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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Haan Naaz Hai....A Song On My Wife Aarefa's Birthday

Hi There

Check out a new song 'Haan Naaz Hai' that has been written,composed
and sung by me. The music arrangements have been done by my good friend
Navneet Kedar. Hope you like it


Chai ke do cup
Subah ho gayi,
whats up
Smile mein koi raaz hai
Wah kya unique andaaz hai
Naaz Hai....Haan Naaz Hai
Naashte ka time hai
Mausam sublime hai
What to eat, what not to eat
That is the question
Or maybe
Not eat at all...
SMS ki khushboo se mobile mein hulchul hai
Sannaton ke shor mein
Saath tumhara har pal hai
Shaam ki kashti, raat kinara,
Sukoon patvaar hai
Mehnat tumhaari, khismat hamaari,
khushiyon ki bharmaar hai

Naaz Hai...Haan Naaz Hai

Chaand Zameen
Gehna hai aasma
There's an angel
Haseen usse samaa
This is not an illusion
This is my reality
I Am So Lucky

Naaz hai....Haan Naaz Hai....


  1. Shared the link in Italy too!!!


  2. Awww Thats soo sweet!! Wish her happy birthday from me and all the best!! I love your composition and any wife will love it! :D

  3. Thanks Margaret, Celeste and HR1326 :)

  4. WONDERFUL! aw, getting a song dedicated is one of the best feelings ever.
    I love the airy feel of this music and I could sense your smile through the song. :)
    Since Hindi is not my first language, I could only understand little fragments of it. Nonetheless, brilliant Faridoon!

  5. OMG Faridoon I didn't know that you sing ? WOW! You have a beautiful Voice!!!!!!

    I don´t understand Hindi :( but the song is amazing! Love it!!!!

  6. Hatz off bhaijan...gradually I am becoming fan of your total persona.Loved your voice and the tune.Really really "naaz hain" bro.
    Keep it up.

  7. Thanks Nikki, always good to hear from you and read your genuine comments...how r u Biaji? glad u liked the song...my pleasure anonymous...whats ur name?

  8. Superb Lyrics with gr8 feelings Faridoon sahab, If ever I want 2 Impress ny1 I shall use the 1st stanza, Kindly Permit me !! :) It was easier 2 get acquainted 2 ur creative side thru twitter nevertheless twitter nahi toh blogspot hi sahi !!

  9. Thanks Suyash...ya go ahead... jus pay me before hand :)


  10. Faridoon, very stressful work days, but I´m fine yes :) How are you ?

    Yes your Song is wonderful ♥ You are a very talented Singer!!!

  11. Hi Faridoon,

    I have long admired your work, the prep you do for each interview, the kind yet honest things you say to the interviewees and get them to talk.. the AMaazing quick summary of the conversation right there in the presence of the guests, your appreciation of poetry, (like when Dharamji quoted).. ..but this is the first poem of yours I read.. i am SO happy a HUman being like you is happy in marriage.. soft sweet poem!!

  12. So sweet Faridoon! Loved the melody, you know I don't understand hindi well, but what I did was very nice! You're very talented in so many ways. I bet your wife loved the song :) Hope she had a lovely birthday!
    All the best!

  13. Thanks Biaji, hope u keep doing good work and retain that positive spirit...touched by ur words anonymous

    good to hear from you Paula...thanks a lot ...hope u r doin well


  14. Hi Faridoon! How is it going? Wow! I have missed a lot of your blog post. Been so busy with work and travelling for classes. Just heard your song! Its wonderful, u have a unique voice! Like the lyrics too. Happy Belated Birthday to your wife! Hope you guys have a superb bday celebrations!
    p.s I still say u shud cut an album! hehe :P
    Have a great week!
    Lotsa Love

  15. All's well Priya...how've u been? glad u liked the song :)


  16. Yes sure Faridoon :) I love my work very much.

    I like your Song "Naseem e Soobh Ro Rahi Hai"

  17. what do you do Biaji?

    glad you like Naseem e soobh ro rahi hai...one of my fav songs as well, written by my dad

  18. Wow written by your dad, amazing. It´s very sad, I don´t understand hindi :(

    I´m an geriatric nurse. I help older people who cannot take care of themselves anymore. It's a tough, but rewarding profession. These people are very grateful.