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Monday, October 1, 2012

First Look Promo Of RGV's 26/11 To Be Launched On 26th November 2012?

I've always mantained that doing an interview with Ram Gopal Varma is a wonderful creative experience. Madhur Bhandarkar told me recently that my interviews with Mr Varma are his favourite. I told him its great fun interviewing him as he doesn't have any preconditions and never tells you not to ask any particular question (Bhandarkar had requested me to refrain from asking about Aishwarya in my interview with him and Kareena recently. On an earlier instance his publicist had asked for a questionaire. I never went ahead with that interview).

Ram Gopal Varma off camera is very entertaining. I can't really disclose what all we talk about but he is great fun. On camera, he was passionate about Bhoot Returns and refused to fall for the bait of the camera-movements-gone-wrong in Department bit. He accepted that people may not have liked it but he maintained there's nothing wrong in shooting with the small cameras. He has shot with digital cameras in Bhoot Returns and he is very happy with the results.

He says the 3D version will be shown in approximately 350 screens and 2D version in other cinemas. He didn't divulge the exact details of the number of screens and prefers that the distributor should make the announcement. He also doesn't think that the promotions are lacking the zing as he feels the people make up their mind after watching the first promo and if they find it interesting, they would come to watch a film.

RGV says that he can never work with Anurag Kashyap again as he is making his own kind of cinema. Kashyap wrote Satya when he was starting off and was willing to adapt to Varma's vision but today he has a mind of his own and it won't allow the two to come together on a common ground. He says that he likes working with people who are not stars, be it Aamir Khan in Rangeela, Ajay Devgn in Company, (their previous few films before Rangeela and Company respectively were not big hits and that's why they were able to pull of the characters convincingly.)

Talking about Satya 2, RGV clarified that John Abraham is not producing it and he is having a new starcast. The basic premise of the film is 2012 when the underworld has come to a standstill. There is no case against Dawood Ibrahim for the last 20 years, Chota Rajan is not active, Abu Salem is in jail, Arun Gawli has many cases against him....in such a situation a guy comes from some other city to Bombay and how he changes the face of mafia in the city. I asked him how different will Satya 2 be from numerous other films made on Mumbai mafia (including Department in the recent times and forthcoming Shootout at Wadala).
Nana Patekar is playing the role of Rakesh Maria in 26/11. The film is 50 percent complete and RGV is planning to launch the first look promo of the film on 26th November this year. Is he afraid of a Tsunami of opinions, judgements on the film even before its release? Will he show the film to any politicians or police before its release? Does he fear for his life considering how things are blown out of proportion in India in such matters?

Mr Varma plans to stand in a line to buy a ticket of English Vinglish since he is a huge Sridevi fan. Why is he jealous of Bonny Kapoor? What's with his fixation for a woman's body?
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