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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All My Tweets From Apsara Awards 2011

1) Jus reached the venue of Apsara Awards and seeing Shahrukh Khan rehearsing for his act on 'Ye Kaali Kaali Ankhen' from Baazigar

2) Twitpic of the stage of Apsara Awards http://twitpic.com/3p2kwd

3) Shahrukh and Anushka Sharma rehearsed 4 their respective performances...now the stage has lit up...

4) Nice music is playing here gelling perfectly with the pleasant breeze...let the fun begin :)

5) Stage luks glamor struck but jus adjacent 2 d venue there's an under constrction building where laborers r slogging it out.Quite a contrast!

6) Host for the evening Sajid Khan has come in a car...

7) The other host for the evening Vivek Oberoi has come on a cycle...

8) Tried laughing on Sajid's jokes but cudn't...now Vivek's jokes r competing with Khan...still no 1 is laughing

9) Apsara Award for Best Editing: Namrata Rao (Band Baaja Baaraat)

10) Apsara Award for Best Cinematographer:Sudeep Chatterji (Guzaarish),V Manikandan,Santosh Sivan (Raavan)

11) Apsara Award for Best Art Direction: Sonal Chawla,T B Avaid (Band Baaja Baraat)

12) Apsara Award for Best Sound:Pritam Das (Love Sex Aur Dhokha)

13) Apsara Award for Best Special Effects:Prime Focus (Guzaarish)

14) Apsara Award For Best Costume Designer:Niharika Khan (Band Baaja Baaraat)

15) Apsara Award for Best Re Recording: Tapas Naik (Raavan)

16) Sajid Khan is here in the avatar of Dolby Bindra..now this high octane stuff is FUNNY

17) Apsara Award for Best Non Fiction:Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

18) Priyanka Chopra will b performing shortly...

19) Priyanka in green gown n mouthing the lines from Saat Khoon Maaf...now Darling time...

20) Priyanka showing her moves in style...middle eastern feel 2 d ambience..fire n royal-navabiyat all around..

21) "This time I am going to drink his blood": the laughter n Priyanka signs off..

22) Now Anushka Sharma is hosting dressed in a black dress..

23) Anushka welcomes Rani Mukherji to give away debutante awards...

24) Apsara Award for Best Debut Female:Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg)

25) "Thank you Salman for giving us Sonakshi":Rani Mukherji

26) Apsara Award for Best Debut Male: Ranveer Singh (Band Baaja Baaraat)

27) Apsara Award for Best Debutante Director:Manish Sharma (Band Baaja Baaraat)

28) Now Gohar Khan is hosting the show...

29) Apsara Award for Best Lyrics: Gulzaar, Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji (Ishqiya)

30) Apsara Award for Best Music: Sajid Wajid (Dabangg)

31) Apsara Award for Best Female Singer:Mamta Sharma(Munni Badnaam),Sunidhi Chauhan (Sheila Ki Javaani)

32) Sajid Khan is back as host

33) Good to see Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the audience...

34) Apsara Award for Best Screenplay:Rajat Arora (OUATIM)

35) Apsara Award for Best Dialogue:Abhinav Kashyap,Dilip Shukla (Dabangg)

36) Apsara Award for Best Story: Anusha Rizvi (Peepli Live)

37) Apsara Award for Best Choreographer:Farah Khan for Sheila Ki Javaani (TMK)

38) Mr Bachchan has jus come in and everyone stood up to welcome him...

39) Apsara Award for Best Male Playback singer:Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 4 Tere Mast Mast Nain (Dabangg)

40) Now Anushka Sharma is comin 4m within d audience on top of a car dressed in white...Band Baaja Baarat time...

41) Anushka dancing to Dum Dum 4m BBB,switches 2 d superbly melodious Ainyavi Ainvayi...

42) Anushka changes dress 4 AA, its a purple kurta and white shalvaar...now goes in crowd n brings Akshay Kumar..

43) Now Akshay Kumar n Anushka dancing on stage...nice surprise to end it with...

44) Akshay Kumar showed a new promo of Patiala House to everyone present here...

45) Apsara Award for Special Honour 4 Films of 2009.Best Film: 3 Idiots

46) Apsara Award for Special Honour 4 films of 2009: Raju Hirani (3 Idiots)

47) Apsara Award for special honour 4 films of 2009.Best Actress:Vidya Balan (Paa)

48) Vidya thanks her "son for life Mr Amitabh Bachcha"

49) Apsara Award 4 special honor 4 best films of 2009.Best Actor: Amitabh Bachchan (Paa)

50) Standing ovation for Mr Bachchan...deservingly so...

51) Apsara Award for Best Supporting Actor: Arjun Rampal (Raajneeti)

52) Apsara Award for Best Supporting Actress: Prachi Desai (OUATIM)

53) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is here ...

54) Shahrukh Khan is performing next...Loud cheers here...

55) SRK comin from top in a circle..fire comin out of the circle...Ye Kaali Kaali Ankhen is playing loud now...

56) Dressed in black jacket and shades...crowd goin delirious..

57) SRK now dances to 'Koi Mil Gaya'...dance steps of KKHH remains the same...

58) Now SRK switches to Bhangra Paaley (Karan Arjun)...moves to Ishq Kamina...

59) SRK takes off the jacket and the shades n now its Chaiyya Chaiyya..same dance steps..

60) Now its Mhendi Laga Ke Rakhna (DDLJ) that SRK swaya to.n now Chalak Chalak (Devdas)

61) Its time 4 SRK to sway to Shaava Shaava, n thn 'That's The Way Mahi Way'

62) 'Haule Haule' time for SRK, and then 'Tumse milke dil ka hai ye haal (Main Hoon Na)

63) Chak De note n then 'Maoin Hoon Don' (the shades r on again)...followed by 'Deewangi'(OSO)

64) Fire works...posters of various SRK films in the backdrop..loud cheers as the act comes to an end...

65) Apsara Award for Cinematic Excellence: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Guzaarish)

66) "Sanjay Bhansali u r the best": Aishwarya

67) "I dedicate this award to the entire team of Guzaarish":Aishwarya

68) Apsara Award for Cinematic Excellence:Hrithik Roshan (Guzaarish)

69) Apsara Award for excellence in direction:Sanjay Leela Bhansali

70) Apsara Award for best actor in a comic role: Paresh Rawal (Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge)

71) Apsara Award for best actor in a negative role:Sonu Sood (Dabangg)

72) Sonu Sood is crying..remembering his mom who's no more...


And the Apsara Awards Live Reporting by our beloved @Faridoon_S continues.. So thankful to him for his concern for the janta janardhan :)

74) Bobby,Sunny,Kulraj Randhwa and Dharam ji on stage now...

75) Apsara:Hindustan Times Reader's Choice Award for best entertainer of the year Female:Katrina Kaif

76) Hindustan Times Reader's Choice Entertainer of the year Male: Shahrukh Khan

77) "MNIK has taught me to be a better human being":SRK

78) "Dharam ji's hands reminded me of my dad": SRK

79) "For 20 yrs Dharam ji no one has messed with me":SRK

80) Now Govinda is starting a performance based on Dharam ji's songs...

81) Apsara Award for Lifetime Achievement: Dharmendra

82) Apsara Award for Best Director: Karan Johar (MNIK)

83) Karan Johar dedicates his award to his mom,yash chopra ji n his dad yash johar ji

84) Apsara Award for Best Actor in a leading role: Salman Khan (Dabangg)

85) Salman is not present, Arbaaz,Sohail n Sonakshi take the award..

86) "Its shocking that so many yrs hav passed by n salman has never won an award":Arbaaz

87) Apsara Award for Best actress in a leading role:Vidya(Ishqiya),Anushka(BBB)

88) Shahrukh makes vidya and anushka to kiss him on each cheek...

89) "Thank u for making me take this award from heartthrob actor": Vidya Balan

90) Apsara Award for Best Film: Dabangg

91) Arbaaz Khan dedicates best film award to his dad Salim Khan

92) @omgitzlinaa: @Faridoon_S Thx 4 the live updates 4 the Apsara Awards! Very fast & thorough, no 1 cud haf dun better,u did a wonderful job

93) @aoa89: @Faridoon_S Sir u were grt today......i bet nobody can be like u...u r so fast & the best in live coverage....stay blessed always

94) @ajay_bhatt84 said:

@Faridoon_S you should go for the guinness book of world records for fastest typing, I feel the keys of your phone man, thank you so much for all the wonderful updates about 'Apsara'.Thank You.


  1. While the Dabangg role of Salman is good it cannot be compared to SRK's role in MNIK or Hrithiks role in Guzzarish. Both were difficult roles to play My choice is SRK in MNIK because its a character role.

  2. thnx buddy
    it was great
    u didnt miss ny single thing
    thnx alot