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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Is Your Favourite Star And Why?

It was a great experience reading the responses of fans of various Bollywood stars. The innocence, the eagerness to reach out to their favourite stars and the difference these stars make in the lives of fans across the globe is truly touching. Many of the fans are not Indians or Asians. They don't understand the language yet they love Bollywood movies. It is nothing short of Amazement. I have tried to include several comments of many of you. I haven't edited or made your answers short. I have kept it exactly the way it was without editing out anything. I am sure it conveys the feelings in a much better manner. If your comments about your favourite stars is not here then don't worry, will try and do this debate in future as well. Hope you guys enjoy reading. It's LONG. But great fun! Thanks for sharing...

1) @deepikalove86 said:

I'm a Deepika fan because she comes accross as such a sweet and simple person, and is someone who just wants to do her best. As an actress, shes improving with every film. She wants to be known as an actress as well as a star. She couldve done more commercial films instead of KCK or LP, but she chooses to challenge herself. She has such a graceful charm and dances so well. I love how dedicated DP is about her work. She didnt let her breakup or any linkups affect her and has ALL the qualities to be #1! My fav DP performance so far is LAK. The way she played Meera was FAB. Her eyes speak volumes. I LOVE how sensitively she played Meera. In a recent interview Imran said Deepika is the hardest worker he knows and comes on set with just one goal, to do the best job she can. No tantrums, and those are the kind of ppl he respects. That made me very proud. :) Also directorsl like Ashutosh, Imitaz and Vishal B have casted DP, proving that she definately has talent. I also love how DP can be this hot diva act in HF and do a Pinky in LP which proves she is a star and good actress. DP the person through he interviews seems to be a very polite and correct person. She doesnt give those remarks like certain stars (guess who :p) and isnt overconfident. I dislike how everyone has this false illusion abt DP being this reserved person who is snobby. I think DP takes her time to open up infront of others but once shes comfortable she can be very funloving. (Referring to BKB pics on twitter). I think DP has handled herself very well and always maintained a dignified silence when being gruelled by media during her breakup with Ranbir. In just 3 yrs shes counted as one of the top actresses in bwood, which is FANTASTIC. As Farah Khan said on her show "yeh ek ladki has jhisko lumbhai bhagwaan ne deh, lekhn ucchai uno ne khud kaami". I think DP will go very very far in bwood :) I think not even 10% of her true talent has been shown and hope it is soon. :) Meera was just so awesome in LAK! I think I should stop tweet u know :) I speak too much when it comes to Deepika.. hehe :)

2) @abkool89 said:
HI FARI..........i wud like 2 tell u that i am a hard core die-hard fan of THE ONE AND ONLY "BEBO" aka the bestesttttt girl "KAREENA KAPOOR".....i respect her, admire her, love her,adore her......thats why i am such a huge fan and a well wisher.......she is such a humble and down-2-earth person, so passionate abt her work..........her love and sweetness 2wards her fans is just so admirable.......i myself have had the privelege 2 see her twice.....she was just sooooo sweet 2 me and the wonderful smile that she gave me was like HEAVEN on EARTH.....and shes just sooooooooo mesmerisingly BEAUTIFUL........WOWWWWWWW.......i will always rem that and the autograph that she gave me and all those memorable moments of the 2 bestest days of my life i will forever cherish.........i just love her Style....her dressing style is just Wowwwww...a true fasionista and a style icon.......SHE's just soooooo honest and straightfwd.......just love her attitude.........shes soooooo sweet and cute.....BEBO roxxxxxxxx...........she's just soooooooo caring 2wards her near and dear ones.......a gr8 human being in every repect.......just adore her......BEBO roxxxxxx:-):-):-)
As an actress she's just awesmly wonderfully brilliant......no words 2 describe her acting potential.....supertalented.....after all acting is in her genes yaar........she's just soooo spontaneous as soooo many of her dir have said and can play any role with effortless ease........she's gifted in this aspect....she's just one of the most versatile actresses we have ever had....she has attempted every genre from comedy(GR,hulchul,JWM,G3) 2 art house cinema(Chameli,Dev) 2 ROMANCE (JWM,MKKH and many more) 2 action (Tashan,ASOKA) 2 historical cinema(ASOKA)2 serious cinema(kurbaan,Omkara) 2 drama(3I,WE ARE FAMILY)......she can pull off glam and serious roles with equal ease.......she has so much of untapped potential still left in her.......inspite of having a spate of flops she's the only actress of the present gen who has ruled bollywood for max no. of years......THE UNDISPUTED CZARINA OF BOLLYWOOD....she's like Sridevi who inspite of her flops soars high with her every movie......this is due 2 her gr8 acting talent and her fiery passion for her work:-):-):-)

my BEST BEBO MOVIE wud be JWM surely----a class movie in every respect.......BEBO made GEET iconic.......everythin abt the movie was just WOWWWWWWWWW ..........and ofcoz 3 IDIOTS.......though BEBO didnt have a lengthy role in the movie but she surely left an impact with her spontaneous,spunky and full of life act........PIA was sooooooooo cuteeeeeee.....love GEET and PIA......:-)

FAV SCENES------JWM----when BEBO says KUTTE KAMEENE wala dialogue 2 Anshuman.......and "MAIN APNI FAVOURITE HUN" wala scene.....all her dialogues r just sooooo memorable:-)
3I----the "faafda,Dhokla,Khaakda" wala drunk scene of BEBO and her confrontational scene with BOMAN.....soooooo powerful.....so much range of emotions in such less screen time....gr8:-)
will try 2 post the vids if possible!!!

sorry for such a long writeup but could not control myself......just adore her and love her 2 death..........hope u read it all:-):-):-)


If god would have asked me one wish i wuld have said that i wanna meet and hug shahid kapoor... i m a huge fan of shahid..

4) @san0987
My favourite star is Neil Nitin Mukesh. My favourite movie of him are Johnny Gaddar, New York, Jail. Though I liked Lafangey Parindey but I can't name LP as my fav film because its very painful to accept him as a tapori (considering the punches in the boxing ring).

Why do I like him ? Because he is good looking, smart, suave, honest and most importantly a very serious and good actor. There is no question about his acting ability and killer looks but what I like most about him is his honesty and simplicity. I read almost each review and each article about him (both the good and bad ones). And I think he is a very down to earth , simple , honest person.

As far as acting is concerned if anybody has any doubts about his acting ability after Johnny Gaddar, New York and Jail then he/she must be a NNM hater or something ! I am not saying that he is the best actor we have now but surely he is one the best actor amongst the current stars. How many of them have the guts to debut with a negative character? or choose a character like Parag Dixit? What I like most about his acting is that he portrays the character very honesty, plainly and not by overacting.

There are many accusation about him one of them is that he uses his grand father's name/fame , funny if I have a grand father like the legendary Mukeshji I will be proud to mention his name. And I have seen and liked Neil Nitin Mukesh in those films not his father or his grand father!

This article will be more lengthy if I describe other qualities of him but in short he is bliss to watch in films like Johnny Gaddar, New york and Jail.

5) @ria2d said:

'm a huge fan of Shahid kapoor.

Vivaah was his 1st movie I watched and I have started liking him since then. I haven't watched any of his previous movies. But with every year I can only say he is getting better & better. He has come a long way. At times he leaves you amazed.

Title of Kaminey says starring heartthrob Shahid Kapoor which truly agree with. He has a absolute screen presence. Camera really likes him. When ever he is part of a movie I literally end up ignoring his co stars.

My fav movie of his is Kaminey. Kaminey was a masterpiece. He got into the skin of the characters he played & acted brilliantly & very confident. Even in Badmaash Co he acted superbly the 2nd half part of the movie.

As a actor I feel he is the most talented actor of his generation.

As a star I feel he is down to earth. Extremely Focused & hardworking. He is someone owns his mistakes & acknowledges them. I not only like him as a star but also as a person. As a person he is extremely patient. People write all sort of crap to him but I have never seen him getting annoyed abt anything. He is sweet & adorable.

Loved the way how he involved everybody in filming of Mausam. Mausam will be special film not only for him but also for everyone who follow him closely. It will be a unique experience. We will be able to relate everything he said while watching this movie. I have got emotionally attached to this film.

He is little reserved when it comes to openly acknowledging his fans but he knows who writes to him often. He might not reply to you but he will answers what was asked. He will make you realize he is not a celebrity but somebody whom you can relate to. If you want to be part of something he will acknowledges that best example was the Wimbledon match he went to.

And Oh I love his sense of humor too. If he is in good mood he will crack you up.

Thanks Faridoon for reading. I know it is little long but I had to write.

6) keeplovenpeace
Salman Khan is best n my all times favourite, he is charismatic,creative,fearless n d most sincere man in bollywood.

7) @andaaz9 said:

I'm a huge fan of PC! Have been a fan since Andaaz (that's how I came about getting my username ;p) PC is probably one of the most humble stars I've met. She's a complete sweetheart. I've been lucky enough to have met her back in 2007 and again in 2009 and have to say that, nothing has changed since the last time we met. She's still the same friendly, down-to-earth PC I knw some few years back. Her humility shines through and I think many PC fans would vouch for that.

PC's career hit a new low in 2006 - early 2007 and she had duds such as of SEI, Drona, LS2050, but that never stopped her from taking on challenging roles. She persevered and soon after, her determination brought her dividends in the form of Fashion, Dostana and Kaminey. Now that's what I call dedication! Really admire her for her determination to make it happen. It's not about losing, it's about waking up to new challenges and bouncing back after a failure.

Her association with UNICEF, NDTV Greenathon, Bulgari Save The Children Campaign makes me all the more proud of her. Many youth (especially the girls) look up to her as a role model and the way she carries herself is truly admirable!

It's difficult to choose a favorite film reason being she has many brillaint performances worth mentioning (i.e Kaminey, WYR, Karam, Aitraaz) But, if I were to really narrow it down to one, then it has to be... Aitraaz. That film was the turning point of her career. Not many people took notice of her till Aitraaz came about. She carried her role as Sonia so effortlessly & at such a young age of 21, you can't help, but to ask yourself, "Wow, isn't she amazing?" She was pitted against a huge star, Akshay and her contemporary, Kareena, but managed to steal all the limelight and how.

One of my fav scenes in Aitraaz:

There was no turning back from there on. She shined in Fashion and showed an entirely different side in Kaminey.

In simple words...she came, she saw and she conquered.

Sorry if it was lil too long Faridoon, just had to let it all out, hehe.

8) @omgitzlinaa

SRK is simply the best, no one can ever match his magnetic appeal & status. I don’t know what others think of him, but he will always be the King of my heart! I love all his movies, but my most favorite ones are KKHH and K3G!

9) @Suhana2000 Mine is ShahRukh forever & ever. Coz he's such a gr8 human beeing, father, brother & friend. A unique actor with such a convincingly kind of acting. He's a brillant entertainer/host & so much more. He's my angel who's in my heart every day. He's brings a smile to every face. I thank GOD for sending him to us on earth.

10) @ashfan4eva

i think that aish is the best actress ever n most beautiful. first impression is the last impression, aish made this impression of xtremely beautiful doll , ofcourse she wasn't bornwith actng talent but she tried n proved in HDDCS, devdas, taal, JA, guru,provoked, chokherbali,raincoat

11) @Sonima

Haha. Shahid fan here. Fav movie is Kaminey! Do I even have to say why? For the same reason it was the best reviewed of 2009

12) @Omera91 said:

Salman Khan!!..where to begin?
With Salman what you see is what you get, and we love that about him, he's honest, frank and has a down to earth personality.

From Maine Pyaar Kiya to Veer, whoa what a change, but we've loved him every step. Undoubtedly a brilliant and versatile actor who has given us some of the most amamzing perfomances and even some where we've thought 'it could've been better', but then again no-one's perfect.

My favourite Salman Khan movie, which is really difficult to choose but i'll go with 'Tere Naam'. The first half of this movie you see a rebellious young man with an attitude, pretty normal you think, but in the second half, absolutely amazing. The pain that Radhe feels is so palpable and so emotional, a truly captivating perfomance. Salman portrayed the character of Radhe with perfection.

Apart from the fantastic actor that he is, he's a normal human being with a very big heart.

He is truly the Boss with the Dum to make you shout out and say haan 'maine pyar kiya' Salman khan se!!!

Ok sorry Faridoon i can go on for ages here, but i know your a busy man, just want to say thank you for bringing us just that bit more closer to our favourite star via your live feeds and interviews, looking forward to the many more to come :D

Once again Salman, I Love you!!

13) @rube80

Salman Khan & Tere Naam!During then he was personally n professionally going thru tough times,at the end I cried like anything

14) @lensahunte08 said:

Hi faridoon. You know am a Kareena fan but you don't know why. Here is my explanation."She is better than the best"-zoom. I like this quote by zoom about Kareena because I believe it's suits Kareena to the T.I love Kareena Kapoor as an actress because she is better than the best. She can do any role. She is full of talent. I don't think any actress can pull of what Kareena did in JWM but she can easily pull of any role other top actress have done.She has all the things a bollywood actress need: Versatility, glam, syle, beauty, amazing personality, & amazing acting talent.Every role/character Kareena plays she does it perfectly. Be it Jab We Met, Omkara, Chameli, Kurbaan, Aitraaz, or K3G.Here is one of my favorite scenes of Kareena in the film Chameli.

Here is the scene from Chameli: (from beg to 0.33 second)
Her acting at an early stage of her career blew my mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpZR_gF9xRo

Scene from Omkara. What natural acting. Love it. (Starting at 1:22)


But my favorite Kareena film has to be Jab We Met. The film had everything. Great story, awesome performances, great songs. I just love Kareena in the song Yeah Ishq hai. Never seen such energy from any top actress of today. Kareena's energetic persona on screen is one of the reasons am a fan of her.

Ye Ishq Hai song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF2jXD4tpEY

Fav scene of Kareena as Geet in JWM
starts around 4:00

Her Personality:
I love Kareena's personality. She is actually like Geet. She is very vivacious and fun person. Always fun to watch her interviews and she seems like a fun person to hung out with. Kajol and Arjun Rampal also said she is a fun person to hung out with. So there goes my perception about her personality turned out right. I also love her Honesty. And the love she has for her family and the relationship she has with her sister is very inspirational. She is very real.

15) @Vaashini said:

@Faridoon_S I'm a pakka Shahid Kapoor fan, as is evident from my profile pic! :D It's really kinda hard to put into a few words how much I admire Shahid Kapoor the person, let alone the amazing actor! I shall try my best to keep it to a minimum. But please bear with me in case I brag on,lol!

Shahid the person

There are so many talented actors in the Bollywood industry who one can easily become a fan of. But what drew my attention to Shahid(nope, besides his drop-dead looks :P ) and made me his fan is his amazing personality. It's really very rare to come across a celeb who's not only very talented, but at the core someone who is very simple, humble, adorable & someone who has all the qualities of an extremely wonderful human being; someone who acts as a great inspiration and a driving force to many with the values he lives by! He comes across as a very intelligent person which is quite evident in all his interviews. His spiritual beliefs, philosophical streak, devotion to his family and friends, a natural bonding with children that speaks of innocence, respect for elders and young ones alike, sense of humour, an equal blend of diplomatic & honest answers in interviews, positive outlook towards life...the ability to see a silver lining in everything, what's not to love & admire?! In other words, truly someone with a heart of gold...that's Shahid Kapoor for me! :) Fanship is a blessed feeling and I'm extremely proud to be the fan of a great human being as Shahid! :)

Shahid the Star

In the competitive Bollywood industry, he didn't have any Godfather in the industry to give him this initial huge launch. And yet he arrived with a bang with Ishq Vishk delivering a very sincere and exuberant performance! And even after finding success in his first movie, he didn't let the success get into his head. He stood grounded! After Ishq Vishk, he tried and failed many times! He might have done a couple of movies that didn't work, but yet he kept the faith and worked his way up real hard all on his own to be where he is now! And even after attaining successes with movies like Vivah, Jab We Met & Kaminey he stays rooted to the ground and continues to be the simple & down-to-earth person that he is, never losing touch with the real him. According to me, that's the symbol of a true star! :)

Shahid the Actor

One just cannot help but admire the hard work, focus and dedication he puts into his work, which shows in his performances! He is really one actor who lives his characters and has the potential to outperform himself given the right script and right role.

As for my favourite film of Shahid's, I'm torn between Kaminey and Jab We Met, lol. Really cannot choose between the two, for these are two movies that I will always be equally proud of as a Shanatic! :)

Jab We Met is undoubtedly a cult romantic classic that has come out in the past few years. And honestly, Shahid's performance as Aditya is inexplicable! I'm already running short of words! None would have pulled off Aditya the way Shahid did! The powerful emotions that he conveyed through his eyes are magical. And through his portrayal of Aditya, he truly proved that silence is stronger than words. I actually have more than one favourite scene in this movie, lol. Every scene is an absolute gem! But anyways, providing vid links to 2 of my favourite scenes :

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEHN4MEmURc

* At 5.26 :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZmUl11ooXA (I particularly love the way he utters 'Anshuman' implying both disgust for Anshuman and concern for Geet at the same time)

His role(s) in Kaminey was something out of the box and very different from what he did in the past. Yet he took up the challenge, excelled in it and how! Seriously, his performance in Kaminey was exceptional, because he made the audience believe that Guddu and Charlie are entirely two different people in terms of the mannerisms, body language & dialogue delivery! And never once did I think that I was seeing Shahid Kapoor perform. My favourite scene is when Guddu recollects his story to Sweety about how he was betrayed by Sabiha Laeek Ahmad. That was really one gripping & heart-wrenching scene! :'-(

Vid link of the scene :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV3kQ1m26Dw

Whoop-de-doo! And that should be more than a page long! :S Sorry for all the bragging! I find it really hard to express myself about Shahid in just a few words! :S He has that effect, lol. Thanks heaps for giving us this wonderful chance of expressing our views about our favourite stars, Faridoon! It's an absolute delight! :)

16) @softsable9
Aamir, believe in his characters and no one can make me cry like he does. So many favourite movies..Lagaan.

17) @aarzoo58

My fav SRK film is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and DDLJ. But keeps changing. I LOVE him. His films are events.

18) @zafk88
my fav is #hrithik roshan and here's why - http://indigo786.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/hrithik-roshan/

19) @priyankafan

I love priyanka's dedication to her work and I love her friendly and enthusiastic personality Thats why I am a fan

20) @IBshahid

proud 2b @shahidkapoor fan n wish hm al d bst in his futre. Hp he remains lively n sincere entrtainr n he'l go a lng way:)

21) @__Ss

Priyanka Chopra, without a doubt. She's amazing - in every aspect! The most powerful actress & loveliest human being of b'wood:)

22) @Amritjoardar

Hey, its @priyankachopra , she is simply gr8. Beside her gud acting, she is a gud dancer,singer,entertainer and most importantly PC luvs her fan. She interecting with her fans like no other stars do.

23) @kaminey77
sir..i just read ur tweet about ur fav. star thing..i hope am doing this right..and if not plz tell me where to post this...
as u know ,,,i am (as i call myself) the number one shahid kapoor fan...i am deeply in love with every single one of his movies..i have them all ..and i also have all the IVs TV shows performances or any appearence he ever made till now..i have a huge collection of his pics ..i really dont know how many r they
the reason y i love shahid the actor is something so strange to me..i would sound so cliche` if i said he is the best actor in the world (he is one of the best ..i am sure about that)but i guess the time when i watch the first movie of his was the right time to fall in love with him...it was KK ...shahid says this movie is so special to him coz he was going through a certain time of his life...the same thing happend to me...which made me (on the spot)fell in love with the movie..the next day i went searching the net..i really wanted to know who is this guy...what else he did..and i got the bug...i bought a laptop..changed my internet service to an unlimited one so i can stay online all the day...made an account on FB , TWITTER ,YT just because of him..all my media is about him actually...i got to the point where i wrote to OPRAH about him b4 the release of BC telling her thet y did she interviewed aishwarya 2 times and never heard about shahid..
i cant say which movie of his i like the most..but i would say that his skills became greater since SHIKHAR...it was a great one..ISHQ VISHQ is awesome coz we as arabs think the same way and face the same things..i personally had many things happend to me as in the movie..and i have no idea y FIDA flopped..it is a great movie
but i think if i must say i would say these r the movies that i watched more than the others (in order of appearence)
1- ishq vishq
2- fida
3- vah! life ho toh aisi
4- shikha
5- vivah
6- jab we met
7- kismat konnection
8- kaminey
9- dil bole hadippa
10- chance pe dance
11- badmaash company

24) @turkish_fan

my fav actress is @Amritarao17 :) I think she have the best natural look, a great beauty and great talent mashallah:)

25) @may_war
my fav actress is Amritarao.
Because she has the typical indian classic look (in her generation) like maduridixit.For me she is the best model,dancer, actress and a nice humanbeing.

As a person i like her cuz: She is respect others opinion,very diplomatic,always politicaly correct, matured and she use her brain..she is intelligent.

created a videmix with my fav.scenes and pics of her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0uLB4g6u4k

She did a lot of diffrent roles with three diffrent generations superstars like Amitabhsir,SRK and Shahidkapoor.

I liked her in Ish-vishk,Main Hoon Na,Dewaar,Vivah,Athidi,Welcome to sajjanpur,shikhar. in these film we can see amrita in diffrent roles. and she id it very well.

In her carrer she introduced lots of newcommers, nd they r all sucessful in the industry..

She need more challanging role like in vivah to prove herself..
i can never forget her perfomence in Vivah/Athidi. Her perfomence was just awesome..acted with grace and beaƻty:)

MY .fav. Athidi movie scene (part 7:11-8.10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM94BsW9z7Y&feature=related

My. Fav. Vivah scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaS4n9n-TIw

26) @iam_ellie

I'm not a fan of Shah Rukh Khan since a very long time but i can say that i'll be his fan until the end of time.
This man is the best human being i ever known. He's the biggest star of bollywood whereas he started with nothing and he's still so simple, modest, kind and generous.
When I'm sad, i watch an interview or a movie of him or i just think about him and the smile on my face is back :)
He's so magical on screen. I can't take my eyes off of him. He's so expressive that when he cries, i cry and when he laugh, i laugh.
He's also very charming and handsome, even if he doesn't believe it ;)
I'm French, and everyone knows that here, Bollywood isn't very famous but SRK is the best embassador cos his movies are the most known (i mean the indian movies) even if we can't understand the language.
My biggest dream is to meet him one day :)
My favorites movies of SRK are : baazigar, kabhi haan kabhi naa, DDLJ, DTPH, KKHH, Baadshah, K3G, Devdas, KHNH, Veer Zaara, KANK, Don, OSO, CDI, RNBDJ & MNIK...I know it's a lot of movies ^^
Conclusion : i love Shah Rukh Khan for what he is and what he does. HE IS THE BEST, THE KING, THE BAADSHAH :)

27) @addicted2shahid said:

Thats really fweet of u Sir !! Your an angel for all fans .. :) As u know SK is life to me .. He has inspired not only me but also ppl around da world .. We call our ourselves #shanatics the ones who are SK 's fans .. Its a big family! There are infinite number of words to speak about SK !! Its cuz of him that Iv got a new beginning. I started liking him since 2008 ,, it grew to love ,, respect & now INSPIRATION !! All his movies are just da best .. My fav is Ishq Vishk & Vivah , BC & Kaminey! But, da favest is VIVAH - he has just shown his best acting skills, da cute charmin SK has did steal every girl's heart .. He as a person has taught us to KEEP IT REAL !! He as an actor has taught us LIFE BADDI KUTTI CHEEZ HAI !! SHAHID HAS ACTED WITH SUPER SKILLS & ATTITUDE IN EVERY MOVIE :) HE HAS STRUGGLED TO REACH HERE!! He deserves love & much more love !! Every role played by him is diff & just superr. His love for us, Ishaan (his bro) Parents & above all GOD is true !! He is just PERFECT !! A poem I wrote for him , really speaks of my feelings for him http//tl.gd/1sdu79 :) Being just 14, SHAHID has given me lifee !! He is an angel, brought upon earth for us !! I love him & I owe him. Thank you SHAHID for teaching me every & anything .. CHARLIE THE KAMINA rocks ... No matter whatever happens SHAHI will never change & so wont I. Wish him luck !! Just these words arent enough, its that I cant write what I feel for him !!
-Ishita (Shahid's Addict & Shahid's AC i.e more then a fan , pankha)

28) iMD_Hrithik
My one n only favourite star is @iHrithik .. he is a great actor and a finest human being i ever seen..he is my role model

29) @srksalmasrk

it's been 8years that i am a shahrukh khan fan since i was 9 , for me he is the king of the world he can play any role perfectly he's got a talent that nobody's got fotunatly you don't need to understand hindi to watch his films his expressions are enough he amazes every one even a 3 years old child. He's got STYLE!everything he does he does it with style like when he dances , he smokes he runs he walks he touches his hair....he is just killing
i love him because he is so humble and modest he cares about his fans ,he doesn't hurt people,he respects women a lot he is sensitive, kind, generous, very intelligent i love the way he talks the way he thinks , he is so funny and of course so handsome and charming , he is really UNIQUE. Thank's to him i learnt so many things,he is the one who can make me smile and laugh even when i'm in tears and depressed i just have to think about him pronounce or write his name to feel happy, sometimes i can't believe i'm a fan of his i feel so lucky because it's really the best thing that happened to me actually i just can't live without being a fan of his also one of my biggest fears is to die before i meet him...Only Allah knows how much i love him and respect him.
i love almost all his movies but my fav are khnh k3g kkhh devdas ddlj dtpgh veer zara mnik rnbdj mnik kank cdi swades main hoon na, oso,mohabbatein,dil se,baadshah...

30) @Atharluvsrk
i like SK but i reallly love @iamsrk since i was 10years!!! he's the best!!! no word to describe how he is!

31) @rainbowworld09
I"ve been through some very tough times but just thinking about SRK makes me smile n gives me hope! He means my life to me!

32) @Luani91
No doubt my fav is Shahrukh, not only because he's such a great actor, he's an amazing human being :). Fav movie: MNIK.

33) @Shanatic__
The video Shahid the real person http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZSXObFmfxQ&p=E4D4B116DE454D44&playnext=1&index=39

34) @Ingrid_Diwali

This is a good collection of great scenes from Vaastav. Sanjay Dutt at his best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K--eirB0OE

35) @nagendraaithal

sir my favt. Is shahrukh khan. He is simply awesome in onscreen and as well as offscreen. He is lyk my 2nd dad, my inspiration and my model. My favt films of him is many. But baziagr is the first movie I have seen of shahrukh khan. He is the king of our hearts. No matter wot others say shah fan for life.


Shahid Kapoor!
I love all his movies because each one is different and unique they teach you lots of things about Shahid.. Eg Cricket in Dil Bole Hadippa how he struggled in Chance Pe Dance..
Shahid as a person is amazing I love how kind sweet honest and reliable he is..
As a Star he's a hard working guy who puts 250% Effort into everything he does (:
To Sum it all up Shahid is my Hero and Inspiration I'd love to meet him in the near future (:

37) @chand_noman
See I like Saif Ali Khan very much,he is Dashing as far as looks are concerned he is a treat to watch,Love Aaj Kal is bst movie

38) @Chulbuli09

huge fan of Priyanka. She has outdone herself in each movie. Be it aietraz, kaminey, what's your raashee.

39) @Calena_COS I'm a fan of Shahid Kapoor - here are my reasons: http://forum.hindifilmnews.com/topic.php?post=10234#post10234

And my fave movie is KAMINEY: http://forum.hindifilmnews.com/topic.php?post=13904#post13904

In addition to Shahid I'm a huge SRK fan, not only because he made some brilliant movies, but also because of his personality. I highly appreciate that while being humble about his status as superstar he honestly says he wants to be a superstar and would miss it if he didn't get recognised anymore. Also I recently watched some documentaries about him and I love him for how well he treats his fans.
It is however impossible to choose a favourite SRK-movie. :)

40) @Chirpy_Kulfi
do u even need to really ask me that question? Absolutely love @BeingSalmanKhan and why? There are just too many reasons and never enough time to truly reflect on it. The biggest reason I love him is for the fact that he's honest, says what's in his heart without being afraid of criticism. For his beautiful big and generous heart. For the human being he is. For being someone who inspires me to be a better human. For doing movies that he feels his fans can relate to. For standing by his friends and unknown people during their time of need.


  1. Great job Faridoon. Love this. It's really interesting to see why people like the stars they like. And that one person who wrote about PC overshadowing or taking the limelight from Kareena and Akki. Come on are u serious? The film was about PC, her role was better than Akki and Kareena. OF course she is gonna be the center of attention. No real achievement there. IF kareena and Akki had a strong role as her than that would be an achievement.

  2. Dont have to write much who my fav BW actor is

    Here you go


  3. sir plz add my coment also,iam a big fan of ajay devgn,becoz i like him very much from my childhood.his hairstyle atrect me more and his acting is unbelivable,i call him mr.allrounder becoz he can do all type of role,exmple like action,comady,romance,drama,serious etc.he is beter than all bolliwood actors,he is also a nice guy.he is self made superstar,not media creating.i like his all film's but my most fav are phool aur kante,gijar,vijaypath,hddcs,pthht,ishq,dewange,dilwale,diljale,zakhm,bhgat singh,golmal,all the best,u me aur hum,rajneeti,ouatim,khakee and many more.i love ajay devgn he is my god.

  4. Thanks Ajay, Sarah and Daniela...glad u liked this post


  5. Hey hi,I am Harshita aka Ranshita the biggest fan Ranbir kapoor fan..I love him the most.Cant give out reason why I love him coz den it becomes condtional love,and I myself dont know the main reason why i love him so much.Its just unconditional love pouring out.But to be very frank,what i simply adore is his grounded nature,and that he is very easy going and fan friendly.Looks i consider secondary because every film star has looks,but such a good nature very few people have,even after achieving success in a short span,it hasn't really gone in his head.I hate it when people say he came in movies just because he is a Kapoor and has a back up,i understand that point but then there is a vast difference between entering ,maintaining and making a huge name.There are other stars also who have enetered the industry easily because of their parents but very few have managed to survive,so again Ranbir won my heart.Also just as its easy to enter bollywood,for celeb chilren,its also equally tough for them to match up to the expectations because before they are launched people start expecting by comparing them to their parents.My favourite rk movies are Bachna ae haseeno and Wake up sid.These were the two movies i could relate with.I dunot know till today why Bachna ae haseno did average at the box office,I loved it.His acting was so natural.Also wake up sid was amazing,he looked cutest ever.The best feature i love is his eyes,eyes say it all,nd his smile is just very charming,it automatically comes on my face when i see it on his face.He is blessed wid a good skin tone and also a height,so im fortunate enough,that way.I think he is a complete package every girl would dream off,and im glad that my dream boy exists.Im really proud to be his fan and will continue being all my life..love u ranbir