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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tweets Of SRK's Wipeout Press Conference

1) SRK Press Conference to announce new TV show 2day at 11 am..I'll b there...

2) SRK will b hosting the Indian version of Reality show 'Wipeout' on NDTV Imagine

3) A few contestants of SRK's TV show: Dimpy Mahajan (Rahul Mahajan's wife),Akashadeep,Raja Choduhry,Claudia Ciesla

4) Title of SRK's TV show: Zor Ka Jhatka Total Wipeout

5) The total prize money at stake in Wipeout is Rs 1.5 cr.Winner of the finale takes Rs 50 lac

6) 16 episodes, 30 contestants, 4 weeks, starts Jan end 2011

7) Promo of wipeout has SRK's take on Fauji, KBC, Paathshala...

8) SRK on stage, black jacket, black trouser, white shirt and shades..

9) "Main humility sirf aise hi dikhata hoon press cons mein, main itna humble hoon nahin":SRK

10) SRK is giving awesome quotes n u'll see them being discussed all day on TV today...

11) "Main bedroom ka badshah hoon": SRK

12) "We r performers n our job is to entertain":SRK

13) "The only thing I know is to act and entertain people":SRK

14) "Main bedroom ka badshah hoon": SRK

15) "Competition jab tak healthy hai to achcha hai":SRK

16) "I work very hard n I work harder every year":SRK

17) "Its a sweetly nasty show":SRK

18) "Mere to dushman hain hi nahin":SRK

19) Now sings 'Khambe jaisi khadi hai' as a girl askin q finally stands up n asks...instead of sitting

20) "Entertainment ke naam par badtameezi,ghatiyapan rok saken...":SRK

21) "Asli life mein main shy, reclusive hoon...":SRK

22) SRK spks on Salman-Farah question asked during koffee with karan..

23) SRK speaks on Dhaka concert controversy n says "I am sorry if I've hurt anyone's sentiments"

24) "I'd love Madhuri Dixit to do a guest appearance in my film":SRK

25) SRK says he's been talkin to chetan bhagat,sajid n on two states film.but everything is not finalised yet.vishal is the director.

26) Twitpic of Shahrukh Khan at the Wipeout Press Con a short while back http://twitpic.com/3gojiw

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