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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Qurbani: The true and practical essence of humanity

I've been writing on the day of Eid Ul Zuha for the last two years that why it's important to make some changes, to help the poor instead of merely gorging on delicious feasts. This time I am writing this well in advance. I shall be donating a sum of money to help the poor and needy Muslims instead of the traditional qurbani of the goat. And I urge people to do the same. Just imagine the amount of money that can be generated if they-who-can-afford decide to donate the money in helping the poor Muslims. Clothes, books for children's education, food, basic commodities etc. The Savaab will surely be there. And most importantly you know that you've done something concrete that Allah will approve of. 

There are so many practises that we follow just out of societal pressures, to please others and may be to prove that we have loads of money. Anyone who understands the true meaning of Qurbani would approve the step to part ways with something that's dear to you. And that includes pride, ego and a false sense of self importance. Ammi Najma Mahmood always says that it's the idea of Qurbani that's far more important than sacrificing the animal.

Followers of any religion, sect or caste must update themselves. It's our responsibility that we help others and to ensure that through our actions, our religion must get acceptance Dil se. 

Debate and discussion is welcome but any sort of badtameezi won't be tolerated.

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