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Monday, April 2, 2018

Sanjay Dutt's Biography is Unputdownable!

#SanjayDuttTheCrazyUntoldStoryOfBollywoodsBadBoy by Yasser Usman is a thrilling account of 1 of the most controversial movie stars in the world. Yasser dispels sentiments and states things as they are. When he praises it seems genuine,but clearly Sanjay is more a Khalnayak than a Nayak. 

Yasser traces Sanjay's life from childhood. He was a wayward boy who started smoking at10, boarding school, many trysts with dangerous activities that led to serious drug addiction, the many affairs, the many lies and embarrassments. Tragic demise of Nargis ji,how Sanjay got rid of drugs (overuse impacted brain cells forever), bomb blast case and the unconvincing reason why he needed another weapon when he already had 3 licensed guns, Yasser dissects it all. 

Yasser quotes from many of Sanjay's interviews. Mahesh Bhatt sahab said, "Sanjay is a disaster when he opens his mouth." In spite of the bomb blast case he was caught on tape talking on phone to gangster Chota Shakeel. The author analsyses how Munna Bhai films were the best works of Sanjay and changed his image forever. Jail brought the best out of him and the time spent there was the most spiritual learning experience for Sanjay Dutt. 

In spite of all the propoganda and genuine do-gooder image, Sanjay Dutt clearly has himself to blame for many of his misdemeanors and Controversies. Fate played traunt with illness of his mom and wife Richa as well. 

.#SanjayDuttTheCrazyUntoldStoryOfBollywoodsBadBoy by Yasser Usman is an unputdownable account of a unique tragic hero who's relentlessly pursued by controversies or maybe he courts controversies due to his personality. Do get a copy today!


  1. Could you post your interview with Yasser Usman about this book on YouTube? I remember watching that interview a few months back, but now it's nowhere to be found!