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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Why Hasn't Farhan Made A Sequel To Dil Chahta Hai": Akshaye Khanna

"You are obsessed with Farhan," Akshay Khanna told me in an interview a short while back. "No, I am obsessed with Dil Chahta Hai," I said. I guess, I had asked a wee bit too many questions on DCH and yes I also asked Akshaye that having worked in such films as DCH, why has he worked in some inane films with Priyadarshan and more notably with Anees Bazmi in 'No Problem'. "Farhan has made a sequel to Don, why don't you ask him about a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai. Why hasn't he made it," Akshay asked. Seems like a valid question for Farhan when I meet him next.

I also told him that there's a perception that Khanna has a lot of talent that is yet to be tapped completely and he needs some fine directors to tap it. Known for being very shy and reticent, Akshaye was a bit taken aback I guess.

Well, we had started the interview on a positive note since he narrated several details from his forthcoming film 'Gali Gali Chor Hai'. He seems very confident of the film and says he'll be proud of it irrespective of its fate at the Box Office.

I also asked him about his print interview where he said that he'll marry once Salman gets married. Khanna was a bit upset and said that he made that statement as a joke, which was misrepresented in the story. He had also said in another print interview that marriages are meant for creating kids and ideally one should marry in old age. Akshaye accepted that he had made this statement and he abides by it. He personally feels marriage is too much of a responsibility and he is not willing to take it.

Khanna doesn't want to produce a film but can we see him directing a film at any point of his career? His answer was accompanied by fun animated gestures. I am sure you guys will have have fun watching this interview.
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  1. True.
    In DCH Akshaye Khanna was my favourite one. Liked him also in Gandhy My Father. And in Aakrosh. As an actor he shows a quiet sadness that always intrigues me. But I have to admit he surprised me a lot in Tees Maar Khan! God! He was so different and so funny!

  2. Yup Akshay is a very fine actor but he needs better directors to tap his potential

  3. Personally i feel Dil Chahta Hai doesn't warrant a sequel and a sequel has the potential to do more harm than good for a film like Dil Chahta Hai. The reason I say this is I believe that the film's uniqueness at the time in terms of story, dialogue, music, and even the casting was a big reason it was loved as much as it was. If a sequel is made, the uniqueness that was so appealing in the original will not be there. I have a feeling you most likely disagree, but a film in the genre of Dil Chahta Hai should be left alone in my opinion.