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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"I Hope Me And Aamir Could Work Together..": Amitabh Bachchan

Diya lekar vahan hum ja rahe hain
Sooraj jahan dhalta nahin hai

Thakan mahsoos ho, ruk jaana chahein
Safar mein mod vo aaya nahin hai

This couplet by my father Prof Shahryar sums up Mr Bachchan perfectly. When Abba was alive, I used to call him up and seek some apt couplets depending on the celebrity that I was about to interview. He is no more, but I guess he would have surely approved of my selection of his couplets for Mr Bachchan's 70th birthday interview.

Mr Bachchan was a picture of grace. He had to go for the premiere of English Vinglish. I was told that we had limited time and we need to wrap up fast. I aimed at asking Mr Bachchan questions that I had not asked him earlier in all our interviews. There were several interviews with other media houses before me so I had to make sure that I don't repeat any of the earlier questions so that he doesn't get bored. We spoke on his tenacity, the sense of Karma, he reminisced about Pran sahab, remembered his first film Saat Hindustani and how his first director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas sahab had called up Mr Bachchan's parents to seek their permission for signing on the Son.

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