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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Smiles Overpower Frowns

Here's a poem on what my family is going through, due to my father's ill health. He is
suffering from Lung Cancer (last stage). He has stopped speaking and is confined to the bed completely.

Memories chirp
As I walk alone
On a torn road.

Life is longing
To give up
The prolonged battle
With the inevitable;
Tears have dried up,
Knotted hearts
Are more at ease now.

Legacy of wealth
Is a misnomer;
Treasure of creativity,
An eternal revelation.

The road ahead
Is precariously uncertain;
The smiles
Will always overpower
The frowns.


  1. We give it our best shot and do the best we can.
    On the flip side of things we hope for a better day. Keep the faith :-))))))

  2. Thanks Saanj :) hope u r doing well


  3. Beautiful!!! The last lines r filled with hope.. and I believe smiles always overpower all the frowns and negativity :) God bless u always

  4. Thanks Rhea :) hope you are doing well....all the best!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, and just what I needed to keep me going this week! Thanks for sharing your great talent Faridoon! All the best!

  6. Oh wow that is beautiful and touching!

  7. Hi Faridoon,
    I'm really sorry to hear that. However, beyond the darkness, there is light and beyond the sorrow, there is always peace. Wishing you everything you need to get through this difficult time. The poem is simply beautiful.