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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heroine, Barfi, Rowdy Rathore....My Thoughts

UTV showcased their movies for 2012 at a Trade event (Unusually called Dhishum Dhishum 2012) in Bombay a short while back. It was an evening for media and insiders (like distributors) from within the film industry. No cameras were allowed, so none of the proceedings were recorded. UTV's CEO Siddharth Roy Kapoor promised that they would continue to shell out interesting projects in 2012. We were shown a nicely put together 20 minute audio visual clip that had video clips from their movies for 2012. We were told that these video clips are not the final promos for these films and work still needs to be done. Let me bring you my thoughts on a few of the noteworthy films that a lot of you out there must be eagerly awaiting.

Heroine: A nice English number played in the background. Kareena Kapoor is showed in various hues and shades. After playing second fiddle to superstars in last few films, Kareena seems to be finally justifying her immense talent. She laughs, purrs, cries, looks vulnerable and steely eyed too. The rise and fall also has an uncanny reference point in The Dirty Picture. Somehow the cigarette smoking scene is a pointer in that direction. I guess The Dirty Picture is too fresh in the memory and hence the comparison comes to my mind. The final word in the promo.... She Is The Only Heroine.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana: Sameer Sharma's film based in Punjab starring Kunal Kapoor looks interesting. It is backed by creative producer Anurag Kashyap. A tale about a chicken recipe. Looks fun.

Barfi: Ranbir Kapoor continues to push the envelope of excellence. He is a 'flirt', a 'cheat'. There's South actress Ileana and Priyanka Chopra in an unusual hairpiece. The music in the background is quirky and somehow the whole flavour of the promo carries Charlie Chaplin sense of comic timing.

Rowdy Rathore: A small portion of Rowdy Rathore was shown to us. Akshay Kumar clenches his fist and you can imagine seetis and claps (Singham style) in the single screens. Akshay looks different from the inane repetetive stuff that he has been doing in the last few of his films.

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  1. Yayyy !! Looking Forward To Heroine and Barfee :) Yayy PC is gonna strike again ;-)

  2. I can imagine 2012 will be a year of people coming into their own after slogging it out doing the absurd and the mundane *yawn* hopefully there is a shift in the forces and it will not be a 'dirty picture' but a clearer one. Whatever the production houses have in store I hope there is some newness to all of it. And you have your work cut out for you my friend.

  3. Priyanka takes on unusual projects and does them well...her performances are a pleasure to watch. She's looking good as a traditional girl too. Hats off to her.

    Hope the trend of tributes/homages will not become a part and parcel of all films (your reference to the cigarette smoking bit being a reminder of Dirty Picture)...it seems like no film is made without a reference to some other...it has become tiresome.

    Thanks and cheers.

  4. Sir when will the results of the Bollywood Hungama Most Awaited films poll be declared? Please give at least a tentative date. Thanks!

  5. What about Race 2? Heard they showed a clip from it.

  6. can't wait for Rowdy Rathore...i'm already hearing great things abt its promo

  7. Disagree with you on HEROINE completely. Madhur Moron Bhandarkar is cashing on the promotions done by Aishwarya Rai in Cannes etc. Aishwarya would have brought a lot originality to that role unlike Kareena, who started off better than what she is now. People get better with time & experience but its opposite with her, instead of getting better at acting, she only polished off at her media & publicity skills (& size-zero-vegetarian-drama) Even today when i watch her earlier work in Asoka or Dev etc. i feel she had potential in her & a lot of raw energy, now she comes off as FAKE & typical made-up heroine, who is like a side-dish and HERO carries the film on his shoulder. And kareena ends up taking the credit for it.
    Anyone ever thought when Aishwarya was doing Heroine why everything was so secretive & no one was allowed to leak any pics or videos from the set? & now all of a sudden when Kareena is doing the film, they are releasing all sorts of videos and pics from the set and promoting it almost a year a head of its release? its because Aishwarya's name was enough to promote the film and she would have carried it off really well. Where as kareena either needs cheap publicity or HEROes support to carry any film of hers... SO she is definitely not the ONLY HEROINE

  8. Race 2 footage was an assortment of visuals from part 1. Nothin new

  9. Aki has got a spark and quick alerts to his presence on screen and looks like he will do justice to his role , all his earlier films from chandini chowk to kambakth ishq were highly entertaing and great fun , may be rowdy will become a hit , keep it up.