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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Way They Censor Stuff On TV Is Ridiculous": Imran Khan

"The way they censor stuff on television is ridiculous," said Imran Khan in an interview with me recently on the reasons why Delhi Belly hasn't had a television premiere yet. "It is impossible to watch television any more. The level of censorship has gone out of control," Imran concluded. 


  1. Faridoon sir, do you agree with the filmfare nomination this year? Why do you think Aamir khan not in the list of best actor? Is he really underestimated? If Salman(Dabanngg 2) and shahrukh(jthj) can make it to the list, then why not aamir? Wasn't his performance better in Talaash than their? It is very unfortunate for the industry that someone like Aamir Khan doesn't beliee in these awards.

  2. Buddy I haven't seen the nominations and won't bother to check out either ...these award shows are a joke ...