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Monday, March 19, 2018

A letter to my daughter Insha on her 14th birthday

Dear Insha 

As you celebrate your 14th birthday tomorrow March 20, I am brimming with happiness to see you grow into a fine young woman with a mind of her own. You are emerging as a fine writer and I genuinely believe that you can turn into a professional writer. Very soon. Your write ups are getting published in notable publications and they are being acknowledged by illustrious luminaries. 

What I find most heartening about your writing is that apart from a phenomenal vocabulary and an ability to weave beautiful pictures through words, you manage to have a unique perspective. You don't hestitate to criticise what needs to be criticised. And when you appreciate something/ someone then it's very apparent that the praise is truly deserving. It displays your self confidence, a belief in yourself and the fact that you're a fine people-reader and thankfully you don't go out of the way to be a people-pleaser. 

You take digs at me in your writing and I am absolutely fine with it. The world must know that I live for North Indian delicacies. And you're contributing in your own way in ensuring that people who invite me to their homes during my various trips, shouldn't waste on 'experimental' stuff. Just serve Nahari, kabab, Korma and I shall smile like a chechire cat. Jokes apart, I am willing to be more careful to live up to your standards and change myself so that you can write good stuff about me and it can come from an objective space. 

On this birthday, the gift that I wish to give you is the freedom to be what you are, write what you wish to write and be the person that you want to be. We are there for you at all points of time willing to lend a helping hand if at all you badly need it. But knowing you, I am sure you're on the path of self discovery where you shall be the one who shall show us the way. And there can't be a greater joy than that as a parent.

And yes, considering you do give credence to material gifts, so rest assured they are coming your way as well :) 

Have a great life ahead. 

Lots of Love 



  1. Faridoon Bhai, So nice to read. Please convey my best to INSHA on her Birthday. God Bless.

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