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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Turbulence in the mid air, IIFA Mania starts tomorrow

Each time the plane hits violent turbulence, all sorts of prayers dance in the mind and effortlessly get inscribed on the lips. Today was one such day when I encountered air turbulence twice. As the Jet Airways flight descended into the Colombo airport early morning and then the Sri Lankan Airlines flight braved through a heavy stretch of clouds as the Plane entered the Kuala Lumpur air space. It seems miraculous how the aircraft cruises through all the madness hung up in the air and how people have the sense to maintain calmness.

I haven't slept a wink since the last 24 hours and once I'm done with writing this piece (eyes are half shut already) I'll be gone. I along with a friend went to China Town. There wasn't much exciting although the architecture was very interesting.

IIFA weekend is starting from tomorrow. I hope we can do some magic. Hopefully logistical support will be. Goodbye for now. My worn out eyes can't hold back any more. Good bye and Good night.

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