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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kites: A Rare Blend Of 'Commercial' And 'Artisitic'

When the 'moments' Lived while watching a film lingers on with you much later after the curtains are drawn, you know it was a good film. As 'Kites In The Sky' reverberated in my mind on the drive back home, I was transported to a world of make belief that is worth a treasure. That's the power of cinema. And it doesn't happen too often. 'Kites' is a rare film that blends 'commercial' and the 'artistic' with a consummate ease. It satiates your hunger for entertainment as well as stimulates the cerebral instincts.

The 'Ek Duje Ke Liye' remixed-salsa context love story is decorated by a subtle undercurrent of human frailty and a wonderful romance defying the cultural and language barrier. Director Anurag Basu makes a statement when he fuses hardcore commercial formula with quality art. On the one hand there's the mesmerising courtship of Roshan and Barbara, the humour-of-misunderstanding, the salubrious locales while on the other hand, there's a scene where gun is firing indiscriminately but instead of the roar of the bullets, you get to hear a chilling background music score underlining the passionate vengeance. Now, that's Art!

The film moves back-n-forth in time and engages attention till the end. The element of Mystery maintains the curiosity levels throughout. While the first half is a build up to the love-against-all-odds, it's the second half that makes one all attentive and receptive to what-will-happen next. The chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara is magnetic. They are 'generous' when it comes to ample display of physical intimacy. Mori is sure of her voluptuous body and doesn't look uncomfortable lip-locking or merging into an enrapturing embrace with Hrithik. Their romance is unpretentious and in a way is a logical culmination of their individual situations. The manner in which this love gently becomes stronger-n-stronger is where the director triumphs and makes this love story different from the rest.

Another area where 'Kites' is a milestone film is the heightened technical finesse that the film displays in all the technical departments. Director of Photography Ayananka Bose has done a splendid job of capturing various locales like Las Vegas and Mexico in their uninhibited, raw texture. Baylon Fonseca's sound design is world class. The stunts are spectacular and a big reason in itself to watch the film and whet the adrenaline rush. Editing is crisp, simple, yet stylish. Background score by Salim-Sulaiman matches the best in the world. Some of the softer strains in the background literally tickles-n-caresses your heart longingly.

Amongst the actors, Hrithik Roshan has excelled himself. There are some scenes (specially towards the climax) when his look, the body language, the anxiety makes you feel as if you are watching God in action. The level of hard work that he has put in is simply marvelous. He deserves to be celebrated across the world. For he has the looks as well as the humungous talent to challenge the best in the business. Watch him mischievously teach Hindi expletive to his Mexican lover, con a girl into falling in love with him, transform into a loverboy pining desperately for the comforts of the arms of the most unlikely woman, turn a fugitive and then take to the gun. There are many shades to this one role and you find Roshan triumphing in all of them.

Barbara Mori is a fantastic actress and more importantly her vivacious personality is adored by the camera. You don't understand a word of what she says in Spanish but her body language and facial mannerisms says it all. She gives you several funny moments in the film especially when she tries to rob a bank or while accusing Hrithik of seducing her into trouble.

Nicholas Brown who plays the bad guy in the film is an important cog in the wheel. His manic obsessive personality, coupled with a raging vulnerable jealousy is extremely appealing. In fact, it's because of the demeaning manner that he treats Mori in the film that enrages Roshan into getting protective about her and changing the course of their lives.

Kangana Ranaut is wasted. One wonders why the hell did she say yes to such a silly role. There's very little for her to do. It's a role that any small time upcoming actress could have done. Definitely doesn't do justice to the National Award that she won recently. I wonder if Ranaut would ever promote the film even post its release.

Rajesh Roshan's music is melodious and way better than his last two films 'Krrish' and 'Krazzy 4'. Amongst the songs, 'Kites in the sky' is one song that will remain alive for many years to come. Hrithik has sung it beautifully and its wonderful to listen to this sweet simple melody crafted with such honest passion. 'Fire' is an energetic number where Roshan displays his super dancing prowess. 'Tum bhi ho wahi' and 'Zindagi do pal ki' are tender melodies that will stand the test of time.

Basu's imagination shows a remarkable leap as the transformation from the frivolous to the spiritual is done gradually over a period of time without being forced. Anurag is also one of the writers of the film along with Akash Khurana and Robin Bhatt. And their writing has a mark of layered maturity. Now, since the language of the film is a combo of Hindi, English and Spanish, the dialogues keep shifting gears. It's the tautness of the narrative, the fluidity in the screenplay that keeps taking you forward.

It's a wonderful feeling when a film lives up to the hype. Kites does. And exceeds expectations. Don't miss it!

Star Rating: ****


  1. best mvie i have ever seen.....Hrithik...pls take a bow...

  2. hmmm... feeling like watching it nw... got the link from hritik's tweet :)

  3. man..over all the techical things uve mentioned, i felt it very much boring..
    ultimately, audience need to be kept interesting through out.. isnt it??

  4. Slow first half, very weak story, an ordinary climax, 4-5 times same car crashing scenes while chasing (Oh com'n yaar, we are no more interested in watching these 1000 times seen scenes)...

    I'm a bit disappointed after watching Kites... Maybe I was expecting much more than this... However, Hrithik was great, as always...

  5. boring movie!!!! highly disappointed :(

  6. why you people were expecting a hero kind of movie..?? its the story that's the real hero...come out of the boxes you people please...movie is fantastic..so true..no mirch masala...so honest!! loved it

  7. why do some eople always say bad about a film even when the film is great .i think it's hardcore jealousy n they dnt want the film to become a hit ..for me kites is blockbuster.

  8. rubbish....agonizing...painfully slow.....and worthless even to spend a minute to watch this one.....better to watch some mithun made in ootty filck!

  9. Highly Disappointing !!! Weak story line and did i hear some one sayin no mirch masala .. what else can u call the cops cars flying around ?? Have nt we seen it a 100 times before ? Hope Raavan is better ..

  10. totally jus an another movie..pathetically predictable one..not even a single moment of its own. annoying movie to be frank

  11. Absoluitelly Rubbish!!!!!!! Wasted My time and Money!!!!!!!!Did expected this From Anubhav Sinha But Not from RAKESH ROSHAN!!!!All Hope Lost.

  12. ek duje ke liye ( International version)

    hrithik looks nice

  13. Simply boring nd Bakwaas, total waste of time nd money..

  14. it was really a boring movie...especially the frst half.....rajesh roshan's music is not half as good as 'Krishh' or even 'Krazzy 4'. Yes, Cinematography is good , background score also scores average. but it COULD have been a blend of artistic and commercial, but sadly enough it is NOT!

  15. The movie sucks!! I want my money back :(

  16. i went to watch the movie because i love hrithik. but i loved the movie also. it was so fresh. y, it disapointed little bit. but it was good.

  17. Faridoon, usually respect your reviews. You usually hit it on the nail for movies like MNIK, 3 idiots, etc. But here, I'm afraid to say I'm indifferent a bit, like most of the janata that walked out claiming "bakwaas!", "phaltu!". Kites is cinematographically spectacular, as are Hrithik and Barbara. But as you sit through the movie, you don't feel a thing for their characters. You only see the most handsome man in the world and a really beautiful lady. J and Natasha are invisible. I'm afraid to say a movie that doesn't make you connect with its characters and feel like you're a part of it rather than you're watching eye-candy, is not "art", its commercial beauty trying to look as if its art.

    The ending. Don't get me started. As it played out, nearly the whole theatre erupted in laughter. And you know something? I'm not even in India, I'm in New Zealand! I can only imagine how the ending will go down with Indian audiences.

    I love Hrithik, and Kites is in no way a bad film. Or a masala film. It's just something pretentiously melodramatic which doesn't stay with you at the end. It doesn't change anything about you or affect you like MNIK or 3 idiots or even Paa, which would be fine if it didn't try for it, but the fact is that it tries and fails.

  18. Well, a lot of u don't seem to have liked the film. That's absolutely fine. I wouldn't justify anything that I've said. What I feel is that two people coming from diverse backgrounds may take a bit of time in getting to know each other...thats why the awkwardness...but yes they do bond well as the story moves on. I loved the climax and I haven't heard anyone laughing at it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was great.

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  20. Well, my credibility is absolutely intact. And growing with each passing day. I believe Kites is a class film and I would always say that. If someone's friends refuse to pay back for tickets, well, what's the guarantee that they would have paid back the money if they would have liked the film. As for someone abusing me on this forum...I wouldn't react to it. For the person who's using cuss words and being nasty is displaying what kind of upbringing he/she has had. I loved MNIK. I loved Kites. I will always stick to it.

  21. hmmm..
    doesn live upto the expectations..
    i so wish the movie had been better.. i am a huge hrithik fan but i did not walk out of the theater happy.. disappointed..
    the actors r good but nothing seems to happen at all in the movie.. esp the 1st half ...

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  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. KITES is a totally different kinda movie...
    only intelligent can understand....
    well indian mentality needs masala....
    which is gone in hollywood before ages....
    indians needs to grow up a bit...
    they are expecting to show them everything, like a child....who don't wanna use their brains....

    i liked KITES very much....hrithik is show stiller....finest indian actor...
    direction is international standards...
    movie looks totally Hollywood movie...
    excellent cinematography....
    beautiful love story....

    totally agree with Faridoon.....

  25. 1 thing is for sure, the movie did not live to the expectations, thers nothng wrong or bad about kites bt u feel somethng missing, i liked the climax, all i can say is that the movie will prove to be very successfull abroad bt not in india, the indian audience needs to grow
    im not a hritk fan bt he is superb in kites, dances were extraordinary, chase sequences were so so, bakground music was scintillating

  26. i do appreciate all the hard works by those actors and other persons related to this movie...they hav given us entertainment through out the year..it may hpn somtimes that it dsnt go well..its life..rather being harsh on those people ..we sud encorage them ..as these people only will bring us joy in future times...cheers to hrithk..Mori(will love to see u again in bollywood)..wonderfull effort....the show must continue.....SUMAN(Kolkata)

  27. Hi, just read your review.
    I am surprised to see someone sticking to his opinion so firmly and pleasantly surprised!
    I would like to post my opinion which matches your review quite nicely:
    I thought Kites started of nice and slow and was packaged very slickly with a lot of gloss and rich production values, thumping background music, but except for the genius moment when the protagonists dance in the rain to "kites in the sky" and the brave attempt to use flashbacks at crucial junctures it was not out of the world yet and more like a bridge to the brilliant second half where there was chemistry, action, passion and worldclass photography.
    The music just aided that whole idea of living for the moment and the chase sequences were adrenaline thumping. Repetitive, yes, but very very enjoyable especially with the emotional undercurrent reaching its climax with the unconventional ending. Truly a enjoyable classy product.


  28. BAKWAAS film....deserved to FLOP :)

  29. Simply boring nd Bakwaas, total waste of time nd money..
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