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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Right Here Waiting A Cover By Faridoon Shahryar

Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx has been one of my all time favourite songs. I love the singing style of Richard Marx. The piano melody in this number is simply mesmerising. I was sceptical if I could do justice to this song by singing its cover. I practiced for three months, and shot some portions of the music video amidst the Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt. We also shot agaist the backdrop of the mediteranian sea in Alexandria (Egypt) and the ancient heritage structures in Luxor (Egypt). We also shot some portions in Srinagar (Kashmir). My friend Utkarsh Dhotekar has done the music arrangements, recording and mixing of this song. I am indebted to him for doing an awesome job. I hope you enjoy this timeless romantic number. Please do share, like, comment if you like it. Thanks!

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  1. Loved to listen your new cover “Right Here Waiting “, Superb