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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Send Questions For Priyanka Chopra

Guys send in your questions for Priyanka Chopra and post in the comments section below. Also post rapid fire questions and make it fun and interesting. Do mention your name, city and country. Enjoy!


  1. Would you like to work with Ranbir Kapoor once again?

  2. If the Krrish franchise continues will you participate as much as you did or will do in the Don series?

  3. @AlaaMixed from Jordan.q: according to PC,what's the hardest thing abt being famous??

  4. Hi PC .. Iam Kholoud from Egypt ... Krissh will release in Egypt for First time after Chennai Express .. are u excited ?? any plans to come to egypt soon ? love u so much

  5. Heyy Priyankaa! I tweeted you once saying if there's any chance of you visiting Bahrain and you said soon! I hope that soon is really soon! Sending you lots of love and all the best for everything! I'll be seeing Krishh 3 first day first show♥! I've never seen someone as ur personality! You always rock♥ -Fatinaz -Bahrain

  6. Hi PC .. Iam Kholoud from Egypt ... Krissh 3 will release in Egypt for First time after Chennai Express .. are u excited ?? any plans to come to egypt soon ? love u so much

  7. @AlaaMixed from Jordan. Q: what PC likes the most about being an actress?

  8. If not Mary Kom, which sportswoman would you have liked to play in a biopic? :D

  9. It'll be a dream coming true if you visited Bahrain! We lovee you here!! You told me you'll come soon and I really hope that soon is actually soon! Sending you lots of love♥ -Fatinaz- Bahrain

  10. Deepika and you are said to be Very good Friends Tell us something about your friendship?

    1. I second this question! I'd like to know about their friendship as both Deepika & priyanka make a nice pair! :P

  11. @AlaaMixed from Jordan. What's harder being an actress or singer for PC?

  12. Peecee are you working on your next song Eagerly Waiting Exotic was totally Breath taking loved it <33

  13. Heyy Priyankaa♥! Love you! You once told me you'll come to Bahrain soon! I hope it's really soon bcuz I can't wait to meet you! I would want to know whether you'd work with Varun Dhawan if you had the chance to :D :)! -Fatinaz-Bahrain

  14. Ritika 19 Mumbai!! First I Just Want To Tell To PeeCee Again That I Love You!!! Do You Intend To Play A SuperGirl In Your Any Movie??? I Would Love To See you Play Supergirl Because You Are My SuperGirl!! Love You Again

  15. Heyy Priyankaa! You've been my favorite actress since I started watching hindi movies! And since then I'm dreaming of the day I'll get to meet you! Come to Bahrain once plz! You said you'll come soon and I hope you do asap :D♥ -Fatinaz-Bahrain

  16. From Susan_AZian
    Q: Would you want to work with Ali Zafar?

  17. @AlaaMixed from Jordan. What PC feel towards new experiences or adventures?

  18. Heyy Priyanka! You're my idol aand I do get inspired by everything you do! My question is that what do you think is the best thing about who you are, meaning being an actress and a singer? :D -Fatinaz-Bahrain

  19. Yayyyyyy finally I can't believe I'm asking my idol
    1 one word she would to to say for all her arab fanatic

  20. @AlaaMixed , if PC is interested to visit Jordan..it's the place where they shoot for 'dil tu hi bata' song.

  21. It'll be a dream coming true if you visited Bahrain! We lovee you here!! You told me you'll come soon and I really hope that soon is actually soon! Sending you lots of love♥ -Fatinaz- Bahrain

  22. Hey PC. I am Nanda from Indonesia. I want to know what is the precious moment in your life?? And how you express your grateful to God?? I'm sure you have nice answer for my question. All the best and Indonesia waiting you for do concert with Shah Rukh and Rani Mukherjee!

  23. Yayyyyyy finally I can't believe I'm asking my idol
    1 one word she would to to say for all her arab fanatic

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  25. @AlaaMixed, how she feels for her fans?? We love you mimi, you are the best.

  26. Heyy Priyanka! It's hard to figure out what to ask you as I have many things to ask :p! You've visited the Middle East but never Bahrain, please do whenever you think you have the time! It'll be the world to us fans over here♥ -Fatinaz-Bahrain

  27. Hi Priyanka ! First of all I wish you all the best for Krrish 3 ! The movie will have a release in France and I'm so excited about that ! Tell me about your forthcoming projects.

  28. If you were a royal chair, which celebrity would u let sit on u? Name 3 only. (Jazzy, Singapore)

  29. Hi Faridoon, this is Sibtain from Johannesburg, South Africa. And as you know i am a huuuuge PC fan. If possible, can you please tell her to wave at me and tell her that we want to have her back in South Africa because we can never get enough of our desi girl.
    My questions for her:
    1) Considering she plays both a good and an evil character in Krrish 3, which character did she enjoy playing the most?
    2) Can we please have confirmation on her upcoming movies?
    3) It is reported that she's doing Zoya Akhtar's next film opposite Ranveer Singh. Any truth to that?
    4) If she could have any super power that Krissh or Kaal possess, what superpower would it be?
    5) You had once said that the Chopra clan will soon invade Bollywood ;) so who is the third Chopra to join the Bollywood brigade after Parineeti?
    6) At this point in your career, do you ever look back at any of your movies and think you could have done a much better job if that role was offerred to you today?
    7) You are doing a biopic on the life of a boxer, but if you were to do a biopic based on the life of a yesteryear actress, which actress would you like to portray on-screen?
    8) You had once said in an interview that you like bad boys. So where do your preferences lie? With Krrish? Or with Kaal? ;)
    9) Do you have any kick-ass action stunts in Krrish 3?
    10) If Bride Wars was ever remade in Bollywood, which character would you want to portray and which other current Bollywood actress would you want to be cast opposite?
    11) It was earlier reported that sushant singh rajput was playing your love interest in the mary kom biopic? Any truth to that?
    12) If she ever had a time machine that could go back to the past as well as go to the future, what would she like to change or do differently in her past?
    13) Her next single is set to release in November. Do we have a fixed date yet?
    14) Can she tell us what her next single is called? Flames? Relax Me? i can't make you love me?
    15) Why do you guys never come to South Africa to promote your movies?
    16) The one thing, being Priya, you'd like to change in Krrish?
    17) You had once said that the first celebrity that you had ever asked an autograph from was Alisha Chinai. Who is the first celebrity YOU gave an autograph to?
    18) How did you react when you found out that Alisha Chinai will do playback for you in Krrish 3?

    Here are a few interesting rapid fire questions:
    1) If you ever wrote an autobiography on your life, what would it be called?
    2) Would you ever date a PC Maniac? (i'm just trying my luck here :P)
    3) Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish or Krrish 3? The better film?

  30. Hey Faridoon Sir ! M Ques Was Unposted Mistakenly During Shahid Interview So Plz Ask This One :(

    >Hey PC ! M Ur Big Fan :) Daddy's Little Girl ROCK \m/

    Q.Why You Left Milan Talkies ? Sources Said Coz Of Shahid ! Is It True ? [I Am Biggest Fan Of Shahid & PC So I Need To Know This + Want Them To Work Together Again]

    Q.Experience Of Ramleela Item Song :) ?

    Ps - Can U Give A Hello To Me..I Have Never Got Ur Reply/Anything !!

    -Prateek Gupta (@ShahidsSuperfan)

  31. I love your chemistry with Shahid Kapoor in Kameana as well as Theri Meri Kahani even though the movie didnt do well. WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO SEE YOU BOTH ONSCREEN AGAIN?????? -Faryal from Bahrain

  32. If life was a Black Forest Cake with wafers & strawberry topping, what's tge first thing you'd do?
    1) Take a pic and istagram it.
    2) Hide it feom everyone else and eat it alone later on.
    3) Share with people but u take the biggest piece for urself.
    (Jazzy, Singapore)

  33. Something about your future projects?? -Faryal from Bahrain

  34. I know im a girl and i know you're straight PC, but is it wrong of me to dream to marry you someday? (Jazzy, Singapore)

  35. Rapid fire questions: (Jazzy, Singapore)
    1) Hrithik or Ram Charan; the better co-actor?
    2) Prince charming on a white horse or a Red Ferrari?
    3) Giving Autographs to fans or hugging them?

  36. When will you work with Shahid Kapoor again?? You both have a great bomding. Just love your chemistry in Kameana and Teri Meri Kahaani even thought the movie didnt do well -Faryal from Bahrain

  37. fatima khalid from khartoum sudan heeeeeeey i'm so happy even i cant find the right words to say what i want to say ...... priyanka can you just tell us how to be PRIYANKA CHOPRA <333

  38. More Rapid FireQ's: (Jazzy, Singapore)
    1) The last game u played?
    2) Western outfits or traditional ones?
    3) What's your new Black?
    4) Your life without heels is _____??

  39. Questions to Priyanka: (Nisarg From Ahmedabad)
    1) Are you gonna in double role in Krrish 3 ??
    2) How was the experience to work with Kangna again after Fashion ?
    3) if you get a chance to became a CM or PM.. what change will you do in system first ?
    4) Excited for item song in Ramleela? that song sounds very glamours..!! wanna know.. are you also in very glamours avtaar in it?

  40. Malvika, 16, Ahmedabad.

    (Rapid Fire)

    Paani Puri or Bhel Puri
    Louboutins or Ferragamos
    MAC or PC
    Cricket or football

    Favourite animal:
    Favourite car colour
    Current favourite song

  41. What was the last thing your fans (PcManiacs) inspired you to do? (Jazzy, Singapore)

  42. Questions to Priyanka: (Nisarg From Ahmedabad)
    1) Are you gonna in double role in Krrish 3 ??
    2) How was the experience to work with Kangna again after Fashion ?
    3) if you get a chance to became a CM or PM.. what change will you do in system first ?
    4) Excited for item song in Ramleela? that song sounds very glamours..!! wanna know.. are you also in very glamours avtaar in it?

  43. Hey PC if you were stranded on an island for a week, which 3 characters played by you would you choose to be with and why?

  44. fatima khalid from khartoum sudan PC is there any chances to visit my country .... people keep underrating my country and say it's poor and ugly country they even don't know how beautiful it is i hope you'd come one day and we'll make u see all beautiful areas around there specially my college city portsudan

  45. Questions for Priyanka:
    • How does it make you feel when you realise that you're the only one associated with all the major superhero films made in India - Drona, Ra.One, Krrish and now Krrish 3?
    • How do you deal with success? And how is it any different to the way you deal with failure?

    Rapid fire
    • Your favorite performance of your own so far?
    • Abhishek Bachchan or Hrithik Roshan - the better superhero? ;)
    • The one superhero quality you wish to see in your to-be husband?
    • One word to describe your Twitter fans?
    • The one film that a contemporary is a part of, that you wish was part of your filmography?
    - Sibtain from South Africa

  46. Can you imagine your life without high heels? (Jazzy, Singapore)

  47. Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    what do you feel about your twitter fans ??
    We all Pc maniacs loves to support you always

  48. Nisarg From Ahmedabad..
    Will you come to ahmedabad for Krrish 3 Promotions .. ? Wanna meet you so badly.. trying from so long time !!
    Please do meet me wanna be your Twitter Rockstar

  49. If you happen to fall in love with ur fan; love at first sight - what'll you do? (Jazzy, Singapore)

  50. Hiya Faridoon,
    Here are my qs for PC

    1. Krish 1, 2 or 3 the better shooting experience she had? How was it working with Rakeshji as a director. From the Krish 1 till Krish 3 how was the whole journey being part of the triology, How are they different from each other?

    2.How was it working with Hrithik? What has change in his character or even personality from the first movie till Krrish 3?
    3. How was it working with Kangna for the first time, and also vivek?

    4. Her favourite song from the movie? When will we hear sing for her own movie songs? Has she ever been offered yet?

    5. Rumour has it that Deepika was approached for the next Fast and Furious movie... has she ever been approached for any Hollywood movie? One hollywood actor she would love to work with and a movie she would like to be part of if ever remake?

    6. What are upcoming songs? Is there any collaboration with Jay Sean? Have tweeted her and Jay Sean many times to make a duet song, and I bet they will make a great duo!

    Rapid Fire:
    1, Pinky, Babli Badmash or Ram Chahe Leela? Her most favourite item songs?
    2, PittBull or Will.I.Am? her prefered duet partner?
    3, Beach or Mountains/Nature her preferred holiday getaway?

    Thanks Faridoon! Hope you can ask atleast one of my questions.. hehe :P
    Priya from Bangkok :D

  51. fatima khalid khatroum sudan what's your idea about the perfect life mate ????

  52. Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Do you know me?? i am the guy who is supporting you from 3 years approx ( @pcmaniac_nisarg )
    Please do notice me & come to ahmedabad.. wanna meet you 1 time :)

  53. OK just remembered she wasnt in Krissh 2 (Koi Mil Gaya).. haha :P Dont know how to edit my post!!

  54. Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Are you taking your Ishani Character seriously ?? like you're flying to.. LA .. new york.. london.. so much hard work you're doing !!
    Lotsa love to you.. Love you always PeeCee

  55. Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Did you also did some stunts in krrish 3?
    I must say we all like to see you in action scenes ;)

  56. Hi PC, im sifa from Indonesia :)
    U're so talented, if u should choose to be actreess or singer? And what's ur style icon? Last, is it true u n ranveer cast in Zoya akhtar's next?

    Rapid fire:
    Kareena or Katrina best actreess?
    Salman or SRK best actor?
    Deepika or katrina best actreess?
    Ranbir or ranveer?
    Deepika padukone is?
    Ranbir kapoor is?
    SRK is?
    Shahid or Ranbir good dancer?
    Shahid is?

    Thx PC <3

  57. Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Team Priyanka is the one & only awesome.. too much supportive official team ever in whole bollywood !! what do you think about this?

  58. i really wonder if all she eat is honey ? cause she is sooooooooooo sweeeeet from where did she get all this sweetness ????? <3333333333

  59. Hello Faridoon Sir

    My Questions for Priyanka :
    1: Any Musical Instrument which she would Like to Learn ?
    2: Will there be a Music Video for ur each and every song from ur Album ?
    3: when will her first Musical Concert happen ?
    4: Can she HUmmm a few lines of Ram Chahe Leela ?
    5: She spend her money the most on what all things ?
    6: At what Age she got her first income and where does she spent it on ?

    Rapid Fire Questions:
    Describe in One sentence

    Year 2013:

    - Ankita Khurana
    Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)

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  61. Would you like to work in Krrish4 too ;)
    Deepak from Bangalore

  62. Abhimanyu Sandhu Amritsar Punjab
    priyanka Mam 1st all Mam i m ur huge fan pls Say I love u Abhimanyu 1time pls pls pls pls
    My question 2 u .
    When U work with aydevgn when I see U with Ajaydevgn pls do movie with ajay or u have any problem with Ajaydevgn Pls Clr

  63. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    ♥ How was the experiance of working with 2 Hritik roshan in one song ??
    ♥ Can i get a bigg virtual jhappi + puppy from you please .. it will means alot to me !!
    ♥ I can proudly say that i'm a Fan of the One & only indian female multi talanted Priyanka chopra!! seriously you always makes your all fans feel likes this !
    ♥ The way you looks in your Photo shoots.. i wonder how can some one looks like this much Adorable !! love you always <3

  64. Would you like to work in Krrish4 too ;)
    Deepak from Bangalore

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  66. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Some Rapid Fire Questions...
    1. what is the meaning of your name?
    2. Describe krrish 3 movie in one sentence
    3. Work on Don 3 is started or not yet?
    4. Like to do Romantic movie with SRK or Action movie?
    5. Wanna do a super girl role in future ?
    6. Can i make you Blush instantly !! loves to see you while you're blushing ♥
    7. Are you coming to my city Ahmedabad for Krrish 3 promotion?

  67. Rapid fire questions
    1)In my city or Exotic
    2)Etnic wear or Modern wear,which are you comfortable in
    3)Arranged marriage or Love marriage ;)
    4)Sweets or chocolates
    5)Whats that one thing which can make you smile anytime any place any moment

  68. i'm really thinking about crazy questions hehehehehehehehe cus am damn happy thanks faridoon for that
    1. if she ever turned onto a road sign what would she do???
    2. can she tell us about on B'wood/H'wood classic movie she wished if she can remake
    3. can she give us a name of one of her idols she hope to meat deadly
    4. when will she do her next song cause we are waiting excitedly
    5. her if she'd choose between SRK.Aamir as her lifetime most favorite actor who would she choose
    6.one word to describe Ranbir .SRK.Katrina.Rani.hrithik
    7. can she tell us about a role she want deadly to act ??
    8. we loved her negative role on aitraaz will she do such roles again
    9. what's her favorite B'wood romantic movie except DDLJ
    10. if she has to be alone by her own on an island what would she'll have with her
    LOVE TO YOU MY INSPIRATION <3 <3 <3 (fatima sudan)

  69. Any plans of Coming to Bangalore???
    Deepak from bangalore

  70. Rapid fire questions
    1)In my city or Exotic
    2)Etnic wear or Modern wear,which are you comfortable in
    3)Arranged marriage or Love marriage ;)
    4)Sweets or chocolates
    5)Whats that one thing which can make you smile anytime any place any moment
    Deepak from Bangalore

  71. Hi Faridoon I am Vicknesh, PC ROCKSTAR, from Singapore.

    My questions are
    1) why were you not with Hrithik to promote krish3 here in Singapore? We so desperately wanted to see you.
    2) Ra-One, Drona or Krish, the better superhero.
    3) Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor, the future King of Bollywood?
    4) do you see shahid kapoor in as a superhero anytime soon? (jokes. Haha)
    5) deepika says you're her best friend. She also calls you Prinks. Is this true?
    6) on a scale of one to ten, rate the craziness of your online fans.

  72. What does it take to be ur next rockstar??? i have met you twice from bangalore tweeted you so much but you never recognise me :( been your huge fan you are my idol and inspiration
    Deepak from Bangalore

  73. Hey Priyanka! This is Rajbala (@piggy_chopps) one of your Twitter Rockstars. I wanted you to call me once by my own name. My questions for you: 1) Who has been the silent force behind you all these years of career? What kept you going though all hurdles with that perfect curve on your lips? It isnt easy to survive in this industry where your future changes every Friday! 2) Krrish3, Drona, you are the every superHero's delight. Co-incidence or you love such genres of Cinema? 3) In movies, you play imaginery characters. But in your songs, is it the real YOU behind those emotions? Can we see the Real Priyanka? 4) Is your second single a Ballad song? When is it coming out? 5) We all have been waiting for #Erase Music Video. When its coming out? RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: 1) What is your current most favourite thing from your closet? 2)Which is your nail colour that you often wear? 3) what is your guilty pleasure? 4) What does you tattoo from #RamChaaheLeela song reads? 5) Priyanka Chopra THE SUPERSTAR or Priyanka Chopra as a human? 6) How was the food on the sets ofKrrish4? 7)As you are playing double role in Krrish3, Which part you enjoyed the most, playing? The good or the evil? MESSAGE FOR PRIYANKA: I dunno if you have recognised me or not. We have interacted on twitter many a times. I just wanna say that you've been a great inspiration in my life. Thankyou for always motivating us. You dont have to feel low about anything in life. You always have my back. WHatever you're doing, you are making your family, your maniacs and your country proud. Keep up the good work baby. Loads of love to you. If I were a guy, I would have surely come all the way to sweep you off your feet. Take care. Hugs :-* Rajbala(@piggy_chopps) from Rajasthan, India.

  74. When was the last time you felt you should not have done what you actually did :p
    Deepak from Bangalore

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  76. Sania (peeceeloverz owner)October 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    Thanks for following us on Twitter :)) an update on your album will be great!

  77. I have a page for you on facebook called "Priyanka chopra biggest fans" with 62000+ likes... one message to this please
    Deepak from Bangalore

  78. Will there by any chance your fans get to feature in any of your future music videos ;)
    Deepak from Bangalore

  79. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Sorry to say but Did you ever felt like lets leave this bollywood industry.. its not for me.. i'll not survive ??

  80. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    What is your main rule to work peacefully in bollywood..??

  81. If you had a chance to act in an Hollywood movie, which movie would you have prefered???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  82. Any plans of doing Concerts in India???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  83. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad... (@pcmaniac_Nisarg)
    Pyaar impossible is my most favorite film of yours..after that i became a die hard fan of yours.. i just wanna ask.. which thing from that movie attracted you alot so u did that movie?

  84. Rapid questions
    1)Roma from Don or Meghna mathur from Fashion
    2)Real or reel life,which is tougher
    Deepak from Bangalore

  85. Any plans of getting another tattoo done???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  86. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Wanna tell you that in action you looks very much same like Angelina jolie (Lara Croft) so if you get a chance will you make indian version of "Tomb Rider" movies !!??

  87. Pls Faridoon tell that plastic porn chopra stay away from SHAHID KAPOOR we shanatic hate her heartly :/ thanks.

  88. Did you drop a big hint about the name of your new single on twitter ??

  89. Did you go to singing classes in childhood???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  90. Malvika, 16 from Ahmedabad.

    1. In a recent interview, you'd mentioned that you got 45 Barbies in a year for getting straight As. Do you still have a few of those?

    2. What did you buy with your first earnings?
    3. Where is that one place where you feel happiest?
    4. Is it true you're doing Zoya Akhtar's next?
    5. By what age would you like to get married?
    6. Where do you see yourself 15 years from now?
    7. Which TV shows do you like watching?

    And a really random question: FC Barcelona or Real Madrid?

  91. Is there any chance of your fans getting to feature in your future music videos???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  92. Apart from Hand written letters what would make you feel special???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  93. This is not a question, but your recent Filmfare interview in which you mentioned that you want to get married 6 times had me smiling for a long time. You're amazing and thank you for inspiring me so much :')

  94. Which is the movie you watched most number of times and how much
    Deepak from Bangalore

  95. Urgah we Shahid kapoor's shanatics hate her & some her fans who like theirself shanatics showing niceness >:/ go to hell, plastic porn man's hungry characterless pc fans want characterful innocent Bakra Shahid for her? Bloody lozer :/

  96. Wish you recognise this fan of yours once pc :) we met twice in bangalore my idol you are but you never recognise me on twitter
    my id Deepak_Mj1
    Deepak from Bangalore

  97. Urgah we Shahid kapoor's shanatics hate her & some her fans who like theirself shanatics showing niceness >:/ go to hell, plastic porn man's hungry characterless pc fans want characterful innocent Bakra Shahid for her? Bloody lozer :/

  98. Urgah we Shahid kapoor's shanatics hate her & some her fans who like theirself shanatics showing niceness >:/ go to hell, plastic porn man's hungry characterless pc fans want characterful innocent Bakra Shahid for her? Bloody lozer :/

  99. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Did you watched chennai express?? how was it.. did you liked it?

  100. How many proposals do you receive every year on Valentine's day??
    Deepak from Bangalore

  101. Urgah we Shahid kapoor's shanatics hate her & some her fans who like theirself shanatics showing niceness >:/ go to hell, plastic porn man's hungry characterless pc fans want characterful innocent Bakra Shahid for her? Bloody lozer :/

  102. Hello Myself Om.

    I am your Biggest fan.eagerly waiting for K3.Just want to ask you one question

    Hows your experience in Krrish & krrish3?.is it different or same?..

  103. If you had a chance to select a super power which power would you have liked to have
    Deepak from Bangalore

  104. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Gunday is coming on 14th feb on valantines day ... but when Mary kom is coming??

  105. Do you really want to get married in 6 different venues ? :p 
    What is your favorite song of time? 
    When will you come to Pakistan ? I have learned how to make 7 kinds of briyani to impress you ! 
    Do you think you will collaborate with country music stars like Carrie underwood, sugar land, Reba etc ? 
    When can we expect the Ram leela song to come out ? 
    What projects are you doing Let's hear it from you for a change ?  
    When was the last time you slept for 8 hours ? 

  106. Ugahhh..! Bloody shit, pls we Shahid fans hate her why her fans taking his name, she just destroy him, due to that plastic queen chalbazi he done TMK a prime time epic dizaster . Go to hell bitch chotra :/

  107. Any big dream which is yet to be fulfilled???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  108. I still don't know if you are looking for lil sister? :P

  109. This is Zaynab from Tunisia !
    I want to ask Priyanka if she want to be in a movie with Katrina Kaif?
    and give her love from my country Tunisia she have many fans here ♥

  110. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    Can you just tell me that do you notice me or not on twitter!!?? i always tries my best to make a place in your heart via my every tweets to you.. hope its reaching to your heart <3 Love you Priyanka always in all ways

  111. Hi Priyanka I'm ur newest fan on Twitter!! Any chance of a hi??? Love ya loads

  112. I want you to know that you are my idol and inspiration and thank you for always making me proud,met you twice from bangalore and being your rockstar is my last dream
    twitter id : Deepak_Mj1
    Deepak from Bangalore

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  114. I just need a get well soon wish from you as i am not well from past one month you are my idol pc :( please need it
    Deepak from Bangalore

  115. hai! PRIYANKA DI So any plans r wrk fallin in UR lap wit HRITHIK JI Again soon

  116. Do you like cooking???
    Deepak from Bangalore

  117. How many hours a day you sleep??? i am sure its very less so asking
    Deepak from Bangalore

  118. Forgot to mention my Twitter handle it's @PriyankaScherzy and @SaniaHeartsPC lol the first one is bcoz I love Nicole Scherzinger too. Haha! Secondly would u collaborate with Nicole if u had a chance!! Would love that lol love ya

  119. What does one need to do to be a part of your beautiful TEAM PRIYANKA?? i wanna be one :)
    Deepak from Bangalore

  120. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    ♥ Do you believe in love at first sight or not ?
    ♥ Are you gonna do work with Shahrukh khan again soon??
    ♥ which role of yours you liked alot & enjoyed alot while shooing?
    ♥ do you ever get time to read news paper ot not?
    ♥ i know you likes to drink coffee allot.. but do you drink tea too.. some time?

  121. Hi you cool desi girl!! I'm not desi but a superfan of you and rest of Bollywood, how do you feel about having non-desi fans all over the world and why don't you superbollywoodstars ever plan to come to Sweden (I live there) or any other country except GB in Europe for any concert or to do a dance performance?? Much love ♡♡ /narii

  122. What is that one thing you would like to go back to the past and change?
    Deepak from Bangalore

  123. You like to watch comedy kinda movies or action thrillers??
    Deepak from Bangalore

  124. Bikram (@bkrm1994) from Delhi
    Hey PC,don't know if you remember me now :P
    1)Which book are you reading these days?
    2)whom do you like the most as a co-actor HR,SRK or RK?
    3)How many days can you survive without coffee? :P
    4)Krrish 3,Don 2 or Zanjeer in which movie you had most fun while shooting?
    5)Favourite poet of yours?
    6)Would you like to sing a song for your own movie?
    7)We've heard that you are very much talkitive, what happens when you are alone for some time?:P
    8)Do you think about me like I think about you? :P
    9)Your favourite quote?
    10)Your idol in professional career?
    11)few days back you said #Runawaywithme, Is the offer still open? ;)

  125. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    you still have some characters left in your Twitter Bio.. please do add " Best Fan @pcmaniac_nisarg " in it !! it will means world to me ♥

  126. Zoya shahid (Karachi, Pakistan )October 16, 2013 at 11:35 PM

    Do you know that sapphire ( with reference to the ring in her hand) is said to be the stone of the mystic lady ! Are you one as well ?
    Pc your trip to Karachi is due ! 
    What has been the best birthday present you ever received ? 
    Are you a crime drama buff ? 
    Are you still looking for a title of your album ? 
    Will you be doing zoya Akhtar's Next ? 
    Who is you favorite contemporary ? An actress you really like ? 
    Loyalty or sincerity ? 

  127. I'm Nisarg from Ahmedabad...
    we all knows that you're an awesome actor.. but now you are a singer & boxer too.. is there anything you still wanna do ??

  128. Zoya Shahid ( Karachi, Pakistan)October 16, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    One sher for you since you love poetry so much :) 
    ye umr-e-gurezan kaheen thahare to ye janun
    har sans mein mujh ko ye lagata hai ke tum ho

    har bazm mein mauzu-e-sukhan dil zadgan ka
    ab kon hai shirin hai ke laila hai ke tum ho

  129. Hey PC,
    Who would you choose to be paired opposite you if Dostana female version was made?

  130. Zoya shahid ( Karachi,Pakistan )October 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    I love you Peecee :) can I get a big hug from you ?? Pretty please ?

  131. hey faridoon sir.... i am ayesha from pakista... my question to PC is...
    have she ever intended to be at pakistan for her fans here?

  132. hello PC it`s Hind from Lebanon, hope to get an answers for my questions
    1) what do u miss from ur days where u were just a random girl, before u became Miss world
    2) u found a title for ur upcoming single? if yes can we know it?
    3) ur upcoming single will be released in November?
    4) u visited Dubai and Morocco, do u remember any Arabic words?
    5) u said before that u may get another tattoo, what would it be?
    6) what was that tattoo in Ram Leela? and what does it mean?
    7) The good or evil character u enjoyed doing more in Krrish 3?
    8) u have lots of fans in the Arab world, I`m one of them, wud like to get a special msg frm u to ur Arab fans :)
    9) we heard u r gonna do Zoya Akhtar`s upcoming movie as Ranveer Singh`s sis, is that true?
    10) u said u had a crush on ur friend in school that guy with green hair, if I dye my hair green will u love me too? :p
    11) I`m a straight girl and so u r, but if I ask u to marry me, will that sounds weird? ;p
    12) a film u watched and u wished the role was offered to u
    13) what is the book u r reading now?
    14) what did u mean with ur tweet ( Run away with me)? and plz don`t say u guess :p
    15)I got many replies and RTs from u, yet not a Rockstar .. will u please make me ur Rockstar today? :)

  133. faridoon sir.... i am ayesha from pakistan... my questions to Priyanka...

    have you decided the name of your album?
    krish or krish3 which one is more close to your heart?
    conditions to be your twitter rockstar?
    can you imagine yourself without heals?
    are you still coming to terms with the loss of your father?
    what usually you write in an autograph?
    how will you define unconditional love?

  134. Hellow Angel, I'm from Paris... Just want to know if you are doing Don 3 and a film with Salman Khan "Mr. khan" ? PLZ answer!! LOVE you soo much big kiss from paris!!! All the best for your next project!!! Are u dong a Hollywood movie??

  135. Nisarg From Ahmedabad...
    Can I be your Twitter Rockstar...!! I'll be your most perfect one which u expects :)

  136. me ayeha from pkistan... my questions to Priyanka?
    how you always manage to be in shape?
    what will you do if one day you wake up and find yourself all chubby?
    will you continue your music career after the release of your album?
    ever got nightmares?
    how it was to work with hrithik?
    will you ever come to pakistan for your fans here?
    what do you think about mary kom... will it be a hit?
    are you still a miser?
    why dont you like sports?
    what you cant stand?

  137. Hey its Zareen From Mauritius Island! !
    All i wanna say. .. Priyanka i love you alot. ..i hope someday to meet you. ..inshallah!
    Goodluck for Krrish3. .and for ur upcoming movies. ... U r always in my prayers! Keep smiling always. ..u look very beautiful with ur one million dollar smile.
    Faridoon sir please do tell her that.plzzzzzz!

  138. Hello Faridoon,It's Kainat From Hyderabad,Pakistan!
    Here are some Questions For PC:
    1.Koi Mil Gaya,Krrish Or Krrish 3,Your Personal Favourite?
    2.Could You Confirm your upcoming projects?
    3.When is your next single coming out?
    4.is Sushant Singh Rajput playing lead opposite you in Marycom biopic?
    5.Did Hrithik Played any pranks on the sets? It yes can you share one :)
    6.can you share your experience of working with Arjun Kapoor in gunday!
    7.have you any regrets in life?
    8.three things that she always have with her?
    9.How is your relationship with Deepika Padukone?
    10.What Fans mean to you? (Answer only in 1 Word)
    11.Your Favourite Superhero?
    12.When are we seeing her working with Shahid Again? Dying to see you both together onscreen again!
    Rapid Fire Questions:
    1.Rate Hrithik on the scale of 10?
    2.What is the cheesiest pick-up line used on you?
    3.How spontaneous are you as a person?
    4.How do you deal with crazy fans?
    5. Your idea of a perfect date?
    6. One habit you want to get rid of?
    7.What are your fetishes?
    8.If given a choice, how many films would you like to do in a year?
    9. At this point in time, the ‘100-crore club’ has become quite the fad in this industry. Where do you see yourself in the scheme of things?
    10.If you were to stuck somewhere with no phone or internet, where would it be and with whom?
    11.What are Your Guilty Pleasures?
    Q.What Are Your Pet Peeves?
    Give My Love & Best Wishes For The Film<3 and Please if possible do ask her to say Hello to me once!

  139. again its ayesha from pakistan.... my questions to priyanka

    what if a girl wants to date you..will you go with her?
    what makes you feel secure?
    any intention of getting married?
    what you like doing in your spare time if luckily you get any?
    will there be any sad song in your album?
    how would someone get your special attention?
    out of all the songs in your album how many you yourself have written?
    what is your weirdest fear?
    would you date a fan?
    your one annoying habit?
    what raise you temper the most?
    Who is your inspiration?
    What would a good theme song for your life be?
    What is your fav. song these days?
    Where would you like to visit?
    please give a shoutout to all your pakistani fans...

  140. Sorry Angel i forgot to ask you something: Is it true about Fashion 2? If its true plz PC do Fashion 2 i'm sure another national award is waiting for u and it will ur 3rd national award and ur 2nd oscar because of MaryCom i'm sure you are gonna win a national award and Oscar because you are my angel!! My mom also tell me this ..You and my mom are two fav woman in the world my inspiration role model and many things ( sorry if my is english is wrong because i live in paris) Love u so so much

  141. Faridoon sir please ask my question please, I'm pia from Switzerland my question: priyanka how is hritik on the sets please answer and.. your a icon because of you we can believe that we can live our and our parents dreams thank you ♥

  142. hello PC, its me @arrunima i run a FC of urs @PeeCeeManiac which has got immense love from u. wana ask u
    1. when will you visit my country,Bangladesh?
    2. whats more important- Study or seeing u (though i know u'll say study)
    wish me luck for my 12th plzzzzzzzzzz

  143. Hey Peecee, I'm Zahra from Portugal :)
    1)I would like to know how would you like to be in 5 year? what are your expections?
    2)Between Katrina K. and Deepika P. which one would you prefer to work with in a movie?
    3) Are you and Deepika P. friends?
    4) Can I be your Twitter rockstar?I've been trying for so long :(
    5)Which place/country or city would you like to visit?

    Love You Priyanka Chopra, Lots of Love from Portugal :)

  144. PLEASE PLEASE FARIDOON include my question MY question for PC: if a super-hero movie was made with just you, what superPowers would you want to have. Also please tell her I think her smile is greater than any superpower. Lots of love to her. Stacy from New York @stacysuperduper

  145. Faridoon sir please ask my question I'm pia from Switzerland my question : red or green? Srk or joney Depp? Titanic or DDLJ?
    Priyanka please finish the sentences↓
    Music is my........?
    Bollywood means for me .......?
    My wish is??
    And you aee my icon because of you we can believe that we can live our and our parents dreams thank you♥

    1. And wish you and faridoon sir eid mubarak please wish me too please♥♥♥♥♥♥

  146. Can you please tell Priyanka that she's my SuperHero. & that her smile is her greatest superPower & that Stacy loves her. Stacy from New York. @stacysuperduper

  147. Hullo Priyanka,I am Bipul from West Bengal,i just love you so much-you are my best actress forever.I love you from the day i 1st saw you.And i too much like your on-screen chemistry with Shahid,Ranbir and Hrithik.Just wanna ask you the question-1.what kind of varieties in music you have planned and in acting what kind of role you still wanna to do? 2.Can i see you working with Shahid again? 3.Do you take the haters seriously or positively? 4.When you will coming to Bengal next?PLs do a shout out before that.
    Loads of Love.God bless you my Dream Angel ya

  148. hey priyanka!
    after 7 long years being on rakesh roshan sir's set how was it being back on the sets? was there more food on set this time? hahah

    okay pick between
    double cheese burger or a burger
    apples or oranges
    english food or indian food
    long showers or short ones
    sneakers or heels
    houses or apartments
    america or india

    haha thanks alott
    lots of love
    saraa from toronto (@ sarzzzz18)

    1. sorry had to add!!
      bungee jumping or sky diving?
      pie or ice cream?
      mountain climbing or scaling a building?
      are you an adrenaline junkie or calm and collect person?
      Roma or Jhilmil?
      spontaneous night out or at home and with a good movie?

      haha okay lots of love!!!
      saraa from toronto Canada! :)

  149. Sunny (@toxicsunny) Chandigarh

    My questions for PC

    1) Who is your celebrity crush?
    2) What do you like to watch on TV?
    3) What was the most challenging aspect of your role in Krrish3?
    4) What is your most favorite scene in Krrish3?
    5) You travel a lot. When are you buying your own aircraft ;)
    6) Which word you use the most?
    7) Who is your fav designer?
    8) Any confirmed project apart from Gunday and Mary Kom biopic?
    9) Any actor/director you would like to work with in bollywood?
    10) Regret doing any movie?
    11) How you balance your singing with acting profession? you think one of them suffer because of your hectic schedule?
    12) When will be the next schedule of Mary Kom?
    13) What's in your DVD collection?
    14) Which recent song is most played on your iPod?
    15) How was the experience of working with Ranveer and Arjun in Gunday?
    16) When have you been most satisfied in your life?
    17) Which film project you consider to be the most significant in your career?
    18) What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
    19) How would someone get your special attention?
    20) Krrish 4 or Don 3 which sequel you are looking forward to?

  150. HIII Faridoon this is Danabolly from Switzerland :) looking forward to ur interview with Priyanka, it's always fun and she feels so comfortable hehe :)

    Lots of love to u and the BH team

    1) what's more magic about Krrish 3 than Krrish ?

    2) what has changed or improved in your chemistry with Hrithik in Krrish 3 ?

    3) do you have any scenes with Vivek Oberoi ? Could you describe him in one word ?

    4) you are known for being a traveller how do you deal with jet lag ?

    5) are you planning a tour in Europe for your music album ?

    6) how do you find Kangna & Hrithik's chemistry ?

  151. Hi PeeCee I’m Priyanka Stars in Facebook and your Interviews and Maniacs ❤PC❤ Eman in Twitter and in your Interviews

    Questions To Priyanka Chopra

    1 - I know u love driving so much, so When is the last time you drive in your life ?
    2 - you have two role in #Krrish3, one good and the other evil please give us a hint about your evil role ?
    3 - When you play The evil role in #Krrish3 Do you remember the evil girl in Aitraaz ?
    4 - What is the song that you enjoy so much when was shooting #Krrish3 ?
    5 - What is your favorite scene in #Krrish3 ?
    6 - What is your favorite scene from Your evil role in #Krrish3 ?
    7 - Who was responsible to choose clothes that you wear in Song Raghupati Raghav #Krrish3 ?
    8 - which one of these songs Enjoy When you was shoot Raghupati Raghav or God Allah Aur Bhagwan ?
    9 - I know u always nervous when uHave something newSo how much you are nervous for #krrish3 ?
    10 - I know you always nervous when you Have something new So how much you are nervous for Release #krrish3 and How much degrees ur nervous from10 ?
    11 - What is the thing that when you remember it makes you laugh ?
    12 - What is more Funny thing happened to you ?
    13 - What is more Something happened to you,Made you angry so much ?
    14 - If you Love person and decided to marry him, but gave you the condition before marriage ,It is to leave the singing and acting ,What will choose leave the singing and representation or marriage ?
    15 - I know that you have a new phone, so what is the type ur new phone ?
    16 - When is the last time you was very angry ?
    17 - What is the book you are reading now ?
    18 - What do you do when you are angry ?
    19 - How many bags do you take them with you when you travel ?
    20 - Are you evil girl ?
    21 - What makes you be evil ?
    22 - When you be evil ?
    23 - What do you do when you are traveler In the plane ?
    24 - What do you do when you are traveler In the car ?
    25 - What is story the person who you are slapped ?
    26 - you Love eat hot dishes or Sweet dishes ?
    27 - Are you was obedient girl when you was a kid ?
    28 - You have a scar on the left foot, above the knee What's reason the scar ?
    29 - What is more personal you represent impacted in your life ?
    30 - Did u know that I’m D same girl Priyanka Stars in Facebook & in your
    interview and Maniac ❤PC❤ Eman in interview and in twitter ?
    31 - What you think in Name #ImOnMyWay For your album ?
    32 - I love you since 10 years and I’m admin your Official four fan club you follow them, SO Is there a chance to become #PCRockStar ?
    33 - are you will Unfollow your fan club if send to you direct messages ?

  152. Athar From Belgium, Would you Like to Romance Shah Rukh Again ??

  153. Rapid fire for Priyanka Chopra:

    1) What first comes to mind when I say the following names…

    - Batman
    - Superman
    - Spiderman
    - Drona
    - Krrish
    - Super Krrishi

    2) What's the first thing you'd do if you're stranded on an island with a hot hunk?

    3) Rotis or noodles?

    4) Guitar or piano?

    5) Mumbai or LA?

    6) Singing in the shower or gorging on junk food all day?

    7) Candy Crush or Temple Run?

    8) Pick one of the superpowers:

    Fly high with speed of rocket OR use the invisibility cloak and walk through buildings

    9) Complete this line: My Twitter fans are ___________________

    - Nur, Singapore

  154. Athar From Belgium made the sam tatto as urs, could u check on twitter? :p

  155. Athar From Belgium, 3 thing u like the most about Shah Rukh khan ?

  156. Athar From Belgium, during Saath khoon maaf Promotion, u told me it'll be a short book if u have to write it, what about now?

  157. Questions To Priyanka Chopra

    1 - Do you have lists in your Twitter account to specific people ,specific Fans and your Fan Clubs ?
    2 - are you open sometimes from account your team in Twitter ?
    3 - Do you sometimes Reply your fans, from account your Team in Twitter ?
    4 - you once asked about how you make your account is protected, so do you have another account in Twitter and is ( protected account ) ?

  158. Questions for Priyanka:

    1) If you were being beamed up by Scotty to another planet, which two characters of yours would take for company?

    2) Describe the following using a few words or actions:
    - Recording studio
    - Junk food
    - Family
    - Superhero
    - Yourself

    3) At which stunt can you give Krrish a run for his money?

    4) Who did you give your first ever autograph to and when?

    Congrats for all the success coming your way. Visit soon. Our date this year is overdue! Take care. :)

    Tanvi (@iamtanvi)

  159. Questions To Priyanka Chopra

    1 - When you Visits Holy Mother School to Support International Girl Child Day
    There was a tape of wounds On your left hand, what happened to you ?
    2 - What will you say to Admin your Fan Clubs ?
    3 - Do you write diary ?
    4 - Ketchup or mayonnaise ?
    5 - Is it possible to make me became #PCRockstar please make me if that possible, I love you Since10 years ? and I still love you and will Stay love you forever ❤
    Finally, I have finished
    After 42 questions
    I’m So Sorry Sir Faridoon and Priyanka Chopra
    you Will read a lot I've written 42 questions ^_^

  160. More rapid fire questions:

    - Hotels or beaches?
    - Sky diving or bungee jumping?
    - British accent or Australian accent?
    - Late night long drives or sleeping in?
    - Complete the line: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but ___ and ___ excite me.

  161. Sorry I forget mention my name, and country ^_^

    I’m Maniac ❤PC❤ Eman ( @priyankastars1 ) in Twitter & interviews PC and
    Priyanka Stars in Facebook & interviews PC
    From Libya
    Love you a lot PeeCee ❤

  162. @AlaaMixex from Jordan.. Has #Krrish3 changed something in Priyanka's personality??

    Its my b'day can u PC wish me pls..im a big PCmaniac..

  163. When will we see her and Salman together again???

  164. why arn't u signing any new movies? Is this a conscious decision to give more time to ur album or u are not getting exciting offers?

  165. Nothing is permanent but that one thing that u doesnt want to be changed ever?

  166. Nothing is permanent but that one thing that hasnt changed about you since begining?

  167. now u are not going gym whats about Mary KOM?

  168. Now love u always pC!!! So So proud of being ur fan!! All pCmaniacs have become a family on twitter binded by a single thread that is you. keep rocking rockstar! loveUalways!!!

  169. hi priyanka..i am from srilanka..why dont u do a film with salaman khan?give reasons..???

  170. according to you who is the best actress...vidya balan or you.

  171. Hi sir, im june from singapore. Ive always miss this opportunity, hope this time my qn can be asked.
    Is there any plans to organise a concert in singapore?
    She has a huge fan following in singapore and she knows it when she came here for iifa, can she gave a shoutout to singapore fans? Send my love to her.

  172. Wow, so many comments... why don't you guys tweet and post more about Priyanka Chopra on other blogs and forums? You guys need to show your support.