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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Farhan Akhtar To Direct Don 3?

I asked Farhan Akhtar in an interview yesterday if he has any plans of making Don 3. He seemed a bit surprised and said that as of now there were no plans. It is always interesting to chat up with Farhan. Even though I admire his work as a director, producer, actor and writer but when I told him that Game (he was the dialogue writer and producer) was an aberration (since the dialogues were not that cool as one expects from Akhtar), he didn't turn sullen. In other words, he seems to be open to free debate-n-opinions and that's always encouraging for a journalist like me who'll never have any agenda while chatting up with celebrities.

Farhan spoke about the Don Comic Book. It'll be available in book stores and even at railway stations. And yes it will also be available in Hindi. I asked if there could be an online version considering Shahrukh has a huge fan base overseas and so does Farhan, Akhtar said that there may be a possibility of it. Farhan spoke on 'Junglee Billi' Priyanka. So, does Roma get to love Don? Finally. Ra.one has done exceptionally well overseas (estimated at Rs 60-70 crores), are they planning to have a wider release abroad especially in areas where Shahrukh's popularity is very high? Akhtar also spoke on his acting assignment 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'.

On sunday Nov 27, I was in Gurgaon for covering 'The Dirty Picture' promotions at Kingdom of Dreams. It was a thanda show. It is very obvious that after relentlessly promoting the film all over the country, the starcast is tired. I got to do one on ones with Vidya, Emraan and Tushar. All the one on ones were satisfying. Even Tushar. I couldn't resist asking him that having delivered a commendable and respectable performance like Shor In The City, shouldn't he desist from doing silly films like Hum Tum Aur Shabana. He agreed.

Here's the link to Vidya's interview

I met up with old friend Asif and his family who live in DLF, Gurgaon. It has been a while since I caught up with them. I have always been fond of Asif's mom. And Aunty as always treated me to aroma chai and nashta. Asif's 15 month old daughter Aania is a sweetheart. Kids always ooze such positive energy. I also got a taste of Dilli Ki Sardi. Divine :)

I also interviewed Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh yesterday. Ranveer is very warm and genuine. I've done some fun interviews with Anushka but this time I was meeting her with a preconceived notion as I've been reading all sorts of stories about her high handedness with journos. I posed my fear to Anushka during the course of the interview. She opened up and said that she is fine if her work is criticised but baseless speculative stories based on 'sources' is something that she doesn't like at all. I asked them about one of their co stars in the film, Parineeti Chopra, a PR executive who had been part of their marketing team during the promotions of 'Band Baaja Baraat'. Parineeti, incidentally is Priyanka Chopra's cousin. When she met me for the first time, she told me about her Priyanka connection but requested not to divulge. I kept my word till it was announced that she has taken the plunge as an actress and the world came to know about the Chopras. I always found Parineeti very pretty and sprightly during several interactions at YRF (though she needed to lose some weight, which I guess she must have once she turned an actress). And the people who've seen 'Ladies Vs Rickey Bahl' say that she has delivered a fine performance.

A friend from Sweden sent me a link of 'Oi Amma Oi Amma' a song from Jeetendra-Jaya Prada 1980s film 'Mawali'. He says the song sounds somewhat like 'Ooo Lala Ooo Lala' from 'The Dirty Picture'. I guess the 'inspiration' is true to some extent as well. What do you say?

We are coming up with Year End Special Feature Videos. Here are teasers of what we shall be offering to you guys:

Bollywood Hungama 2011 One On One

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Bollywood Hungama 2011 The Year That Was


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  4. ARE YOU SURE ABOUT DON 2?????????? I mean: did anyone from Excel or Reliance mention Italy about the European distribution????????
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