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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Diary of India By The Nile 2016, Egypt: Day 2

Diary of #IndiaByTheNile festival 2016: Day 2
By Faridoon Shahryar

Reading the magnificent poetry of #FaizAhmadFaiz on a laid back bus journey to #Alexandria was a fascinating experience. The lyricism, the enormous depth and a poignant mirror to life's uncomfortable realities makes Faiz an artiste beyond compare.

Once we reached Alexandria, the gigantic Alexandria Library was our first stop. One of the guides, Hasan Ahmad expertly explained the history behind the library. What I liked about him was the flawless manner in which he spoke English. It is very apparent that maximum people that I've come in contact with in Egypt, they have a problem with communicating in English. I asked Hasan about this and he said that Egyptians generally communicate in Arabic. He agreed that there ought to be more practical usage of English since it is easy to communicate that ways. I was very impressed with the articulate manner in which Hasan spoke and then he had a nice sense of humour which made the manner in which he explained the details interesting.

We went to the Citadel after that. It was the famous Light House of the past and now an imposing Citadel. At the top of the citadel, the panoramic view of the skyline and the ebullient waves of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea created an image that will remain etched in my mind for ever! While coming back, I once again read Faiz and discussed Manto with a few media friends. It was an enriching experience. I'd end today's diary with a Nazm by Faiz

Jab teri samandar aankhon mein

Ye dhoop kinara shaam dhale
Milte hain dono waqt jahan
Jo raat na din, jo aaj na kal
Pal bhar ko Amar, pal bhar mein dhuaan
Is dhoop kinaare pal do pal
Honton ki lapak
Baahon ki khanak
Yeh mail hamaara jhooth na sach
Kyun raaz karo, kyun dosh dharo
Kis kaaran jhoothi baat karo
Jab teri samandar aankhon mein
Is Shaam ka Sooraj doobega
Sukh soyenge oar dar waale
Aur raahi apni raah lega

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