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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Karisma Kapoor To Be Announced As A Radio Jockey Today

Karisma Kapoor will be announced as the new Radio Jockey of Big 92.7 at a hotel in Bombay today December 18, 2012. This will surely make Radio a bigger platform for sure. 


  1. i;m very proud that she had done something new ...
    and I wish all the best for her ..

    by the way .. can convey our regards for her ..
    i'm fans . I'm from Indonesia and I'M KARISMANIA .
    I want to see her many many more movies again, there are still many untapped talents...

  2. gud luck for u my dilo ( didi lolo ) we are proud to be karismania..hopefully we will see u soon in next films project,even DI not succes in BO but we are always waiting for u'r new films and really hope that will co- star w/ salman..and for surely thankyou for u bcoz always give us more pic and more ads..love u..regards karismania Indonesia...- Yessy Sembiring - #Kiss#