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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Investing in Smiles

Investing in Smiles
A Poem by Faridoon Shahryar

I've lived in the dark forest
Of despair
Where the cold blooded animals
Revel in manifesting
Their ruthless temerity
To surprise you
With new ways of
Spilling blood and then
Walking away from the scene
As if nothing happened.
I started being on the lookout
For new assault,
Each day
Maybe I was getting a
Vicarious pleasure,
Somehow I became
A part of the violence
Painting a smudged picture
Smeared in tears.
Why don't I try
The unobvious
Peddling hope
In the heart lamps
Low on fuel;
Why shouldn't I
Try to invest in smiles
After all
We are sum total of our Surroundings;
Laughter may
Beget more laughter
Grass is greener
On the side of happiness
Let's stop proving a point
Let's start a new way
As we welcome a new day
Let me try and change
My Path
No it's not an escape
Maybe it's the way to
Retain hope
That yes
Life goes on
And so should we....

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