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Friday, August 9, 2013

Post Questions For Akshay Kumar

Post your questions for Akshay Kumar in the comments section below. Also mention your name, city and country. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Akshay....

    Loved ur special 26.... Hope u do those kinda movies more often.... EID Mubarak Have a wonderful year ahead....

    - Zakir

  2. Sushil Suthar from Nohar.
    my Q is - Akshay sir,I am a great fan u.i just wanted to see u once in your old hair style.is it possible for you??

  3. Heyy Akshay Sir, will be seeing the movie first dayy!! We fans in Bahrain love you! Nd we would love to see you here, soo when can we expect to see you?! Plzz do come! Lots of love Fatinaz, Bahrain

  4. Shravan from Mauritius

    Hi Akshay sir. Please say Hi to me and all your Mauritian fans. Sir please do Singh is King 2..we are dying to see you in this avatar.

  5. Heyy Akshay sir :D! Eidd mubarakkk! Wish u all the besttt for the film! Plzz do come to Bahrain! We wanna c u here :(! - Fatinaz, Bahrain

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  7. Heyy Akshay Sir! How was it working with Sonakshi again? Nd how was this experience different than the others? - Fatinaz - Bahrain

  8. Shravan from Mauritius

    Hi Akshay sir. Please say Hi to me and all your Mauritian fans. Sir please do Singh is King 2..we are dying to see you in this avatar.

  9. Hello! Your co-stars always talk about you and never get tired of praising you. I would like to know what you think about your recent co-stars Sonakshi, Tamannah and my fav Asin :)


  10. Sushil Suthar from Nohar.
    my Q - Sir what kind of diffrences you placed in OUATIMD From part 1 ?

  11. Helloo Akshay Sir :D! What was the best scene you shoot for in this movie? Nd were there any pranks on the set? If yes what was it and by who? -Fatinaz, Bahrain

  12. Heyy Akshayy this is Fatinaz from Bahrain! Please do come here it'll mean the world to us :D! All the besttt for your film! Sending you lots of love♥ -Fatinaz ,Bahrain

  13. Helloo Akshay Sir! How was working with Imran Khan and Sonakshi for a film like this -Fatinaz, Bahrain

  14. Hi Akshay,

    1) How do you stay modest and humble when everyone around you keeps addressing you as a superstar, Bollywood's Khiladi, etc?

    2) You're known to be a prankster on sets. What have you done this time to your co-stars in OUTIMD? If you don't mind sharing with us that is.

    3) Also, how does it feel to don a character like Shoaib? Was it tough playing the bad guy or do it find it easier?

    - Nur, Singapore

  15. Hi Faridoon,
    Hope you are having a great day so far!
    Its been a while since I had asked questions, I have got some for Akshay.

    1. What made him agreed to play the role of Shoaib in OUATIMA? How is it different from Ajay's role in the first installment of the movie?

    2. Which is his favourite song in the movie? And Why?

    3. How was it working with Imran Khan for the first time? AND How was it working with Soanakshi again? Do you think they both are the right people for the role they have in the movie?

    4. We see a few actors heading towards the west side and getting offered to do a hollywood movie. Have you ever been offered any? Will there be a sequal to Breakaway? or any other international projects lined up for your production house?

    5. You have a quite a few movies lined up like BOSS and Its Entertainment where most of it has been shot and still shooting in Thailand. How do you like the country?

    And yeah pls do mentioned I am a fan from Bangkok and hope to meet him one day when he heads back to continue with the shoot! ;-)

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards

  16. This is Divya Lal from America!
    Akshay, I am a HUUUUGE fan of you, and I was wondering when you will be visiting America next because it is my dream to meet you one day. Do you think it will come true? I will be watching your movie first day first show with all my friends. What was it like working with both Sonakshi and Imran; did you guys spend time with each other off the sets as well? I LOVE YOU AKSHAY and i wish you all the success and happiness in the world!

  17. Where in Germany he shoots namaste London 2

    1. I got my question correctly written down again so they can please please please please please please please please read my lower question because its written better so please

  18. Hi Akshay I'm Radhiah from Malaysia. Hope you're doing fine and all the very best for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara.
    My questions to Akshay are
    1) What is the exact genre of OUATIMD? I'm asking this because I'm confuse since all the promos so far kind off projecting more on the triangle love story between your character, Imran's and Sonakshi's.
    2) You've been doing comedies for so many years but off late we can see Akshay is experimenting again with new genres and different kind of films with OMG, Special 26 and OUATIMD. What made you decide to do these films since its far off from the comedies you've been doing?
    3) You've been in the industry for so long and you are one of the biggest star in the industry. With the time you spent and the films you've done I just wonder whether you still get 'that' feeling when you know you're doing a good film? When was the last time you got 'that' feeling?
    4) Still waiting for your next film with John Abraham. Any plan to reunite on screen again??
    5) Can you please tell us all your upcoming films after OUATIMD??
    Thanks Faridoon sir and have fun with the interview

  19. Hi akshay sir.Our priority changes as we grow up but u were and still are the best for me.learnt a lot from u to how to conduct ourself in life.loved spcl 26 and keep mixing genres like u r doing.GOING GREAT SIR.RESPECT!!!.........rahul,bangalore

  20. I'm Pia from Switzerland and please ask this question please :( my question is» Where in Switzerland or in Germany akshay sir will shoot for namaste London2 and eid Mubarak sir

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  22. I'm Jasmine Billing from Edmonton, Canada. My question for him is when is the Komagata Maru film starting? Can he disclose any details about the project? My mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Akshay Sir! We never miss a single film of his. We will watch Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2 the 1st day!

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    2. The film is being directed by Deepa Mehta.

  23. Why have you never worked with Rani Mukerji?? You'd make a great couple! Please work together soon! Maya, London
    Faridoon, please, please ask him this.

  24. Another question for Akshay Sir is when is he doing another world tour? Also when i she coming to Canada? After all it is his 2nd home.

    This is Jasmine Billing from Edmonton again.

  25. Last time you had mustache and sonakshi, you rewrote the BO records. If the history doesn't repeat this time around, who should we blame? Imran or Milan? :)

    My wife thinks you're hilarious! Every time we have an argument, she watches your movies on Netflix to cool her self down. Any tips to NOT get into an argument with the wifey?

  26. Nikhil tribhuwan from aurangabad

    Q. Hii akshay sir.. r u a part of Hera pheri 3 ? We r eager to see the iconic trio back

  27. Nikhil tribhuwan from aurangabad

    Q. What about your film with deepa mehta ?

  28. Hi SIR ;

    I'm Shivam From City of Nawabs Lucknow, And Hugest fan of Akshay Kumar Sir Since from Childhood and Want To ask a question through you sir -

    Question1 : Sir When will You do An OUT and OUT Period Film (Based on Biopic of Legend like Maharana Pratap type)?

    Oueastion2 : Sir please when you'll Come Lucknow City? You doesn't come here? Kya Aap ko UP(Lucknow) aana Accha ni Lagta? Please

    Please '' Faridoon Shahryar'' ask thease question to akshay sir sure ! I've full believe on You ! Please will watch :) lots of love for even You :)

  29. Hi Akshay!
    This is Lena from Sweden, my questions to you are:
    1)Did you need to prepare for this role as a villain?
    2)What's your say on that there are people who think that stars overpromote their films nowadays?
    Hope to see you in Sweden soon.

  30. Hey Akshay,
    You are my favorite actor I have also met you twice here in Toronto. There are rumors of you doin a movie with Emraan Hashmi...is this true? I would love to see my most fav actors together.

  31. Hello Akshay. This is Aqilah. My questions are

    1 - Does the presence of your little princess, Nitara change your life? Who does she resembles most?

    2 - Are you doing Karan Johar's next production venture, directed by Punit Malhotra? If yes, when is the shoot going on floors?

  32. Hello Akshay,

    This is Hemant from South Korea. I have three questions for you.

    1. When can we see you again in suspense thriller movie like 'Khiladi' and 'BhulBhulaiya?

    2. Does your wife Twinkle have any plans to act in movies soon? We would like to see her in movies.

    3. Is there any chance of 'Hera Pheri 3' happening ? I loved you in previous both parts.

    Lots of love..

  33. My Question for Akshay Plz Ask If U find them Interesting Thank U,
    1. Other Than Acting, what would you say you're most passionate about?
    2.If you could adopt a personality trait or mannerism from one of your "OUATIMD" Co-stars what it would be?
    Thank U FaridoonJi for this Opportunity!

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