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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Underrated Actors In Bollywood

An underrated actor is someone who despite having immense potential and in spite of having proved himself again and again, hasn’t really got his due share of recognition or prominence. He need not merely be fitting into the proverbial ‘Hero’ category in Bollywood. He can also be a character actor who makes a difference to a movie. I asked my followers to give their choice for whom they feel has to be the most underrated actor in Bollywood. A few of the options given by me were Akshay Khanna, Shiney Ahuja, Kay Kay Menon, Deepak Dobriyal, Rahul Bose, Ranveer Shourie,Vinay Pathak,Irrfan Khan,Raghuveer Yadav,Vijay Raaz,Rajat Kapoor,Aftab Shivdasani, Abhay Deol and Manu Rishi.

In the answers that I received, Ajay Devgn’s name prominently featured as many fans feel that he hasn’t got the due attention from Media the way the Khans have. And yes it seems Akshaye Khanna is a clear favourite for being the most underrated actor that we have in Bollywood. Take a look at the various view points. And yes, we shall do the Blog post for Most Underrated Actress in Bollywood soon.


@Faridoon_S akshaye khanna: most underrated

2) with_an_idea

@Faridoon_S Akshay Khanna hands down- the guy can pull off any role with aplomb and Vivek Oberoi, though he's getting appreciated slowly.

3) AkshayaaGirl13

@Faridoon_S AkshayeKhanna is the most underrated actor! Period! :)

4) zainsul

@Faridoon_S Akshaye Khanna......his performances in race and gandhi my father are simply awesome. sadly he never got due credit for them.

5) Sunny_bca

@Faridoon_S I think sharman,
rahul nd akshay kh are very great actor but the x factor which gives huge stardom is missing

6) Fatemeh__

@Faridoon_S Akshay Khanna

7) milena0405

@Faridoon_S Siddharth! he is a superstar in tollywood but why he cant get a foothold in bollywood!! he is definitely an underrated actor:(

8) francyy9

@Faridoon_S most underrated actor is Bobby Deol. he's brilliant actor.someone who doesn't use his family background 2 being part of industry

9) NitishV89


10) milena0405

@Faridoon_S my fav Kunal Kapoor!! the guy is brilliant and totally unique, but he its an underrated actor! pls give him a lead role soon!

11) rube80

@Faridoon_S I feel a lot of the names u mentioned aren't quite underrated! I mean KayKay,RahulBose,IrrfanKhan and few others u mentioned might not b household names but they r truly know as very very good actors in the industry, so can we really call them underrated? Perhaps under appreciated:) When I think of underrated... Sharman Joshi pops into my mind!

12) radhiah94

@Faridoon_S Sharman Joshi is one of the underrated actor!! he's brilliant actor but can't find his place yet in the industry!!

13) ajaydevgnfan

@Faridoon_S hi sir i think ajay devgn is the most underrated actor of bolliwood,boz after giving so many hits

14) iamAminah786

@Faridoon_S how abt manoj bajpai?

15) Mini163

@Faridoon_S most underrated actor has 2 be Akshaye k, he's always natural 2 da core but has never received da recognition he deserves

16) shaibee0210

@Faridoon_S i think rahul bose

17) loveajaydevgn

@Faridoon_S ajay devgn giving so many hits from beigning of the carier to till now,but media not requnised him like khans.

18) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S yes and kay kay menon he was too good in shaurya

19) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S mostttttttttttttt underratedddd = Akshaye Khanna

20) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S mostly all the comedy actors u see in smaller roles, like rajpal n paresh, are underated they act better than main stream heroes

21) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S irfan khan

22) Sweeet_bird

@Faridoon_S emraan hashmi is the most under rated actor in bollywood.

23) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S Abhishek Bachche, he is the most unlucky actor, and probably not very good at choosing movies !!

24) jaibishnoi1

@Faridoon_S Neil N Mukesh. No one mentions his nme wen tey tok bout nwcomrs, i feel actng wise and versatility wise he is better of the lot

25) vikas_ajwani

@Faridoon_S Kay Kay Menon

26) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S arshad warsi.

27) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S oh yes also emraan hashmi(all are only talking about kisses) but he can also act very good

28) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S irfaan khan and vivek oberoi

29) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S also ajay devgan. he is such a good actor. but still not treated like big names like srk hrithik etc

30) Cursed_n_broken

@Faridoon_S Sharman joshi is also largely ignored! am glad he's bagged that Ferari film

31) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S akshaye khanna(my fav)

32) Cursed_n_broken

@Faridoon_S But i do think Abhay Deol is underrated as an actor! Arjun Mathur too!

33) bollywoodmariam

@Faridoon_S sanjay suri sharman joshi

34) Cursed_n_broken

@Faridoon_S i think Ajay Devgan is under-rated. Everyone keeps talking bout the Khans, when Ajay is more versatile!! and has big hits 2

35) nurainfarizan

@Faridoon_S Bobby Deol is another underrated actor. Good-looking, can definitely act but acting career never really happened.

36) adityakatweet

@Faridoon_S abhay deol.

37) HinaSsemeen

@Faridoon_S GOSH there r so many underrated actors,which 1 to pick.Akshaye Khanna is really a good actor sad his movies didnt get recognised

38) basma_candy

@Faridoon_S harman bhaweja

39) BubbleFail

@Faridoon_S Abhay Deol got to be the most underrated one.I think he's currently the most talented Actor out there and he is different

40) srishtiuniverse

@Faridoon_S Jimmi shergil

41) HugeHrithikfan1

@Faridoon_S akshay khanna cos he is a very gud actor who has made sum very gud films he is one of my favs btw reply 2 me once u read it

42) sibtain_r2009

@Faridoon_S I think @vivek_oberoi as well. He is such an amazing actor yet, for some reason, he is underrated. He is a very talented actor

43) cool_sids

@Faridoon_S salman khan is d most under rated actor.rishi kapoor also said it on koffe with karan.people think him as huge star but hes actr

44) pari_khanna

@Faridoon_S Rahul Khanna. The man has done only a few movies but he is so good looking and extremely poised.

45) HugeHrithikfan1

@Faridoon_S akshay khanna

46) nurainfarizan

@Faridoon_S Otherwise, Akshaye Khanna is a great talent too.

47) enstacy

@Faridoon_S Rahul Khanna!

48) nurainfarizan

@Faridoon_S Underrated star actor - Salman Khan. He's given amazing performances, but ppl constantly choose to undermine his acting skills.


@Faridoon_S vijay raaz , Kay Kay menon n Rahul bose

50) Timor21

@Faridoon_S I think Akshaye Khanna is most underrated actor in bollywood ,he done very well so far

51) gauravrai

@Faridoon_S ajay devgn is the most underrated actor ... even after giving good performances still not considered as bigger star as khans

52) vishunutty

@Faridoon_S Vinay Pathak n Irfaan khan..

53) BubbleFail

@Faridoon_S Ooh Aftab Shivdasani too, of course!! as well as Irrfan Khan

54) NiTiSHmurthy

@Faridoon_S Vinay Pathak, Irrfan Khan, Rajat kapoor

55) himanshi_8

@Faridoon_S Akshay Khanna for sure hasn't got his due ...one of the most talented actors

56) Maanav_Mehta

@Faridoon_S i think most underrated has to be abhay deol

57) Danabolly

@Faridoon_S Vinay Pathak

58) Zubairkhn

@Faridoon_S Akshaye Khanna is a great actor sad that he is under rated waiting to see his film No Problem

59) nachiket_t

@Faridoon_S Akshaye khanna

60) karinasood

@Faridoon_S Akshaye khanna and Kay Kay definitely

61) BubbleFail

@Faridoon_S Akshaye Khanna and Kay Kay Menon

62) NiTiSHmurthy

@Faridoon_S I'd say Rahul Bose & Kay Kay Menon

63) priya64 said:
@Faridoon_S hiya faridoon! how is it going? hope u r having a lovely sunday with the family, to answer ur qs regarding the most underrated actor i gotta say its def akshaye khanna, his performances in movies such as DCH, Hungama, n even as a villain in humraaz n race was superb. He is one talented underrated actor for sure n not been doing many movies lately, still gotta watch Aakrosh n No problem is looking to be one funny movie!

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