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Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Interview With Me By Nikki (@cadburylove)

Here's an interview with me conducted by Nikki (@cadburylove)

Faridoon Shahryar can lay the claim to being India’s most respected journalist. He has been on the spot for dozens of Bollywood events whether its premiers, parties, and always giving us instant feedback and keeping us uptodate. He believes in bridging the distance between fans and celebrities and devotes his time to the fans, making him perhaps one of the most loved person on twitter. He’s a celebrity, a poet, a singer and a superstar in many of our eyes. Here’s a warm welcome to Faridoon Shahryar.

Welcome Faridoon! It’s a pleasure to have you.
Thanks Nikki

1) Starting with the basis – what is the difference between ethics and moral in journalism? Has a situation ever arised during an interview where there was a ethical/moral conflict?

I would believe ethics and morals are the same thing. There hasn't been a conflict really but different people react to certain questions differently so in retrospect, at times I feel that maybe I shouldn't have asked this question or maybe could have probed more. One is learning all the time.

2) What is your favourite part of your job?

Meeting interesting people, new movies, challenge of remaining up to date with what's happening in the film world

3) Recently, we all discovered your hidden talent – you’re an incredible singer. Any plans of recording your own album?

As of now no, its more of a hobby and I am happy to let it remain that.

4) While we’re at that subject, what about your poems? You’ve managed to capture what no writer has ever before. When did you start writing poetry?

Thanks Nikki. I started writing poetry when i was very young, maybe 10-11.

5) Many fans have said that you should start a compilation of your poetry and have it publish .. and I agree. Is there a chance that could happen in the near future or are you planning to keep it as a hobby?

I would like to come out with a compilation. I've been widely published both in India as well as abroad. Writing poetry is definitely not a hobby. I am good at it and would like to reach out to many more people.

6) Which actor/actress haven’t you got the chance to interview yet, but would like to in the future?

In the younger lot, I've interviewed everyone, would love to interview some legends like Dilip Kumar sb, Shammi Kapoor ji, Shashi Kapoor ji etc

Following Faridoon’s footsteps of bridging the gap, here are some of your questions!


7) Were you inclined to be a journalist or did it happen by chance in your life?

I guess i was always inclined towards journalism. I've had this habbit of reading newspapers since school. It's a ritual without which my day is not complete. I used to write letters to the editors in newspapers during school and college. So the inclination has always been there.

8) I am an ardent fan of urs n so are lot of ppl on twitter.. How do u stay grounded wen u receive such immense adulation?

Thanks Rhea. Twitter has been a greatly humbling experience. Maybe the adulation inspires me more to keep giving exclusive information to people who follow me on twitter. At the end of the day I am basically being followed because of the Bollywood based info that I provide.


9) One thing you cherish the most in your life and why?

My daughter Insha. She is delightful and yet naughty. The kind of happiness I get merely seeing her grow can't be described in words.

10) You have met so many celebrities in your life, you are great journalist, life is great and smooth - is that what you wanted with life? Or is there something which you want to do and achieve yet in life?

When I was doing my Post Graduate course in journalism from The Times Of India, we were given a lecture by novelist Arundhati Roy (God of small things). I asked her if she had planned it this way and if she had thought that she would be awarded the Booker. She looked at me mischievously and said she had planned every second of her life. And then she broke into a laughter and said, she hasn't planned anything, things just happened. I would believe that's the story of everyone's life. My endeavour is pursuit of excellence, to just keep getting better at what I do. And I want to enjoy my life and be happy with people who matter around me. That's very important for me.


11) What's your opinion about the film award system in India? Aren't there just too many? Should there be more people's or more critics' choices?

It's very difficult to have a fool proof way of giving awards honestly. Even the critics you think are honest have their likes and dislikes, their favourites and stars whom they dislike for various reasons. I've always believed, award shows are television shows that offer good entertainment but take the awards with a pinch of salt and 'availability' of big stars who attend the award functions.

12) According to your personal choice of Hindi movies, can you select your favorite decade?

Its practically not possible. Every decade has its share of good films.


13) As everyone of us, I'm sure you are a fan of some star too(don't worry, no confessions expected here...we dont want to get you into trouble :P). While interviewing your favourite star(s) how have you managed to strike a balance between fanship & professional enthusiasm?

I wouldn't say I am a fan of a particular star. But yes everyone has their likes and dislikes. If I like a certain star maybe because of the personal equation then I tend to be extra cautious in being as objective as possible. The fact that I have an equation with that star, even he/she knows that I am not asking gossipy incorrect stuff and wouldn't be presenting the final edit in a fictitious way.

14) What according to you are the Top 3 interviews that you had the most fun interviewing?

There are many. Honestly, its not easy to pick. But yes Pooja Bhatt's interview on SRK/Shiv Sena issue, Aamir Khan's interview in 2009 on his birthday, Salman Khan's interview for Wanted, Priyanka Chopra's interview on her birthday in 2010, recent interview with Sonu Nigam, Shahid Kapoor's interview for Kaminey, Ram Gopal Verma's interview for Rakta Charitra, all of Sajid Khan's interviews as he gives you juicy bytes, Raju Hirani, Shantanu Moitra, Swanand Kirkire's interview for music of 3 Idiots and quite a few more.

15) Based on your interviewing experience, describe in 1-5 words an observed good quality about the following stars that helped for a comfortable & smooth-flowing interview :-

Amitabh Bachchan: Humble, kind, articulate, a sheer pleasure

Hrithik: Brilliant, honest, doesn't try to please

SRK: Gives respect,listens well,speaks beautifully

Aamir Khan:Thinks before answering,very easy to get along,doesn't behave like a star

Salman Khan:Reacts to your vibes,friendly if he likes you

Shahid Kapoor:If he trusts u he's for u,is funny and friendly

Ranbir Kapoor:Polite, humble, articulate, grounded

Imran Khan:Funny, articulate

Priyanka Chopra:Great fun,positive vibes,easily approachable,warm person

Kareena Kapoor:Can be very innocent and simple

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Makes you at ease, articulate, good fun

Deepika Padukone: Good sense of humour, precision in answers

Anushka Sharma: Talks fast, confident, friendly

Sonam Kapoor: Articulate,poised,clarity of thought

Thank you so much for taking your time out for this interview. Appreciate it. :)

Thank you Nikki. It was really nice answering all these questions. Cheers!

As we wrap up, here’s a treat for you. Faridoon’s latest poem – Pastel Life

There's something about life
Addictive and contagious

Future draped in pastel
Couragiously saunters
Through the
Matrix of thoughts
Inviting and igniting

There's something about life
Mischievous and tolerant

I smirked at the
Trouble fugitive
Preferring to stay away
From the dungeons of despair
Lighting a torch of smiles
Across thousands of miles

There's something about life
Affectionate and understanding

With a little help
From known strangers
One gets by
And feign happiness
When none exists
For gloominess sucks
And is seldom social

There's something about life
With many faces to see through it all...

Well thats it folks. Take care & Keep smiling! It’s Nikki (@Cadburylove) signing off. (:

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