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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bollywood On My Mind (April 22, 2011)

Interviewing Govinda is not an easy task at all. As we were about to start, an aide told him that he looked tired. The actor immediately went to the washroom to freshen up. Once he was back, he asked the cameraman who was manning the camera with his frame to shoot a tight close up and show him. One take, he felt he looked tired. Consequently, the light was shifted by a certain angle. Two more takes of the same shot and he was still not sure. I said, "Sir the moment you smile and laugh, you'll look as fresh as ever." My flattering remark worked and the interview started. Before we started, I asked if there were plans to be a Director (considering he directed us rather well). His answer was "No way".

I started the interview in Hindi since he is more comfortable in the language. Its important to understand the comfort zone of the celebrity that one is interviewing to get the best possible results. Govinda spoke on 'Naughty @40', why he still has the tag of 'doing vulgar stuff like Sarkaiye liyo khatiya' (Raja babu), he refused to accept that 'Ladki kahaan hai' line from Naughty @ 40 is in a way vulgar and demeaning to women. He kept on equating 'Virgin 40 year old man looking for love line'.

Govinda spoke on his long innings, the influence of his mom, what's happening with Partner 2, his equation with Salman Khan and does he have differences with his Partner, what's happening with 'Banda Ye Bindaas Hai' and 'Run Bhola Run'.

Director of Naughty@ 40 is Jagmohan Mundhra. Interesting man. Interesting Resume. He is an alumunus of IIT Bombay, has made erotic thrillers like 'Sexual Malice', 'Monsoon' etc and has also made films on social awarenss like 'Bawandar' and 'Provoked'. He also emphasised on the 'love' element in 'his film rather than lewdness. Mundhra also spoke about his ambitious project on Sonia Gandhi. He feels that Preity Zinta can make for a good Sonia Gandhi coz of the dimples. There's still no final word on the film.

There was an On Location of Salman Khan's 'Ready' in Mumbai today where the media shot scenes from the song 'Dhinka Chika'. The music release of the film is happening in Mumbai on April 25. I haven't seen 'Dum Maro Dum' or 'Zokkomon' yet. But hearing good things about Abhishek Bachchan's performance and apparently the second half of DMD is not working.


  1. I am amazed that Hindi movies here are promoted only in the major cities like LA etc. It makes me wonder if the powers at be think there is no one else around.
    I know Seattle Wash. has a sizable NRI population but not sure about where I live. That in itself tends to make my demographic theory plausible.
    Like field of dreams they make them hoping they will come. DMD is on one screen only here in Portland and that is on the westside in Beaverton *strange as it may sound* try Googleing that one. The same with MNIK it was a limited run here and I almost missed it.
    NetFlix here is very slow to respond to the variety of Hindi movies *unless I start buying them from Amazon* I'll never see half of them.
    So I am complaining to you. *hahaha*

  2. i guess, the number of prints of indian movies will gradually increase...there's already a substantial rise...