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Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Birthday To SRK Who Deals In Unadulterated Love

Happy Birthday To SRK Who Deals In Unadulterated Love
By Faridoon Shahryar

So a long day is finally coming to an end. It was a day dedicated to #ShahRukhKhan as it is his 50th birthday. I happened to see the latest teaser of #Fan very early in the morning. My daughter Insha goes to school early morning and I check my mobile rather early in the morning. Loved the uniqueness and the mystery and the aura that's being built in Manish Sharma's film that releases in April next year.

One of the biggest fan clubs of Shah Rukh Khan, 'SRK Universe' had brought together lots of SRK fans from all across India and countries as diverse as Austria, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Sudan, Belgium etc. Around 100 such fans converged at Sahara Star hotel in Mumbai today morning. I went for some time, had fun watching the proceedings as fans dressed in various characters epitomised by SRK on screen enacting their own version of it, mouthing dialogues, dancing to his songs and finally a huge cake was cut by the fans. I spoke to quite a few of them on video. It was a really interesting interaction. And a unique one too.

Shah Rukh Khan as always interacted with media this year as well on the occasion of his 50th birthday. This time around his palatial bungalow 'Mannat' was not the venue. Instead we were invited to 'Taj Lands End' hotel in Bandra. The food was excellent and there was a lot of variety. Mr Khan and his team always ensures that media is genuinely taken well care of. Most of the journalists don't want anything except being treated nicely. SRK and his team scores very highly on that front. Mr Khan chatted with journalists for a long time. He answered any and every query. He was funny, thoughtful and shared his aspirations for the future. He shall be spending the later part of the evening by spending time with his fans. Very few stars give such genuine time and appreciation to their fans. Shah Rukh Khan ranks right on top on that front. As I headed back home and my car crossed SRK's bungalow Mannat, a sea of fans was still gathered outside with placards in hands and a wish to see their favourite star one more time.

If so many people all across the world love Shah Rukh Khan, there must be something really unique in the man. He deals in Love. Genuine, unadulterated and selfless love. One can't put a price on that. It can touch your heart deep down. That's what makes him truly one of the unanimous and best ambassadors of the Idea of India. Happy Birthday Mr Khan. More power to you!!

Best Regards.

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