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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Practise the real Sacrifice on Baqr-i-Eid

Waking up early on an Eid morning is a pious ritual. Offering Namaz is a cleansing experience. On every Baqr-i-Eid,  my mother Professor Najma Mahmood read out the significance of Eid from columns that used to get published in #Urdu newspaper #QaumiAwaaz (unfortunately it has stopped publishing now). Ammi read out that Baqr-i-Eid is all about 'Sacrifice'.. Sacrificing your pride,  ego,  jealousies, hatred and anything that is dear to us but sacrificing it will make us a better human being. Unfortunately,  today Baqr-i-Eid is all about hurriedly offering Namaz (I saw a Maulana walking out even when the Qutba was going on) and worrying about how quickly can one get done with 'sacrificing' the goat so that they can be the first one to send out the prized meat packet to neighbours and relatives. Many a times (not all) the concern is all about how soon can you purchase The goat. The breed and the price of the Goat is a matter of intense discussion. Somewhere the basic idea of Sacrifice of the spiritual kind has been forgotten and a display of gluttony has taken over. Someone was telling me yesterday that if the massive amount of money spent on purchasing Goats on Baqr-i-Eid is spent on educating poor children, a huge problem of lack of education amongst the poor can be eradicated to a great extent. This is what we shall be doing from now on. Sacrifice a substantial amount of money to help the poor get educated. Eid Mubarak!


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