hindi cineam news and interviews. However, i do have one suggestion for you. I have studies journalism during my college years and have studied that journalism is about reporting the the truth and communicating to the masses. You are not suppose to form any kind of personal opinion. I have watched all the interviews u have done and one thing u repeatedly do it use the word "I think" a lot, be it either complimenting the guest, referring to quotes or other interviews of the guest. When you use this term "i think" it gives a sense of uncertainty, gives the vibe that you are not sure and you are forming your own opinion.I have noticed that when you are asking questing and as a reference u quote something the guests have said in another interview,you say I think you said this or i think you said that. When you are quoting something, it should be assertive and be directly that "you said in this particular interview to this person". When you use the term "I think" it just does not give credibility to your statement. I seems you are making it up and you are sure. You have to quote your resources and your references always. Otherwise, it will be a false news and false communication. I like your work. I just wanted to voice my opinion and something I felt while watching your interviews. And do try to speak a little slowly and don't rush to conclusions.
    I wish you the best and will Keep on Watching Bollywood Hungama.

  3. Thanks Dana

    Well, anonymous, it would have been great if there could have been a name to your opinion, it would have added more credibility. Nevertheless. Journalism is about facts and opinions. Both. When someone is involved in a profession for a long time then because of the experience, the opinion of the journalist gains value especially when the journalist carries a certain credibility and following. I strongly feel, that I don't want to offend my guests even when I am asking tough questions. Many times I quote what someone has said but there are times when during a conversation, one uses 'reference' to what was said and the exact quote is not there. I am very particular about not misquoting a celebrity or gossip journalism. It is not 'resources' my friend, the term is 'sources'. Things ought to be taken in broader perspective. No one is perfect and I am genuinely making efforts all the time to try and achieve as much perfection as possible in my craft. I shall surely pay heed to the constructive part of your criticism and try and get better. I don't know what you mean by 'don't rush to conclusions'. I shall continue to provoke interest, will have my opinion and make it a well rounded conversation. I find the interviews where the anchor/host is a mute spectator as very boring. My interviews have to be interesting and entertaining. Always! But yes I am making efforts to speak more slowly.