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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Send Questions For Deepika Padukone

I am doing an interview with Deepika Padukone tomorrow January 14. Send in your questions at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com or post it in the comments section below. 


  1. Pls ask her if she is doing kick opposite salman khan or not ?

  2. hi Deepika this is Radhiah, your big fan from Malaysia. Hope you're doing fine. Can you please look at the camera and wave at me?:)lots of love to you and all the best with Race 2!
    My questions to Deepika:
    1) you worked with both Saif and John before so personally between Saif-Deepika and John-Deepika, which one you prefer more?
    2) you are working with Shah Rukh Khan again after 6 years. How does it feel like? anything different from your side as an actress?
    3) you have about 5 films set to release this year. Aren't you afraid of being over-exposed? what's your expectations with all the 5 films?

    good luck with the interview Faridoon sir and thank you so much for this opportunity!

  3. Hi Faridoon. My name is Sibtain and I really like your work and your efforts to keep us connected. Its so sad that you're no longer on Twitter because you are being sorely missed.
    Here are a few questions I have for Deepika:

    1) Does she ever look back at any of her previous work and think that she could have done a much better job of it, if that particular role was offered to her now?

    2) She is simultaneously working with the young guns of the industry (Ranveer, Ranbir, etc) and the more experienced super stars (SRK, Saif, Rajnikanth) - what are the pros and cons of working with these set of actors? (The superstars & the young-guns)

    3) Has it ever happened to you that you have signed on to a project (because you loved the script) and then the film doesn't turn out in a way you had initially expected?

    4) Any film she regrets doing?

    5) According to her, what is her most under rated performance? (A performance that didn't get as much appreciation & acceptance as she had expected)

    6) Would she ever let her proffessional life and career choices get affected or influenced due to personal differences?

  4. Hey Deepika, this is Vishaka here :) Biggest crazen of yours. I just love love love you and will continue to do so :) Can you tell my name please? :) <3 I wish you all the best for Race 2 and 2013. and the questions i want to ask you is :
    1) What do your crazens mean to you? 2) Do you as Deepika and Elena your character in Race 2 have any similarities? 3) How was it working with SRK again? Do you still feel like new comer in front of him as you felt during OSO? Or your friendship with him as changed a lot in these past years? :)

    One more thing for Deepika, Please ask her to join twitter again cuz we crazens miss her so much! :)

    Thanks :)

    Vishaka, Qatar (@Vishaka_Rocks)

  5. Hi Deepika! This is nayantara singh, your Crazen from New York. We love and support you unconditionally always! My questions :
    1) You have achieved so much success in such a short time, how do you remain so humble and grounded?
    2) How do you handle the ups n downs, the hits n flops, of both the film industry and in life, with so much grace, calmness and poise?
    You are my role model and inspiration! Always remain as perfect as you are!
    Nayantara Singh (@nayantarasingh)

    Thank you Faridoon

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  8. Hey Deepu !!! this is Apurv Vagare and am crazzzzy about you and in love with you!!! :) <3 Your smile is the best! Keep smiling always! :)My questions to you:1) Are you doing 'Kick' opposite Salman Khan??please please deepika!!! i sooo wanna see you and salman together onscreen!! :)2) I wanna take you on a date!?!? will you come!?!? :p ;)
    Hope the answer is YES!! :P
    Love you!!!
    Apurv Vagare (@VagareApurv)

  9. Hi Fairdoon!
    It's Deepika's crazen, Sheena, from Florida! Thanks for taking in our questions for Deepika..I especially adooore her:) Also if you take in some of mine, please do mention my name (hope she remembers me!). Okay so here they are:

    1) After a professional high like Cocktail, are you more choosy about scripts coming your way?

    2) Are there any differences working with SRK in OSO 6 years back and now in Chennai Express?

    3) This is a fun one: Describe each of your co-stars in one word: Saif, SRK, Ranbir, and Ranveer.

    4) You and Jaqueline are the female leads of Race2. So, if you had to pick another female lead (besides Jacky) for Race2, who would she be? :)

    5) Do you have a lot of stunts in Race 2? Tell her that I think she would look amazing doing stunts considering she is such a sporty person herself! :)

    6) In your opinion, has Race2 turned out better than its first installment?

    7) And lastly, this is a request from all your Crazens: please be more active on twitter..we are dying to interact more with you :)

    Sending you lots of love, Deepika from your Crazen in Miami, Florida (US)...
    And thanks again Fairdoon, please mention my name and twitter id: Sheena (@mzsheena92)

  10. Deepika,

    1) Race 2 has been a wonderful journey because ... ?
    2) If you could play the role of Saif or John which one would u play ?
    3) Pick ur fav song from Race 2 and song a few lines, please
    4) What can you tell us about Ameesha Patel & Jacqueline ? Did you have some fun girls time ?

    Lots of love Deepika, all the best for Race 2 and all the future projects! U rock, u shine! :D Dana from Switzerland

  11. Faridoon,

    I have no questions for Deepika, just ask her to check her twitter mentions or come more often to twitter ( a simple 'hi' would be enough as well :P) . her crazens miss her alot :D and congrats to her for all the best actresses nominations she has been getting.we are so proud of her.love her alot!


  12. Hello Deepika,

    I have one question for you.

    We keep hearing that you wanted to be part of the film 'Rockstar'. However, the role of Nargis Fakrhi dint have that much scope ( Which she wanted to play) and the movie had so much more focus on Ranbir's character. What is it exactly that wanted you to be a part of that film?

    And Congratulations on all the success of Cocktail and all the award nominations.May this year bring you much more success then previous one! Looking most forward to Ram Leela with Ranvir and Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani with Ranbir. I hope these two movies (along with others) do more wonders for your career.


    Thankyou Faridoon.

  13. Good lord, can these questions get any dumber!

    1. who's stopping you from asking intelligent questions? If you think these questions are dumb, come up with some intelligent questions. We too would like to see how 'intelligent' you really are

    2. good one ;-)

  14. Dates created some controversy at the beginning of Race 2, so in that context, is being so busy that you have date struggles a good problem to have?

  15. Deepika, I'm Janak, your biggest Crazen from Nepal:) I love you so so so much<3 Thank you so much for always bringing smile in my face:) & Congratulations for all the award nominations you have got this year!!
    My questions to you 1.you are doing 5 films this year,which movie you are most excited for? 2.I'm just dying to see you with Salman...hope rumours of you being confirmed for Kick are true & please try your best to adjust the dates if you have a date-problems!! 3.we all Crazens are really proud of you for whatever you have achieved in very short span of time..Hope your carrier rises & shines more & more with every coming year !!
    Here is a special request for you: Deepika please be little more active on twitter.please please It's the best way to stay-in-touch with your fans
    thanks !! Janak @xJanak_1310x Nepal

  16. Question for Deepika,
    1. Do u think U should cast opposite John becoz u already did two movies with saif?
    2. U have some hot scenes with Saif, Do u feel any uncomfortable, knowing the fact he is married man?
    Plz ask my questions i would be soo happy if u ask Thank U Faridoon

  17. Hellow deepy darlingg one serious quest 4 u! 1. You have never rplied ur fans on twitter why??
    2. Also,a konkani quest 4 u! Tugele fav colour khanche??

  18. We know that deepi is not looking for any relationship, but will she feel when she'll meet her perfect man..?

  19. We know that deepi is not looking for any relationship, but will she feel when she'll meet her perfect man..?

  20. Deepika if your offered to work with hrithik roshan??will you love to work??and are you working with salman's next?

  21. Deepika can you tell us for you,how will be your perfect partner??just something in breif!and will you be happy to marry with a simple man means not from film industry?plz say

  22. Hello Deeps!! I m Amit Kabra from Hyderabad. I am d biggest fan of you in this world!!!! My first dream has been meeting you since your movie Om Shanti Om & Himesh's music video !!! First of all I loved your performance in Cocktail more than anybody's that year and congrats for all d sucess in cocktail and awards nomination!!!Please you just tweet the place you visit on twitter anytime before you leave to that place!!! I have just two Questions. My 2 questions to you are very simple.Here I go: 1.Five movies of your's are releasing this year till now.About which movie you are most excited?? R2 or YJHD or CE or RL or Kochidaiyaan with Rajnikanth??? 2.With which actor you are most comfortable in the movies??

  23. Shilpa-Deepika can you tell ous..what is that inspires you?ans will you continue working in films after your marraige?like Kareena?