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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Open Letter To Shah Rukh Khan: "Please don't give up"

Open Letter to Shah Rukh Khan: "Please don't give up. Your silence is a big loss for the world"
I get emails from many people from all across the world. Many want me to send their messages or gifts to their favourite stars. I don't respond to such emails as I am a Journalist, not a messenger. Some mails touch me deeply. The mail that I've received today from Bahar Rashidian from Tehran, Iran, a 28 year old Computer Engineer has deeply moved me. We've heard about Iranian love for movies. I had a first hand experience of it today as Bahar seems to have a deep understanding of movies. So in this post, you can read Bahar's email to me and then her Open Letter to Mr Shah Rukh Khan

Dear Mr.Shahryar
Sometime it is strange how people get their first impression from each other. The first time I got to see you were through your interview with Katrina Kaif for movie New York. I was in college and one of my friend gave me DVD with movie and the interview and she suggested to watch it and her reason to encouraging me was "believe me Bahar it doesn't have even one of that stupid dancing and singing, it is realistic move"( she didn't and doesn't know that sometimes watching that dancing and singing is my guilty pleasure)  for some reasons in urban society of Iran watching Hindi movies isn't something you can be proud of.
the first thing that I notice about you was your name at first I thought you were Iranian because فریدون is Persian name as well as شهریار your first name with this spelling Freydun is the name of an Iranian mythical king and hero but there was something else about you interview . I am from very filmi family I have watched movies from all over the world since I was six so I think I know one or two things about the cinema.
You have talked with all of the these superstars from your country but you are always so honest, normal and humble without being either star-struck or rude and aggressive like many other journalist that I see even in my country and I respect you a lot because of these qualities but these aren't reason I decided to write you a letter.
I have never been a person who would be fascinated by actor so much to read most of their interview and following their film (there is only two exceptions James Dean & Leonardo DiCaprio) but I have to confess there is something fascinating about Mr.Shahrukh Khan as an actor and an individual. (I will explain this in my letter)
I have these hobbit to check entertainments website once or twice a week so I knew that there is movie with Mr.Khan & Kajol but a few weeks ago I saw article about intolerance in India in yahoo maktob and I was curious so I checked few web sites and I was shocked but living in Iran I'm using to be in shocked and life is go on until the movie was released and oh my god. I can believe the commend I read on the sites or reactions but the worst one was one of the Mr.Khan interview I watched on YouTube ( his interviews have always been my favorite not just because he has unique sense of humor or witty answers but because there are a lot to learn this inspiring man when he speaks)he said he is sad and heartbroken but he decided to not talk about ant thing more than his work not because he is afraid because he did not see reason to clarified his love for his country to some people who even did not read his interview but the sad part for me as his fan was the part he said his silent bothers him because in all of these years he learned and experienced so much that he wanted to share with everyone but now that anything that he says misinterpreted he prefer to just do his work
If even one week ago someone told me you would write an email for some reporter about Mr.Khan, I would laugh so hard and probably called him crazy but sometime you think you have to do something even it doesn't reach to any place.
So I am here seating in my room in Tehran after reading so much about your country which is one of my favorite place in the world with magical aura and asking you that if somehow you can reach my story somehow to Mr.Shahrukh Khan(a letter attached to this email ) but I completely understand if you can't or if you won't; there are probably millions emails or letters just like this but for me this is just once and this is something I have never done and probably never do but I trust you to do the best because in all these chaos you were the only reporter who were brave to stand by truth.
P.S.I have not watch Dilwale for obvious reason (in Iran we can't watch these movie in theater) so I don't know it is good or bad or average as movie but this is not about movie
P.P.S I am 28 girl and computer engineer (in case you want to know which kind of person writing this email to you)
Best Regards
Bahar Rashidian
By Bahar Rashidian
Dear MrKhan
I know there are more than million fans and people who send you messages and gifts and letter Oct. Honestly, I don't think that you would ever read this, but something in my guts tells me I should do it so  like to imagine that by some miracle you read this letter.
I came from family that watching movies and reading book was AT the same level of priority as having dinner mostly because of my mother who was a teacher. When I was a kid having a VHS player was against a law, but we had one and at the weekend my father rented movies from some guy who worked illegally and all the family used to gather at our house. My favorite ones were westerns. My first memory of Hindi movie was one that even now I can't forget it was about a beautiful girl in a village whom a half of her face was burn she used to sit beside a lake and one day a wealthy and handsome boy from the city saw her and the rest I can't remember but it was like a fairy tale. There were two more one Amar Akbar Antony and of course Sholay, I hated Sholay because my favorite hero got killed at the end and left the heroine. (For some unknown reasons, most people in Tehran known Mr. Bachchan for years as Vijay). I was about 9 years old when I first watched your movie and I remember just four things from that movie your big nose, your intense eyes, I liked you so you were my hero and you got killed as a kid, I live with my heroes including Alain Delon,James Dean,Vijay and you why all of you had to get killed. I know how silly it sounds right now.
The time passed, I was in secondary school and Iran was going through a bad phase just like now it was after the war with Iraq. There were so limitations. We had to wear only black dress and scarf for school there was not any color or music in our school or TV. One night my mom putt a movie on player for me and the magic began I watched that movie 10 times just in a week without subtitle but I was enchanted and I was happy . There were color, light, music, laugh. People could laugh and cry without fear of judgment and god I loved the dresses .The name of the movie was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and my new hero was Kajol. I loved everything about her. It took 2 years for me to have a version with the subtitle it was the start of a new period in my life escaping from reality my real life had become so hard that as a teenager, I preferred an exaggerated fantasy and happy endings of your movies it had become a temporary healing system ,but like everything in life, it had to be finished  with me growing up I had to back to real life as a mature person although I was always missing that magic but because books and movies are inseparable parts of me I could not stop enjoying them but Bollywood was not my cup of tea any more
I started college and my now my favourate dirctot were Nolan and Fincher and Farhadi when one of my roommates gave me very respected magazine in Iran Donyaye Tasveer and I started reading and part of magazine belonged to your biography and translation of one of your interviews, I started out of curiosity and 30 minutes later I was stunned and proud to somehow know even a little about this wonderful man(maybe you think I am biased or obsessed fan but I assure I am not) and after that I was and I am a huge fan of Mr. Shahrukh Khan as an artist as an achiever and most importantly as a human. I enjoy watching most of your movies ( I confess I have not any intrested in some of your movies like Happy new year) and I am huge fan of your pairing with Kajol even if it would be your 50th film togethere just like many others in Iran I love to watch you two together and I don't even care what the movie is about ( see how cheep our taste could be) but neither of these are the purpose of this letter.
Mr Khan in Farsi Shahrukh means a man with a face of a king and it is a powerful name that suits you . During all these years as a twenty something girl more than following your movies I follow your interview or the documents which based on your life, not because I want to know about your personal life because you have so much valuable experience to share with us you are full of life and passion and love that it is beyond inspiring.I can see in your eyes that after so much achievement you are as eager as some newcomer and you are so humble and down to earth regardless of your achievement.I saw after winning so many awards if you win an award you would hold it like it is the most valuable things in the world and like it is your first time.
Sometimes it seems to me that even you don't know how much others can learn from you and I don't mean in the entertainment industry. Let me not bother you more and make it short,I live in a society with so much pressure and stress and negative atmosphere even with my closest friend and family that reaching my simplest dream is like thinking about impossible .Unfortunately,my county is so isolated and our  people are lost even my family is trapped by the daily routine of these lifestyle, but did you know some dark days that I thought I trapped in this loop what happened? I saw or read one of your interview I saw how motivated you were in start of your career and without any backup system and you were succeed, then I know that even if I have just 1% chance to reach my dream I owe it to myself to try harder for what I want and for some strange reason you feel familiar and closer to my heart rather than Bill Gates or Steve Jobes.
So imagine how much I was heartbroken and sad when I watched an interview your interviews have always been my favorite not just because you have unique sense of humor or witty answers but because there are a lot to learn  you said you are sad and heartbroken but you decided to not talk about anything more than your work not because you are afraid because you do not not see any reason to clarified your love for your country to some people who even did not read your interview but the sad part for me as your fan was the part that you said your silent bothers you because in all of these years you have learned and experienced so much that you wanted to share with everyone but now that anything that you says misinterpreted you prefer to just do his work .
I am not Indian but I believe you makes India proud by your works and and you inspire any person that there is more of you want. I am proud to know just small part of this man as a fan.
One last request please don't give up up us. Your silence is a big loss for world and Sometimes your positive energy are closer to us than negative energy of our city .you are a big role model as a human ( not that you are not great actor).
Best Regard
P.S. So sad that I cant watch Dilwale in Iran .(I missed seeing you and Kajol together and I have seen all your 6 films together )

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