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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Craftily Stitched Heart


A few mossy dreams
Hesitant expectations
Treasure relationships
Fluctuating fortunes
Lingering insecurities
Unrepentant flirtations
Fickle friendships
Unrealistic longevity
Stupid promises
Surprising goodness
Constant immaturity
Few heartfelt smiles
Millions of smirks
Unsuccessful discoveries
Secret victories
Changing meaning
Wavering priorities
Free advice
Unexpected love
Craftily stitched heart
Tears soaked in blood
Twisted reality.

Life slaps hard
Opinions come for free
Road is empty
Thoughts are crowded.
Avoid madness
Try out a diversion
Come back on course
Dump humility
Selfishness seduces
Practicality wins....


  1. Such a good poem Fari, awesome! This is your best work ever. Every line was meaningful and made me think for a while to understand its meaning.

    USP is, each line has just two or three words (except the first one), but the message they convey is beautiful, and the way all lines are connected to describe 'life', wow! :)

  2. Thanks Yaju for ur lovely words... :)