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Friday, September 5, 2014

My Tweet Review Of #MaryKom

1) There's something bout that's irresistible 4 it's a true story told rivetingly with an Extraordinary performance by Priyanka Chopra

2) Priyanka beats all her performances by a long distns.She spills blood,punches out negativity..yes u'll surely fall in love wid her

3) The fearless fighter,the rebellious-yet-loving daughter,d sensitive mom,resisting-the-demons of losing boxing,PC is Stellar in all

4) Priyanka Chopra deserves every award possible.If Oscar is the yardstick 4 the best,thn she surely deserves a nomination

5) Screenplay by Saiwyn Qadras is the backbone of the non linear trajectory n the surprises keep u interested...Always!

6) Sunil Thapa as coach is inspiring,Darshan as Mary's husband is wonderfully understated...Lots of unknown North East faces r superb

7) Music layers the story beautifully. and then finally r exceptional

8) If inspiring,real,hard hitting,motivating cinema gives u a kick,thn don't miss 4 anything.U'd also witness Women-Power, Literally!

9) I refrain from the star system in reviews but I'd give ***** stars to for it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time...


  1. 5/5 would be over. no film is absolutely perfect. 4.5/5 is acceptable.

  2. Mary Kom one of the inspiration movie.