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Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Jhootiya Saala In Dabangg 2 Was Coined By Me": Arbaaz Khan

Maa ki jhooti khasam nahin khaana chahiye, Jhootiya saala  is a punchy dialogue in the theatrical trailer of Dabangg 2. Salman Khan has contributed punchy dialogues in Dabangg, Ready etc so is this dialogue written by him as well? "That word Jhootiya was coined by me. The dialogue was maa ki jhooti khasam nahin khaana chahiye and he shoots. I just told him how about Maa ki jhooti khasam nahin khaana chahiye, jhootiya saala. He said, this is nice. I said then say it," said Arbaaz Khan in an interview with me. "Salman generally contributes a lot to his character and his role, dialogues. I have learnt now on this film a little more about Salman the actor than I did knowing him for such a long time even in the last film," Arbaaz added. 

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  1. wow, this question was asked by me i think..hope my name has come in the interview..waiting for full video interview :))))