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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A parent's guide: Everyday health and hygiene essentials for your kid

Cleanliness and good hygiene are essential to maintain good health by getting rid of viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Basic practices such as washing hands properly are known to reduce serious and potentially fatal diseases such as pneumonia, scabies and other infections.
No matter what your child’s age is, maintaining good hygiene is essential for the overall health and prosperity of the kid. There are many precautions you can take as a parent to prevent your child from protect your child from insects.
Check out the following hygiene essentials for your kid-

  1. Use a Hand Sanitizer- This can be a good alternative to keep your hands clean while travelling etc. when you don’t have access to soap.You can use a sanitizer to clean your hands in situations like pre and post meals, while inserting or removing your contact lenses, treatingwounds, while handling soiled stuff or garbage and other such situations. Keeping your hands clean and germ-free is the primary and the most important hygiene step towards good health.
  2. Use WetWipes for your kids- Baby wipes are great for cleaningevery type ofchild related mess. Any time when kids spill or get dirt on their hands/face, grab a wet wipe to save the day!
  3. Keep basic medicines in case of emergency- While travelling, one must be prepared. Carrying a medical kit comes handy. Consult your doctor and carry appropriate medicines for situations like cold and flu etc.
  4. Carry your own bottled water- Basically, any or every disease caused is due to the intake of contaminated water. So it is necessary to ensure that you carry bottled water with you every time.
  5. Use mosquito repellents– Parents are hesitant to send their kids outdoors due to the problem of mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes being the biggest cause of worry, proper precautions must be taken. Apply 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On to ensure 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes.One can even use Goodknight Patches which are specifically designed for new born kids. Both the products are 100% natural and pediatrician certified and hence absolutely safe for kids.

Therefore, make sure you carry the above mentioned essentials to ensure the safety of your child at all times!

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